August 21 [Mon], 2006, 11:51
<色:#ff6666>Well it has been pretty long since the last time.

Now I am in Japan and ready for the next exciting life in Missouri.

I'm gonna leave here on 25th, and gonna be college girl!

What a exciting thing!!

I'm leaving.... 

June 28 [Tue], 2005, 7:53
Well, I'm gonna leave here pretty soon. I am sad. But actually it doesn't get real yet. Well, wired... I will my host family, host sister, high school, and everything I met and saw here. Maybe I don't wanna go back yet.

What's up? I'm tired... 

June 14 [Tue], 2005, 12:53
Hi, everyone!! How's it going?
I'm kinda tired toady... Today, I hang out with my friends. We went to the sport store to get my Broncs T-shirt. Bronc is our school's animal. I got a black T-shirt, then put my name on the back. That's really cool. I love it so much!! Then we went to the mall.I love shopping though I'm not that so rich... Poor me.... Abercrombie is one fo my favorite stores. There are so much cute stuff at this store!! i was like, I wish I could buy.... Of course I didn't get any... SAD!!
Then we did window shopping,then went home! Pretty much that's it!! Good day

I can't sleep! Darn! 

June 12 [Sun], 2005, 17:20
I'm trying to sleep but I really can't. Well I meant I was, not any more.
I'm listening to the radio "hot 101.9".
It's my favorite station! Last Thursday, i went to the concert which is presented by this radio station. It was awesome!! I love it!! Oh, It was Ja Rule's concert! He is so hot!!!


June 12 [Sun], 2005, 16:20
What's up? This is my first diary on this page!I'm kinda excited!
I'm in the us,but i'm a japanese girl! I mean I'm a exchange student! I really enjoy my life here, and I'm having so much fun!!!
ok, I'm gonna keep this diary as much as i can!
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