the jialaite France and Uruguay

September 05 [Wed], 2012, 10:51
Last month, the jialaite fendi belts France and Uruguay 0-0 draw finished's debut in the national team in the match. He said: "fandeweier is a very good player, and I see him during the European Cup competition. Weekly training must work harder to be in the future opportunities for competition at the weekend. "Balishengrierman 2-1 in the match Lille take first win of the season, jialaite first appearance on behalf of the team.  
As with the Real Madrid fans close to 80%, Bassa generation senior celebrity Carles Rexach also believed that Ronaldo had no need to do so. "If Ronaldo still feel sad, ordinary people will gather in unison crying in the street. "Carles Rexach in the Aspen newspaper interview said," Ronaldo ed hardy belts can no longer expect to get more, he is a history top ten players, he has it all. He has an excellent physical fitness, he is very handsome, he's rich, he succeeded, he is now one of the best players in the world. I don't know what Cristiano Ronaldo also wanted, his so-called sad is a desecration of the average person. ”
"Until Jamie (Carragher), what they leave behind his value is realized will eventually complete. Native of Liverpool will know how important his team, his presence and contributions outside the infield for the Club too much. "Steven Gerrard struggling to help Carragher solidarity road," I believe the Club is aware of this, they will make every effort to retain Carragher. He is too important a role to play in this club. ”  

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