Custom bobbleheads for anniversary

October 04 [Fri], 2013, 0:48

Anniversary is one of the most special days for the lovers and couples. No matter is the dating anniversary, engagement anniversary or wedding anniversary, it brings us the sweet memory of the good old days in the certain period on the journey of love. The gift to celebrate your or your loved ones anniversary is important and needs some creative ideas. A hobby or personal feature related gift will make the anniversary unique and meaningful. The personalized anniversary bobbleheads are ideal choice to make the special day more special. Following are some cases of our customers. Let’s check out what kind of custom bobbleheads they make for the day of love and memory.

This is a customized couple bobbleheads pair order by a customer from America. The thoughtful daughter liked to make a personalized football fans bobblehead for her dad and mom because both of them are die hard Ohio football fans. She sent us a photo of her parents when they are in the game of Ohio VS Michigan. They are wearing the Ohio T-shirts and standing aside the football filed cheering for their favorite them. Initially, we were asked to make them in the football team jersey and pants for them, but it was not their every day looking. So the customer changed her mind and let us make a pair of fully custom bobbleheads in blue jeans and football team T-shirt. It turned out to be a huge hit in the anniversary party. One only her father and mother were surprised by the funny stuffs, but also the guests. From the photo you can see how love the couple are and how happy their folks were. A personalized couple bobblehead doll pair is indeed awesome gift for anniversaries.

This personalized boyfriend and girl friend are ordered by a pair of lovers in Australia. The girl wants to make them wearing their favorite outfits. A black vest with zipper and pink mini skirt for the girl. Blue shirt with sleeves rolled up and black pants for the boy. On the left eye brows, there are two rings. It’s a very personalized gift for anniversary because all the features are delicately made on the bobbleheads. After receiving the bobble heads, the boy was hugely thrilled by the thoughtful gift and appreciate the effort made by his girlfriend.

This Japanese style couple bobblehead pair was ordered by a Japanese boy for his dating anniversary. They want to make their bobbleheads reflect the Japanese culture. After discussion with the artists, we propose the Japanese fan, lantern and paper boat. In addition to the traditional Japanese kimono, these small items make the whole item a detailed Japanese style. It was a big hit on their anniversary part. Thus we make it as a model on the site for Japanese culture lovers and the Japan customers.If you are going to celebrate your anniversary and want to surprise your beloved with something funny and meaningful, a personalized couple boblehead pair will make your LOVE day full of fun and love.