the room door was closed

July 23 [Tue], 2013, 15:19
> Although I do not know who was chosen in the end what is the difference with the ordinary reincarnation, but the nightmare of space for their extra care is indisputable. It is for this reason that the Punisher nightmare world became his first space station, compared to the star, KOF these perilous particular scene, you can use conventional weapons to solve the problem it is difficult to punish those who rather low, ghost face men would send their own Here,Christian Louboutin Wedges Shoes, it should not want to get killed themselves, but simply to help them become familiar with the rules of the world just reincarnation. Of course, if your strength is not enough, then the simple existence of the world is hell, if sufficient strength, then tough world just hanging around the resort can easily Bale. Through existing data, Lam Fung imminent summed few things, first, No. 731 reincarnation small team within 24 hours after, and their strength is unknown, but should not be too strong; secondly, Custer came to Orlando The purpose is to kill Bruno, his strength should be very tough, if properly utilized, it is also a big help on their own, but if handled properly, it may be treated as members of the mafia to kill Custer; Third, their tasks and Caster is no conflict, but have in common, but their task and there are contradictions between 731 teams, so this task is actually kill reincarnation is the most important. Before entering the world in the 731 squad, Lam Fung did not intend to kill indiscriminately, killing five mafia gang is not difficult, but if so aroused the vigilance of reincarnation not worth the effort, the goal was simply to detect forest wind, with their Identity familiar casino environment, wait for the other person to enter the world after reincarnation, then kill disarray mafioso complete the task. To find out the ins and outs of the Mafia, of course, the best way is to break into their own internal, Lin wind just going mafias beating their bottom line,Christian Louboutin Slingbacks Shoes, at noon a little rest for a while, the wind got into a taxi towards the forest the entrenched mafia nightclub Gillingham away. This really is the land mafia entrenched, a few rogue look like the guy is obviously wandering near the entrance there are two body guards high-bodied white men, the casino has only just begun operating at the moment, from time to time sporadic guests enter the nightclub . Lin Feng parked at the side, in a big way walked off toward the nightclub. See Lin Feng's appearance, two white men feel as if something, some vigilance staring Lin Feng, Lin Feng holding a cigarette went both of them, asking for a light trick beckoned, one man helped some doubts Lin Feng lit cigarette, smoke Tao Lin Feng spit out a "thank you! Rogers do?" two thugs somewhat unpredictable porter Lin Feng bottom line, hesitated not be answered Lin Feng, Lin Feng smiled and dig Jing Guanzheng flashed before their eyes out, "I'm Paul police inspector, but not looking for a fight, I am looking for friends!" and two porters,Oakley Squared Online, looking one here, but the Mafia branches, Orlando never No one dared to make trouble here, even the police as well. Although known as the Mafia are not afraid of the police, but how much is still some fear. After a few seconds, a relatively lush chest hair guy opening replied, "Mr. Rogers upstairs to rest, you have an appointment?" "Reserve? I do not have that damn thing, do you intend to do to stop me looking for Rogers to do business? "Lam Fung replied carelessly, two thugs heard surprised a moment, Lin Feng hand pushed two people, directly toward the nightclub swaggering walk inside. Two thugs approached wanted to stop forest wind, suddenly a man wearing a black suit appeared at the door, he began, "Let him go, do not stop," two security heard stopped and did not continue to block the forest wind , pulled out a walkie-talkie black suit man said a few words, so looking at the forest the wind toward the inside door. Lin Feng in a big way into the nightclub, watching carefully all the way roads and the surrounding circumstances, nightclubs opening only on the first floor and second floor, third floor above is not allowed to enter, if the forest the wind does not reveal their identity police, a step on the third floor will be surrounded by a group of armed thugs. Lin Feng quietly turning in the casino, where the style to imitate Las Vegas, Baccarat, Stud slot machine gambling, etc. readily available, this time also a little bit earlier, casino guests much, Lin wind this and turn, aroused the attention of a lot of thugs. Forest terrain and the wind casinos all channels are firmly in mind. When the cashier through the entrance hall, Lam Fung deliberately stayed here for a moment, in a carefully under observation, Linfeng Min Rui land now under the counter planks and elsewhere have a different color, there should be a hidden secret compartment, the task required for high-explosive grenades most likely hidden in there! Wandering around for a while, Lin wind suddenly looked upward, ceilings, the bar at the top of the ceiling is made of translucent glass, if the power is enough, it can break the ceiling fell from the sky, would be a good way to surprise . Lin Feng smiled, put away the eyes, continue to observe elsewhere. One dressed in black thugs suddenly came face, nodding toward the forest wind, "Paul police officer right? Our boss you go!" Lin Feng smiled, being Zhuer to appear! Lin Feng did not say anything, followed by thugs walked toward the upstairs. The manager of the office on the fourth floor, Lin Feng saw the titular nightclub owner, a key member of the Mafia, Ben Rogers. Rogers is a few extra pounds of middle-aged man, to see the forest the wind came in, he immediately graciously meet up, "Paul police officer, did not think that you for coming, welcome welcome!" Rodgers said then lead the way toward a man winking , the man got the message immediately retire, the room door was closed, leaving the forest the wind and Rogers two people. "Paul police officer, I wonder if you come here what are you doing? Your first time coming here, but ah, is it you intend to play here on his hands? I can send you a few chips, win yours, lost on me!" Lin Feng smiled and shook his head, "Mr. Rogers too kind, and I have no interest in gambling, I am more interested in money and women!" "Money and women, how incisive words, ah, Paul police officers, but this and your What is the relationship you come here? "Rogers secretive little eyes flashing light, his face smiling at Lin Fenglin Air smile waved his hand," I do not have the money beauty, but many of my colleagues have, It's not fair, right? Mr. Rogers ...... "" Paul police officer, I do not understand what you mean, "" wrong, as you well know, you, China freemason, Taiwan's large circle to help Bamboo Union, Japan's Yamaguchi-gumi Russia's iron will bear, you give money, we give protection, is not that right? "Lam Fung sneer twice," To be honest, I do have some dry police disappointed this trip, as well as Orlando, Florida, I have is the best sheriff, no one stronger than I, but the truth is what it? I up to now only a two police inspector, who is better than me who I am more senior, it is not right , you say yes? Mr. Rogers ...... "(all the novel network <
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