Fur boots are a good shoe for

December 14 [Sat], 2013, 15:17
Fur boots are a good shoe for the winter months and come in many looks and styles for both day and evening. With the warmth these shoes provide also comes sweaty feet, which can lead to smelly fur boots. Smelly boots can make you self-conscious about wearing your favorite pair of fur boots. With regular maintenance, you can get rid of the smell and bring enjoyment to the UGGスリッパ wearing of your favorite fur footwear. Take your fur boots to a professional cleaner. Plan to do this once every one or two months, depending on how often you wear your boots and how easily smells build. If you notice smells after a month of wear plan to do this monthly otherwise every two months is fine or longer if you don t often wear your fur boots. Place a tablespoon of baking soda in your fur boots and let sit overnight. Shake out baking soda in the morning and continue doing this nightly to remove odors. Once smell is gone, do this twice a week to prevent odors. If you wear your boots daily, plan to do this every other night. Sprinkle the outside fur of your boots with baking soda and comb into the fur UGG 他の商品 with a natural-bristled brush or fur brush if you have one. Let UGG新作ブーツ2013 the baking soda sit overnight, then shake boots outside to remove excess baking soda. Repeat nightly until smell is gone. Repeat once a week to combat odor. Never attempt to clean fur at home unless you are professionally trained. Fur is very delicate and expensive and can easily be ruined. Foot inserts meant for combating odor are another option you can try that can help prevent odors. Change them on a regular basis.
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