she is a lifetime and can not forget

July 31 [Wed], 2013, 11:03
Others looked back over his head, mecamylamine behind sprang like having anything to come up. Scared others eyes are straight. This is to say that mecamylamine heart variability ah? Is not suck too much poison? Look mecamylamine, the body in the cracks, such as produced Interfax, red eyes, fangs at coming out. Lo Lieh and law affecting this stock is seen empty, suddenly shouted: "We quickly went into the air, mecamylamine is going crazy." Mention Lo Lieh and emptiness, and even Pig and Feizi also mecamylamine had seen the horrors. Pig was to put Lo Lieh fell to the ground, and then use the four claws to cling tightly to Feizi. Heart that one but what's wrong Feizi to fly up them that are safe. Inconsistency suddenly waved: "No, this time it was proud of Germany want out. Too many toxins in my body, proud of Germany where they too crowded, so I want to breathe out. Ah ~ but painful, this You probably have experienced pain less than a lifetime. "hurt you? Real pain. Inconsistency behind two cracked keel feel about the same, if not out of iron support, am afraid that it has been broken up, and this force if such a knife cut the skin directly that a little better, but the two a leader is not small ah, although black and white try to control his own body, but there are at least two fist-sized. Such volume you want directly to the skin and meat distraction, the kind of torn body pain, ordinary people really can not stand. Likely than children these days, after all, the back is not very sensitive. Jiaming After half a minute moan, suddenly howling sound, behind two Xue Zhu Biao out several meters, then appeared in two leading from Xue Zhu. The two leading one black and one white, either side of the keel in the mecamylamine above the position of the two, slowly climbing up. Subsequently Alondra also slowly stretched out,North Face Windstopper Clearance, black and white with a little bit of mecamylamine Alondra clutching the shoulders, his body pull it out until after extending a meter long it stopped down. At this time black and white flesh has been covered, though not great, but it has been very complete. But the body is not completely out, just stretched out his two front paws, evidently not to own half of the body. Proud Germany had only one, but he mecamylamine body has split into two. Today, this is two completely zìyóu soul, so now the proud Germany no longer exists in the mecamylamine is black and white body. Lo Lieh, method air, land has stared evil trio, although already been prepared, but after seeing the real sense of shock and imagination is totally different. Independence Day is blind, he can not see, though proud of Germany from mecamylamine body knows it, but he does not feel anything strange. Because of this incident he already knew. This is to have eyes and the eyes of the driver did not do. Lo Lieh and France are also empty either side, and immediately held out his hand to shake hands white and black. That kind ah, like experiencing a different unit leaders. "Nice to meet you, I want Lo Lieh (France empty) exhibitions." Black and white is also very polite: "Hello Hello, I'm the first generation of true Longao Germany, now living in the body of mecamylamine Today is a special case out of a turn, I have not seen this fast-paced world it. Look at this tree, Look at this grass really pretty ah. "Inconsistency buried head out left and right hands, and then stretched out to the middle finger : "I cāo, you two really say nonsense ah. How can this grass, these trees are also dead tree in the end what beautiful it? You do not know how my back really hurt, say it came out, and did not care My feeling is not? "At this point mecamylamine has ragged clothes, leaving only a few rags draped over the body, a closer look, mecamylamine chest that two dragons disappeared. But in the middle of the sun touches have been there,Women's North Face Pink Ribbon Sale, but even more transparent than the previous few. Few people still are shocked it, smog but gradually come to their side. Because the body is too painful reasons, mecamylamine has been unable to support the soul out of the body, so the soul star has long been returned to the interior of the body. Seeing smog would hit, black and white immediately mecamylamine soul out of body control, and then took two souls in one hand, to continue absorbing the gas, as well as around the worm. Mecamylamine are not react then, suddenly looked up, cursed and said: "You two can control how my soul?" White smile: "Three of us are one, of course, it can control your soul If it were your last Landlords control of the body to win over, and I can also control your black people do, but you do not really terrific, ah, so long, and have never let us come out to play a play. "mecamylamine write a white one:" Well - you can also control my body? I do not believe it. "'snapped ~' mecamylamine his right hand to the right face severely beat a bit,north face clearance sale, then people are stunned. Black very proud smile: "Now I believe it." Mecamylamine carefully looked at his right hand, to and fro repeatedly to see, and then play a bit with his left hand, I feel nothing strange place. It seems that they really can control their own bodies all, since it is so nasty mecamylamine smiled, and then keeping a close eye black right paw, black head imagining grasping the right way to fight its own face . Right on cue, black right paw 'snapped' of what has hit mecamylamine face. Black muzzled smiled: "You jīng divine power is not enough, we also want to control early and, jǐng tell you not cranky, or I let yourself to castrate himself. Told you all day control their bodies come forward? Every day we are in the mind space, now jīng divine long beyond your lot. "the mecamylamine to anger, which still some justice in this ah? Clearly his own body, but others can be controlled, and no way to fight back themselves. This anti-sentence if they do, then how can I do? White explained: "Inconsistency you do not think, no need to worry about this kind of thing. Ideas every time you enter the space has a sun protection was not it? Long as it exists, we will not be for you how kind, although you can control your body, but also very short. did not know which experts have maintained the strength of your Lingtai clear, otherwise we can imprison your soul, always control this body, but even if you can to do so, and I do not the black Dragon is proud creatures, will not make such a bad thing, now can live in your body have been feeling very satisfied. "Lo Lieh and France, though not empty know what they're talking about, but it feels pretty terrific both proud of Germany. And they have been helped mecamylamine, mecamylamine is the same help to help yourself. So we still in very good relationship Well, mecamylamine discuss later and see if it possible to over-train your body. With the power of the dragon, you can have as mecamylamine as the immortal. These people also are psychologically prepared, and they've been scared not light up. Yuansan Ye still do not have any mental preparation, when almost no scary past. Now look at these two dragons still talk to them even more unexpected, and this is the first time he saw the animal can be said that human language. These people in the end what is the monster? Is that by mecamylamine, he in the end is what? Even hidden inside the body two dragons. To evil but will not for these troubles, after all, still a child, his head inside want to get something different. Now looking at the shape of mecamylamine to evil in the eyes of Venus to take it. Envy said: "Domingo, you are so cool if I were a woman I'll love you." Other people look closely, does not leave, now mecamylamine really super handsome. This style is too much to force, would have been long, quite handsome, riding on a dragon seeds on top, although some tattered clothes, but the idea is that the body's muscles to mecamylamine to have emerged. Behind even the most handsome is to have two one meter long, thick thighs like a true Longao stand empty, each dragon's hand still holding a black sè soul. Mecamylamine has now unlike a person, but rather is a god. Behind the injury has gradually subsided, the skin and white flesh has black body with convergence coincide. Mecamylamine at this time have no feel pain, though the body of toxic gases still exist, but was affected by the throes of the impact of these drugs have been feeling nothing of. This is contrast to the role of these drugs have been feeling very uncomfortable, but experienced more uncomfortable things, you feel that these drugs actually quite gentle. White looked around, suddenly asked: "Inconsistency, on which you come to in the end why? Poisons like us to see it sucked, you do not have time to see which one is the dragon silkworm Well in case if the Long silkworm being sucked into how to do? "others I thought, this white right in saying that the first generation is indeed the real dragon, which is the high IQ. Inconsistency also feeling really suck this mess, then, if the entire Long Ridge are sucked silkworm, it is also where to find the dragon silkworm ah? Does not have full into himself yet? But if you do not suck, then there is no way to survive in this place, turned around and asked: "white, then is there any way that you can find the dragon silkworm these smog and poisonous insects without being bothered?" White nodded his head: " No way. "black it very matter, said:" continue to inhale it, it does not matter. sucking after which you can find after the silkworm, just to find her, with our relationship no matter how long she will give a few silkworm eggs the bar. "white thought:" Makes sense, though so for thousands of years gone, but after silkworm should remember me. handsome like me so long, she is a lifetime and can not forget. "Yuan San Ye come to understand that when it is considered, the head also resumed operation. Suddenly cried out: "monster ah, what is the monster?" Other people are shocked, black and white are out for several minutes, before shouting monster Yuansan Ye this time, he may have been scared the bar.
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