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August 01 [Thu], 2013, 9:42
By the end of 2012, the Yankees [microblogging] nike air max 2013 canada Club will celebrate the 20th anniversary. Over the past 20 years, they are not the only Chinese professional league replaced club club.

Beginning from December 10, this newspaper will be launched 20 "National Security 20 Years" series of reports. From the coach Tangpeng Ju, Jin Zhiyang, Shen Xiangfu, HongYuanShuo to country star An Zhuanqi peak [microblogging], Gao Hongbo, Cao Xiandong, Han Xu [microblogging], and then to active Gangster Xu Yunlong [microblogging], Shao Jiayi [microblogging], Zhou Ting [microblogging], Yang Zhi [microblogging], 40 countries Dorians, with a fresh story about their own flesh and blood, but also an important Wen Guoan fans will lead the 20 years of struggle.

Tangpeng Ju League campaign is to lead the Yankees first head coach, nike air max 95 canada but he did not like to mention in the national security of the past, because in his view that period of time is not something to be proud, "1988 to 1994, the National Security (before is the Beijing team) seven years, I feel like a failure if I was able to have the experience now, the results will be better, but I was too strong and too authoritarian. "

And Tangpeng Ju different, leading the Yankees to get the first ever league title HongYuanShuo, up to now still remember all the details of the day to win, just like everything just happened yesterday, "the first night it was raining, sunny the next morning, God really opening the eyes. "

Remember that 1995 is the peak season, the last game, he scored two goals, the security of the players after the game stopped at the venue. Peak that what happened, I ran out and saw the fans in the stands Xiannongtan lighters are open, "as beautiful as the stars in the sky, so that I will never forget that scene."

In addition to coaches, players, team doctor double India [microblogging], chef Zhang Xiaolin, Li Shui senior old fans also tells their stories. Those relating to national security through the day together, so that everyone unforgettable.
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