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October 09 [Wed], 2013, 10:49
Griffin really attack the problem appeared outside the restricted area, he 16-23 foot jump shot hits for 34%, passing below the line, and most of those are shot with opponents vent. Now it seems this may be a problem: Griffin's poor free throw percentage also suggests he is unlikely to develo adidas originals zx 750 uk p into the pitcher. This poses a problem, Chris Paul is the best pick and roll point guard, he needs a team with one projection line, when the WaSP partner, but has "17 feet of assassins" reputation of David West. Griffin jumper standards obviously cannot be compared with the West, not to expect another inside partner. Griffin lack range this problem in playoffs met Shang ash bear on is headache, "black and white double bear" completely put area to plug full has, lattice in Finn regardless of is size also is power are to than "II bear" Hudson Shang a raised, results we also see has, Griffin continuous two years met ash bear eat deflated, last year more is gruesome, 6 field game field are 13.2 points, and 5.5 a rebounds, hits only 45.3%. Compared to jumper, Griffin, the other a more realistic question is the defense, although athletic is powerful enough, but Griffin's hands are too short, poor defense, could not protect the rim (averaging 0.6 times the cover). Griffin's strength in the offensive end was almost entirely offset by defense: his presence every 100 rounds, losing 8.1 points more! So in Western first round, we saw the worst scene: Griffin rushed out pair of bear claws, the Defense also subjected to blast Randolph finished. Coach Doug rivers said at media day, will focus on teaching Griffin defense. Although Griffin's weakness was apparent, but you cannot deny his talent. Griffin, last season's player efficiency value reached 22.44, ranked power forward a second, all-League 12th. We look forward to future Griffin improved defense, be more mature and become real Superstars of the League.

Back to the upper reaches of the standings, Moyers is also under tremendous pressure. United's poor performance is considered to be in the transfer market this summer will mark a big bad reasons. Introduction of strong support at the winter transfer window has become United's only way to save the season, according to the daily mail said the Glazer family has cashed for 250 million pounds of shares, part of the money is likely to become Moyers foreign aid funds. The daily mail said, as Manchester United's owners the Glazer family in February, raised 250 million pounds of money through stock trading. According to expert analysis, the money will be used to repay debts of the Glazer family. However, given United's bad record, reinforcement of a team already questions have become more urgent, prior to this, the daily mirror said Manchester United would Moyers in the winter, at least 50 million pounds in funds for transfers, cash in with the glazers, a transfer of funds is possible. Moyers's number one goal remains his love thanks to Enns in the Everton, Manchester United this summer, had hoped the 16 million pounds price closed the deal, but rejected by Everton. Manchester United subsequently raised 36 million package for Fei Laini + thanks again Enns, but still failed to impress at Everton. According to the daily mail, said Moyers once intended to use + Valencia 15 million pounds cash for chips and swap thanks to Enns. Valencia isn't in Moyers's long-term plan, so United manager hopes he can become a part of the deal.

SINA sports-to rapidly turn red Manchester United [Twitter] [Twitter] Captain Tsubasa gunuzhayi,, apart from considering how to continue to progress on the pitch, but off the things he need to take into account there are so many, you want to play for the Club, national team for which he would have to make the choice issue. Current Manchester United launched emergency contract renewal negotiations with the gunuzhayi, which included Barcelona [Twitter], Juve and even join their city rivals Manchester United Manchester City [Twitter] [Twitter] for the teenager had expressed an interest in, the national team, gunuzhayi can choose to play Belgium, and Albania, and Turkey and even England [Twitter]. For his 18 years of these two questions is not so good for choosing, Hodgson said he observed the gunuzhayi last week. Belgium Manager Marc willmots said gunuzhayi he hasn't made a decision, but gunuzhayi rejected Belgium recruited him to join with Croatia's World Cup qualifying match invitations. Marc willmots said: "I am this Monday morning 11 points gave him a call, but United will tell me that the players haven't decided which national team, he has a lot of good players in Club, his main goal now is based at the Club. First of all, I would like to see his success, this is the key, he knows Manchester United player, he was born in Brussels, but the decision on him. I'm not going to force him or gave him the final pass
An official document or note. "But according to the daily post revealed that people who really have the decisive voice, not his own. Daily post under quoted has gunuzhayi effectiveness Anderlecht S adidas originals zx 700 uk hi of green training coach Kindermann words: "I not knows gunuzhayi will select Manchester United also is which, also not knows he will select which national team, but he small of when, he of father prohibited he entered various national team Echelon, he was supposed to be for U15 and U16 national team appearances is repeatedly has, but he of father let he in Anderlecht relief accept education. He will make a decision in the coming weeks or months, I knew his father had an idea, he'll abide by. "Former Belgium goalkeeper biaisen is now the one broker, he told the BBC:" gunuzhayi is a gift, great players, Manchester United is noticed him. He is watched by his father, gunuzhayi after joining Manchester United, his father moved to Manchester. Gunuzhayi the choice of the national team, his father has an important voice. "Kindermann said:" he's powerful, such a genius is not seen each year, he relies on his skills, to protect the ball out, he's getting better at it, doing a good job in the match. ”
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