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October 09 [Wed], 2013, 15:56
Not everyone played perfect, especially the left vanguard, Sanchez said that know how to reciprocate, assists were an neimaer Nanny is a high EQ, Tello comparisons, are representatives of the low EQ. Single breakthrough approach, beyond the balance of left and right feet, although recorded two assists in the game, but could not conceal the fans against him all the more disappointing. Rotation is to make everybody have the opportunity to play so loose attitude and low efficien cheap nike barkley posite max y of the match rhythm, boyang is perhaps one of the most reluctant to lift the examples. 8 streak of Martino and also 8 streak of Simone as, are series refresh with each other team history, League neck, Champion Cup group game in also are is two war won, a insisted rotation makes team more stable, a is increasingly has teams temperament, if said that yiqian of La Liga is double male game too had boring and boring, so this season, three male and up, what deer died who home, we remains. Is also a reverse, Barca this box makes your armpits juicy, four goals each, whose Real Madrid Levante at home is playing hearts. Also foreign monk in Spain took office for the first time, Martino, team 8 in a row, averaging nearly 4 goals in history is the best efficiency, but Ancelotti is better than too much. The latter so far can't find what is best for the team's play, couldn't find what was worthy of starting. Benzema an early season plummet but still game started, Morata progress evident only in the second half substitute appearances, replaced, and Isco, people say it's because Zidane to secure the former, this true and false are not said, clearly revealed that Real Madrid is not peaceful. Season has for to tenth round, again to put responsibility blamed to exile Ernie Zirl too had hypocrisy, especially such a support Real Madrid, all location Shang are near is today best of players, coach is fame has long of tactical master, if needs time run-in, temporarily hit of bad see that also on Bale, just fundamental is cannot will team fabricated forming, League in the stumbling, pumps tube is teams weak team, seems to in face real Madrid Shi are has wanted to took points of impulse, on a support resolves won of team for, this was is shame. Ancelotti also fools. New to of when to cater to fans, said wants hit control type football, Guer won favor, so didn't days sold has most good control of two name players, and conversion has tone, statements said if just three feet will can down each other hinterland, that will not needs 30 feet, so like diversed, really not known is he themselves of ideas also is listened to has other people of idea, Mourinho although acting cultists, is also is to this support Real Madrid left has a pen rare of wealth, that is defensive counterattack, attack in the with c And Luo-ryung, who speed through the midfield, this is the way this team of familiar and common, but a closer look at, where Real Madrid have had half a shadow now?

Journalist Elvin report "facing the door you no chance" fans with songs to mock at home in Dortmund. Dortmund in position of absolute dominance cases 0:2 lost to rivals, first half they shot with as many as 17 times, only 2 times. Full-Court shot on both sides than 27:6. Dortmund coach Klopp said: "it was an extraordinary game, we didn't expect to be in control of the opponent in such a long time, we're giving our opponents great pressure but no goals. "On the Dortmund lineup 3:0 beat Marseille on Tuesday, only one goalkeeper Roman Weidenfeller is back. In 5 minutes of the game they got a good chance, Royce's shot put columns, which set off the Dortmund attack spree. Geluosikeluoyici, Royce, Catilina aubameyang continuously create opportunities, but national team goalkeeper menxing Terstegen fabulous performance, to keep the score at 0:0. 45 minutes before Dortmund 17 shots failed to bring the goal, coach Fabvre said: "the halftime score of 0:0 was a miracle. "Control of the second half at the foot of Dortmund, menxing first corner kick until the 47th minute, Wen Tedi 60-minute shot was menxing first real offensive threat. Opportunity to wanton squandering of Dortmund finally tasted the consequences. Hummels area or leave it Havard nordtveit, gave a penalty, he was ejected by referee at the same time, this is the Hummels at 156 first Bundesliga Match red card. Cruz menxing penalty shootout, five minutes later, Cruz launched a counterattack, Raphael volley broke, final score freeze. Shot number 27:6, corner 9:1, possession offer a 62%, score 0:2, Dortmund lost a game has a clear advantage. Beat them instead of a Wednesday match effects on physical, but a waste of opportunity. Manager Solke said: "we are 80 minutes in controlling the game, this is very rare. This is a bitter, angry, and should never lose. "After you lost the game, Dortmund lose not only top of the standings, but midfielder Bender and two wounded Al-Shaheen. Due to how long wound unhealing Beijing, Dortmund's midfield position has no available.

Journalist Elvin reported 7,000 fans raise one's arm and shout Brunswick, Wolfsburg's Volkswagen Arena into their home. Seven rounds won only one point before the newly promoted here gain New Brunswick first win of the season, this was their another Bundesliga victory after a lapse of 10,353. Striker to score beilalabi said: "this is for the players, the fans and the Club as a whole was a special day. "Brunswick de b runners-up of last season, when coach libonaixite refer to the Club promoted to the Bundesliga as" wonder of the world ", but he will find it very difficult to maintain this miracle soon. Brunswick seven rounds losing six games before, only 1:1 with 1 being at home against Nuremberg. 0:4 home last week after losing to Stuttgart, libonaixite reviewed in the press conference after the game coach Brunswick variety, implying that his is going to resign. The kicker, reported that libonaixite had talked to several core players in the team, said he would leave soon. He interviewed also said that he has no ability to help clubs and players. Libonaixite surprise Club, fans do not want to lose the saved a club bankruptcy and eventually led into the exploits of first division coaches. On Wednesday before the team's training, hundreds of fans gathered outside the training ground, with applause for the team and the fans to cheer libonaixite let bonaixite moved, he stopped talking about leaving things, which has also been greatly encouraged by the team. Face Derby rivals in the North, Brunswick plays a very active, beilalabi and Quinta Bela each half into a ball. Midfielder Ze Wu Kaofu said: "this victory is dedicated to the coaches, we know how hard it is for his work. "The teammates, Boland said," I don't know how to describe the feel, I thi nike kd shoes sale nk Germany would be happy for us. "Libonaixite hugged each staff member after the game:" we stick to tactics in 90 minutes for the first time. "Leaving libonaixite see Brunswick awaiting a Bundesliga victory in 28 years, which saw the relegation of the team hope.
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