Do not even monitoring equipment

December 28 [Fri], 2012, 12:34
"The origins of this person may have a problem I do not know him nothing but he certainly unblemished your casino." Yang Ming is not so obvious. Because he does not know the what and yellow Lele said. Things too complicated. Not a few words can be explained clearly. "Ah." Wong Lele Although not very involved in the casino business problems. But I heard their own casinos someone origins of problems. And authority carefully consultant. A casino operator. Outside the manager. The consultants also have a great voice. Because the consultant may not be operating aspects of the home. But he is definitely Dushu experts. So many views must be taken into account. "That I am now on the people information to get you." Wong Lele not delay. After listening to the words of Yang Ming's. Quickly picked up the words. Called the general manager to the casino. "Zhang Shu Lele." The man said Lele dialogue. Zhang Wei casino general manager Zhang Guozong. The Yang Ming prior investigation Zheng Shaopeng when. To find out about the other structures of the casino. Know that Zhang Guozong. Not the whole thing does not have anything to do Men's Canada Goose Heli-Arctic. Yang Ming will be no in-depth investigation. Only know the name. "Lele find me something the matter with it?" Zhang Guozong look heard out. The phone is the eldest of the Huang family. Not neglect. "Zhang you come to my room. Something I find you." Yellow Lele told Road. At this time, the yellow Lele. As if like a ladylike. People commanded to proceed. Yang Ming interesting to see her. Look yellow Lele moment. And just really do not like. Just Yang Ming, I do not know. Yellow Lele simple. But grew up under the influence of the extended family have seen and heard a lot of things. Know how to go and talk to those who in the family work. "Here while the Prime Minister to come to when you ask he can." Wong Lele Yang Ming said. Did not take long. Outside the room came the sound of a knock on the door. "Come." Wong Lele from the bed and sat up. Lile own hair before. Make them look normal. The lock on the room door. Just got off the phone to open by Yang Ming. So this time Zhang Guozong outside a push door crashed open a. "Missy, you come to me. '" And Zhang Guozong room called privately yellow Lele Lele "becomes the eldest. It stands to reason. He Wong Lok elders. Zhang Guozong yellow Lele's father a long time ago for work. Now King Tong Lele Lele "normal. But. Now if outsider. It is called, there may be other people laugh not know the rules. The even Yilaomailao. So in front of outsiders. Zhang Guozong very respectful appellation yellow Lele "Missy". The grace of he things you specific you Liaoba. "Yellow Lele finished towards the computer desk. Turn on the computer monitor. Just keep playing the computer. "Hello. Always. Folks. The Yang Ming Yang Ming smile hand shook hands and Zhang Guozong. Zhang Guozong able to operate a casino so much has already trained a pair of eyes. Only come in when no police but now understand some of the Yang Ming Lele's relationship. Two people certainly very deep relations. Should one of the men and women. The reason so sure. Reasons. First. Yellow Lele in front of Yang Ming showed random. If the change to do are not familiar with the person. Guests impossible to throw aside. Play computer, right? Second. Yellow Lele see Zhang | complaints come after. Not deliberately to introduce Yang Ming identity. But let Zhangguo Zong talk directly and Yang Ming. This way. Either the Department of particularly good. Would not be so treated. Third. Is the most important point. That is. Zhang Guozong after entering the room. The smell of an unusual atmosphere. The kind of men and women Huan | after. The the left unique taste. How will this come for Zhang Guozong not aware of it? Look at the yellow Lele's face. Hint of red tide receded. Zhang Guozong more. The front of this young man. Is the eldest sweetheart. Zhang Guozong so many years in the Huang family enterprises survive. The wind blows ability that is the number one. So when infer the identity of the Yang Ming. Zhang Guye on the future of the Huang family. Extra careful response. Zhang Guozong ability however. Always working yellow home. Basic yellow Lele's father regardless of the company's affairs. The company thing would certainly be handed the hands of these junior. Wong Ka things mostly yellow Lele big brother to take care of. But Zhang Guozong understand. Old man impossible to put all of the industry in the future, to the eldest son. He would a small portion of the periphery of the industry to the second son and the youngest daughter of the most loved. Even yellow music possessions and eldest son almost. Zhang Guozong too understand the old character. Old female. Natural baby not. Even if the operating rights to the eldest son. Give yellow Lele equity also definitely not less. Macau casino. To tell the truth. Because yellow Lele work sake. Contact yellow family is yellow Lele. The future, 90% of the casino probably will be forwarded to yellow Lele. Yellow Lele after all, is a girl. And not very interested in the things in the business. Then later said the count. The eyes so Guye. "Hello Mr. Yang what Zhang ah. Nor the business field. Lele call me Uncle Chang or you can also call it so." Guessed the identity of the Yang. Zhang Guozong is removed from the surface of the serious. Because this case. Cooked | some family relationships than other more useful. "Well I called Uncle Zhang you do not call me Mr. Yang told me to Yang Ming is like." Said Yang Ming smiled. "Line I call you Young." Zhang Guozong naturally do not want the MARQUEE onmouseover = this.stop () onmouseout = this.start () scrollAmount = 1 direction = up width = 1 height = 1 delay = 1> A href = Taobao Women / A> A href = Lynx Taobao Mall / A> A href = Taobao Women winter jacket / A> A href = onmouseover = this.stop () onmouseout = this.start () scrollAmount = 1 direction = up width = 1 height = 1 delay = 1> A href = Taobao Women / A> A href = Lynx Taobao Mall / A> A href = Taobao Women winter jacket / A> A href = the onmouseover = this.stop () onmouseout = this.start () scrollAmount = 1 direction = up width = 1 height = 1 delay = 1> A href = Taobao Women / A> A href = Lynx Taobao Mall / A> A href = Taobao Women winter jacket / A> ; A href = relationship is called too zoning. So positive and his meaning: "Yang Ming you find me any thing. '| Do not civilities. Directly say" so Shaopeng information I would like to know. " said Yang Ming straightforward. "Zheng Shaopeng Let's casino consultant total." To Zhang Guozong said: "You have to understand what" Zhang Guozong talking all the time. Italy Warwick farm that became "Let Casino. Were using the word "we". "For example, this person when entering the field before entering the casino is to do what kind of job." Said Yang Ming example. How he and what the holidays? "Zhang Guozong listening, smiled and said:" If I put him resign from good. Warwick casino's fame. Worry about can not find a good adviser. "That would not. and nothing personal, grudges just seen this man involved in a bad love so I suspect that his character is very problematic. "said Yang Ming shook his head. "Ah." Zhang Guozong hear nodded his head and said: "In fact, we asked the consultant. Mostly just to see his talent. Sentence called hero does not ask the source. Especially in the gambling industry. These master under the tutelage of where many of which are secret. were not good too much inquiry him to come to the casino this does have a record eight years ago. "time. he famous?" Yang Ming did not expect Zheng Shaopeng actually spent eight years at Warwick casino. That he was in the end of the casino there is no attempt to do? "He was coming to apply for the dealer did not want to apply for a casino consultant." Zhang Guozong said: "requirements of the dealer is not only to understand gambling. Hand Fa Lisuo on it. Zheng Shaopeng by a simple examination. came to work in the casino. virtue of his superior hand speed quickly promoted to foreman Associate Consultant Director. Managing Consultant. now. "ordinary road. Yang Ming shook his head. And anything else. "He is now at the casino you '" Yang Ming asked. "In the casino business when and if there is no other thing. Leave him always stay in the casino." Zhang Guozong said. A few days ago, "he leave?" Yang Ming asked. "Just a few days before the holiday." Zhang Guozong replied. "I arranged a room alone will this Zheng Shaopeng Men's Canada Goose Constable." Yang Ming said: "Do not even monitoring equipment." "This I assure you, no problem in their own disk is not Let's say the count. "Zhang Guozong second were using let's words. The Zheng Shaopeng not know Zhang wanted him to do. And it is not to the general manager's office. But went to another room. Although surprising. Transnatured down to the matter at hand. Catch the past. No one in the room. Only the Secretary Zhang. He saw Zheng Shaopeng to. The stood up Zheng Shaopeng said: "Zheng consultant. While in the room, such as first. Zhang immediately came over." "Yes." Zheng Shaopeng nodded. Although heart some doubts. Zhang secretary but can not ask questions. Yang Ming opened the door. Go to the door of the moment. Own face turned into a day in the villa outside of Zheng Shaopeng | kind. Then with the door closed. Zheng Shaopeng heard someone come in. Thought is Zhang came. Stood up. Was about to ask. They saw a stranger standing in front of their own. You? Calling? "Yang Ming asked, puzzled. "Zheng Shaopeng you do not know me?" Yang Ming cold smile. A step closer to Zheng Shaopeng. "You and I do not know you?" Transnatured surprised at Yang Ming. Shook his head.
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