Wu Yi in two said: beam portal

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultChapter 342nd stratagems and coated ,or bureau as saying that Wu Yi took you ordered Linhuaiguan ,close down Linhuaiguan only two veteran Wang Qian ,Li sai .
Wu Yi in two said: beam portal two generation old little all die in accidents .Also requests the two generals proper arrangements for the family . Wang Qian ,Li Sai two be a yes-man UGG Dylyn Short Cheap,jump .
Suddenly ,Wu Yun comes in ,Wu Yi came to hand, whispered : Jia adult letter to general plan ,applying serial ,go tu . Meter application in serial ,and then coated with .Wu Yi do not understand ,said : the adults automatic speaking the words what does it mean? Suddenly ,he looked up and saw Wang Qian standing at his side ,Li race two, suddenly wake up .
He said: two people in a busy for two generals ,don can be a helping hand ? Two people with profound respect and humility to stand up, said: although the emergency commanding general ,I hope not to hesitate to stuff .
Wu Yi is busy making two person seating for two people ,said: this paint in not far, a desire to paint .But there will be coated with Wu Qiao Rui guard ,if it is also difficult to easily capture .
If the two generals go tu do internal UGG Patent Paisley,TU will soon recover . Wang Qian Wenyan ,hastily said: general drive ,but fortunately I .Only Qiao Rui temperament ,it is difficult to easily be reduced .
The former Zhou Yuruo not to overcome its bridge ,which can be coated in long for, the drop . The old general not to worry about, Qiao Rui person rather belligerent ,I know .The former against Yuan Shu ,but some early college opener also !All will have the smell of yuan shu .
Today ,a desire to make two hit on what one likes ,the Liang Jia family to paint ,to Qiao rui .A parent who sent General Wu Gang commanding the pro guards elite soldiers dressed as Linhuaiguan soldiers UGG Boots Delaine,with you to tu .
Wu Yi smiled and arrested .Tell .Wang Qian ,Li Sai two people heard this ,can not help on the young generals sincerely admire .So careful thought ,a set of a ring of the strategy ,it is terrible .
Two people should nod .Wu Yisui makes a man called Wu Gang, whisper to Wu Gang ,so so so so .Wu Gang sings in a well, and Wang Qian ,two of them to prepare Li sai .Single said Qiao Rui suddenly heard Linhuaiguan war ,hurried to make this .
He can believe ,this time the two have time to attack their own the two town .Unfortunately ,he was breaking up .Sent to the person has not come back ,has a group of soldiers .The soldiers came to him : this man, outside the city people claiming to be king of dry ,said to be the reference linhuaiguan .
Desire for adults . Sorry? The king Qianlai UGG Australia Mandah!Wang Qian and his comrade Qiao Rui is Yuan Shu ,for what does not know rites ?He tells a self-contained ,he came to the city .Look a look ,he knew Wang Qian and Lee match two, yelled : two why ? Though old ,Qiao Rui still did not leave the city .
The old visible into fine ,Linhuaiguan changes, this two people at this time to get here ,what changes ,also can not prevent ?Hiding in the soldier team in Wu Gang ,mind andao ,this old guy is not fuel-efficient lights !Organic will have to kill him !But see ,Wang Qian stepped forward, yelled : wisdom to brother don !The Han Dynasty Yuzhou charger are Cavite super make his cavalry general Wu Yi EC soldiers broke linhuaiguan .
Beam general a third less all died in battle ,we two people see things not good ,save the beam family dependents, with death to take refuge in marathon ! Wang Qian said is true or false, but not deceive Qiao rui .
Ah ?! Qiao Rui hearing ,not by crying out , do not know beam Xiongjia dependents in where? Wang Qian has been behind the vehicle ,said : do the invited Liang Jia to come to see the bridge Taishou sister-in-law .
In all ,he and Li Sai two people come to the front of the vehicle ,and said in a low voice : sister-in-law ,Hashi Oomori wants to see first surface . Saw the car curtain to open ,from the car down a woman .
The old woman slowly came before the city ,and looked up at the city Qiao Rui ,trembling and said: an old woman to see full bridge .I can still remember :an old woman ? Qiao Rui and Liang Gang for many years would not work ,the wife of Liang Gang ?Qiao Rui hastily said : war, have to be careful .
Look to your wife . In all ,he quickly took down the tower to the clerk ,opened the gate of the city ,out of the city to meet Mrs. Liang Gang ,Wang Qian ,Li match men .Remove the beam house ladies, servant of hundred people ,the others all is Wu Gang with the Wu Yi Pro Guard soldiers more than two people ,continued to spread in the city .
That night, Qiao Rui before large banquet, in honor of Wang Qian ,Li race ,is the Liang Gang family and Wang Qian ,Li Sai families all on their own fuchu .In fact ,he did so for two purpose .
One is arranged in his house ,said he and Liang Gang, former love bandit is shallow ;one is to prevent the king dry ,Lee Saizhi who didn his command ,so as to restrict .However ,Wang Qian ,Li Sai two people actually see Qiao Rui Liang Gang families and their families all arranged in the house ,the hearts of some bitter, dare not say .
As for Wu Gang and others ,is Qiao Rui arranged to go to the camp .But this is more than two people ,but have not been separated, but cheap Wu Gang .But two days later, the night into the night time .
Qiao Rui camp ,a post troops quietly ,real sound will guard guard execute, was divided into two ,respectively, to the north and East .The others ,it is Wu Yi Wei general Wu Gang pro and Wu Yi pro who, according to Wu Yi ,North East Gate to do two ,Keng .
However, in the middle of the night ,it is one of the most sleepy time .Guard the Gate City hundred soldiers are dozing off, but see one generals who came, frighten a Jiling ,hurried .
The general station ,called the guard of the centurion ,said: you can sit down ,everyone is tired .This would make the pro guard guard tonight ! Nabaifu long half believe and half doubt at the general, the hearts of some impression ,as if which day to be seen .
However ,official big one killed people ,family in any case is lieutenant ,I still have to listen !Just as he was hesitant ,who stood behind the general soldiers would have to stand behind his hundred brothers .
But the next thing ,he unexpectedly .But it is our own soldiers more than two times for gang soldier ,had pulled out a dagger ,his brother a beheaded ,action is consistent with the throat ,straight ,very fast .
Standing on the opposite side of the generals ,was still laughing to himself as a child, a dagger have across his throat, it is also called the silent ... ... Wu Yi again with a pro guards and cavalry regiment arrived early coated outside the city, in the north of the city in a forest rest .
Late into the night ,hear the midnight opera rang ,he was with the soldiers in the dark appear in the coat of the city .Before long ,he found the city lit with around three, he makes the soldiers back to camp signal .
All correspondence ,he makes the staff general yuan leucorrhea a cavalry regiment from the east gate into the collar ,since Pro guard from North scored .The army into the city without interference ,to Qiao Rui mansion .
Qiao Rui where know oneself already invite wolves into the house ,although a lot of preparedness ,but did not think the real wolf was placed in the camp ,not a defense !Know I heard outside the chaotic ring battle cry ,he came to himself ,but it was too late .
He quickly put on a suit of armour, with all the military will turn to Wang Qian ,Li race two and those who surrounded by family ,asked: my kind take thee, do not want you to make me lost city ! Then, ordered his son will execute the bridge significant barehanded .
Wang Qian ,Li Sai see ,heart knows well, excuse also says to not be clear about ,forget it !Two people to look ,pull out the sword, and with the bridge play together .Two people will not think of a group of elderly people ,where opponents ?Before Wu Yi and others are coming in ,two people together with the Liang Gang family a total of hundreds of people have been left as father and son :Qiao rui .
Father and son finally ,Li Qiao Rui Wang Qian in game two people killed ,hurried with dozens of people to camp .To say ,Qiao Rui old man old man out of your mind ,don escape ,go to what the camp ?Thus the delay time, Wu Yi ,Yuan Bai duo to right and left of the round are .
Wu Yi sat on the horse at Qiao Rui said: the old bridge general at dead of night ,I do not sleep at home ,run around ,but why ? Qiao Rui although age, but anger still does not fall , Wow , croak ,shouted : Han officer ,you have to look at how rampant ,they take your life ! In all ,the horse .
Wu Yun is about to go out ,Wu Yi was stopped .But Wu Yi is not worried ,until Qiao Rui near ,swatted warhorse ,gun out ,pike from office ,pierce Qiao Rui chest .The gun pointed in the fire light twinkling stars ,very spicy pierced Qiao Rui chest .
While the knife Kanxiang Qiao Rui Wu Yi homeopathic stay in midair ,no down ... ... A round ,a round ,Qiao Rui died in Wu Yiqiang .Behind the bridge that his father was killed, a howling with up to .
Wu Yi will be a rush on like a swarm of Hornets guard behind the gun ,pro ,was greeted in the numerous straight bridge significant body UGG Uptown On Sale.The bridge was so poor not clear dead on random edge contrast .
.. ... Tu soon in Wu Yi slaying of calm down .Wu Yi series gauge took Linhuaiguan ,painted in two cities .The city did not run Linhuaiguan one ,but some actually has many people to take advantage of the night out of town ,to the other side of the Yangtze River in Jianye .
Jianye defends the will is Sun Ce goes to Hou Sunyi .This day ,Sun Yi house and general attack ,Lieutenant Dong Kang ( Dong Dong son son sun attack ) ,pine ,nephew soon-tan ( sun Kuangzhi sub ) et al.
They talk of everything under the sun .Suddenly someone to newspaper ,coated in the viceregal Qiao Rui bridge latent came to see .The bridge submerged ,second son of Qiao rui .Sun Yi led the latent in bridge .
Not long after ,bridge latent in, give Yun Fang Hou bowed ,then will Linhuaiguan ,coated in thin come .Sun Yi hearing began ,hurried to Sun Song ,Sun Tai to Jiangxia ,Bingzou Lord Sun ce .
The sun CE is the letter a letter with Chen Gong ,is heard again the war in northern Yangzhou .Could not wait for Cao Zhi presentation ,he quickly called the will of procedure .Zhou Yu hears this matter ,then to sun CE to recommend a person .
Mr. Jin, who can bear the person ,resist Wu Yizhi army ? Sun Ce asked .Zhou Yu said: Today my army of both north and south from enemy interference .I and the master is not to get out, so I thought when Lv Meng Lv Ziming went to ! -- in the hope that you can get to support .
In addition ,the coffee here thanks to hellozss ,,,egg de love ,world ,Shura Kan ,vindictive ,read a book ,Xiao blade cutting cucumber you book support .Many a book for coffee message ,often enjoy coffee .
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