Women should deal with guy's pride well
2006.12.13 [Wed] 16:50

I turned 23 years old 3 weeks ago, and I learned the most important thing.

" Nobody has to break guy's pride."

Sometimes, the girls who are proud of thierselves and

don't wanna lose over others, especially guys

tend to scar guys' most necessary point,their pride.

For example, me☆

2 weeks ago, I hit pride which I shouldn't have broken,

the guy with whom I'm in love.

After that, everything was cleared.

Why could I feel nothig from him.

Why did he turn into be cold to me.

I tried to make him relaxed and

I invited him to have dinner many times.

But he never changed.

And he's gonne.

in fact, he just went back to Japan to take a vacation.

I still don't know what will have meaning of this time when we're separating for a while.

I believe he's coming back to me one month later.

Even though I hurted him once,

we had lots of time to make our relation warmer, more important,

and indispesable,

so I trust him.

Is that homesick?
2006.11.18 [Sat] 15:42

I sometimes feel I'm alone.

is this why my sweet roommate got boyfriend?

Yes, maybe.

Or, I can't still get him.


And, I aslo miss my girlfriends......

When I was in Japan, I used to enjoy my playing and life with my girlfriends.

I didn't realize that it was the most special thing I have had ever.

Of course, I've made a lot of friends here.

But the problem is that I can't share my inside with my friends here,

because here is no Japanese girls, only guys, and

even if I have some girlfriends,

they are from another country and I can't speak very well,

so I'm afraid that I tell them how I feel or they're afraid that they wanna be closed to me.

I know this is the most awful excuse.

I just don't have bravery to get closed to them.

and I also know this is the thing everyone from another country has.

Yes, it's just excuse.

I should stand up right now!!!

Although I can't still help to feel lonely,

I should encourage myself.
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