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January 10 [Fri], 2014, 15:49

In fact, it is no wonder that Korea sincerely mediocre play to the media sing the praises, the midfield player's performance is really outstanding. According to technical statistics provided by OPTA, send the game mediocre ball 64 times, passing success rate 85%, second only to former Manchester United Defender, the backbone is now Sunderland defence Auche (87%). As we all know, midfield ball harder than central defender, nike blazer low sale has a bigger team, Manchester United, sending Cheng Yung to surrender passes completed, 85% per cent, it is commendable. Of the Sky Sports after the game to send Cheng Yung ranked 7 points, "the Korea people comprising both offensive and defensive midfield, whose imaginative passes, after Manchester United players such as mount at the back. "And it was sending mediocre performance in this game a true portrayal.

Accepting Germany Football Association official site interview, Ernie Zirl says: "2013 is a more turbulent year for my personal, and I've moved from Madrid to London, and have to readjust everything. The good news is, the encouragement and support I have numerous fans, they want me to quickly find and ensure peak. In addition, international friends of mine and gave me a lot of help, such as Podolski and per Mertesacker. Re-election of Germany's player, and I am very proud and very proud. I knew this was a fan giving honor, so I cherish, I would like to thank everyone, and I'm looking forward to 2014 I can Germany make a greater contribution to the national team, and seek to achieve good results in the World Cup. ”

nike blazer low mens Ernie Zirl injury put is not possible to take the stage, which also was affected by Arsenal's last attack. United Kingdom media latest news, Ernie Zirl injuries were recovering well, within the next few days he would have wished to return to competition. In the case of Theo Walcott injured season claims, Zirl in time to return to Eritrea, gunmen attack a huge help. When talking about the prospect of Arsenal this season, Ernie Zirl is also full of confidence, he said: "we had a very good first half, and now everyone is confident. Despite impact of injuries, but we have to be prepared, my purpose in coming here was to win the Championship trophy. "Now, see Alonso renewed, Carlo Ancelotti finally settled down. Because the eardrum damage, Alonso in the 3-0 victory over Celta de Vigo have played only half of the game was substituted, but doctors believe that Alonso would not affect his King's Cup match with Osasuna, "Eardrum perforation, this phenomenon is normal. This will require a process of adaptation and recovery. "Although doctors gave expert advice, but, for insurance purposes, Ancelotti did not put Alonso in the game against Osasuna 19 NPC list, real Commander is likely to clash with Spain on the human League comeback.

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