on the long Chen perception

August 13 [Tue], 2013, 16:58
Small mammals; when the gold se thunder into his body, long Chen feel some changes in his body, he do Men's North Face Nuptse Down Sale not first to study the gold se thunder beast, but to return here, after all, always stand in here, may cause others to doubt. At that time Ye Xuan paid no attention to leave long Chen, then glanced at Ye Xuan's position, long Chen without demur, directly towards the camp where to go, he worried that this gold se hand thunder beast, will be uproar. Because there are cats repression, the gold se thunder beast will stay in the hands of the long chen. Process side back, long Chen side probe with left hand Wu Qiao the situation, a gold se Canada Goose Mountaineer Jacket Men lightning, a head of lion, like a tiger cub, creeping in long Chen Wu Qiao, the little beast while the thunder, but true mammals difference not much, see, it is very weak, under the kitten's crackdown, in which still, trembling. It was too weak to the extreme, need the strength extremely, you are going to take the crystal you to feed it, indeed, if it back to full strength, we are unable to deal with, but little beast that thunder although consciousness, consciousness is very low, is like a newly born baby, if you feed it, it should be consider you as a very kind person, not to hurt you. In the course of long Chen back, explained with the cat. Hear this, long Chen without demur, he tried to use a very soft breath, to appease the little beast, avoid it suddenly mad, but also will the crystal one, take out from the universe of the territory, in their own hands. How to feed it. The emperor Jing, on your left hand. In accordance with the kitten said, long Chen took a Huang Jing, on the lightning entangled animal pattern, sure enough, on the long Chen perception, Wu orifices of small animals like excitement, that moment Huang Jing, direct lightning wire gold se holding melting into the longchen palm, eventually melt into one long Chen, Wu. The gold se thunder beast open mouthed, direct the emperor Jing mouth swallowed, came a burst of mastication voice, after a while, a royal crystal power has completely swallowed up, something more to say, the gold se thunder beast swallowed all around, looking at the. In the long Chen's body, in his view, long Chen soul is his body, so that the gold se thunder beast watching longchen direction, the soul is long chen. This gold se thunder beast, was really not very high, but also very interesting. Have a hunch long Chen, as long as he continues to feed on small mammals, this gold se thunder will definitely take him as your father angle se of a class of. Thought of here, long Chen without demur, Huang Jing one, into his palm, side to side feeding this gold se thunder small emperor Jing, with the passage of time, the golden se thunder beast breath of the dead gradually disappear, one Snow Mantra Parka Women Sale belongs to the fierce li of lightning, began to show. Longchen speed slightly slower, this gold se thunder beast will be anxious in a long chen.
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