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> The "after pulling ... less, really punching the sky, then fly into the clouds and disappeared in the sky!" I was dazzled yet? Long ah ". WwW, QunabEN, coM some lower adventurers scared Road." Two hundred ten thousand power! This, "which," This has gone beyond the limits of Valkyrie! How is this possible! Is he afraid of blasting it? "Valkyrie strong level are extremely surprised if the red off day is to eat to increase the power of immortality, then swim sun do? Does Chi gave a white one, and then let the two performing on stage? There is absolutely no may be only one answer, that is really swim sun broke through the limits of Valkyrie, master a higher level of cultivation methods. Chek off day taking "crazy pills magic burst read. "But still was beaten ashes. Venue is most surprising is necessary medical cents Chi plainly, he was the most aware of their role in the immortality!" My God! This kid is too horrible! If he really did a main island, off the day after that red medicine that I gave of the "Chi emitting a white body cold sweat." Who else! I want to challenge to make time, do not be cold field ah! But there are a lot of people to buy a ticket. "Swim Yang Tao." Rely on! Just off the day red power has gone beyond the limits of Valkyrie, which he has been ringing off the hook, which who would dare go ah! "Someone road. Presence among Valkyrie has a small part of the people know in the" field force field "practice to the peak can be further post, but no one can break, they do not know" Cell restructuring "the mystery of human * * The limit can only withstand the power of two hundred thousand! if more, there is the possibility of blasting, which is Adventure Island, several people practicing to the "force field areas," the 10th Heaven, in the initial Valkyrie subversion , but they could not break through, the most important reason is that the body can not withstand the forces beyond two hundred thousand. want to allow the body to withstand the more powerful force. it must comprehend "Cell restructuring" the mystery of recombinant cells of the body, so that the cell density larger and more tough, able to withstand the more powerful force. days off before the red sun swim easily be a large explosion, which also told him to use force beyond the limits **, the body can not withstand a certain relationship. cold field meteorite God on stage again, no one would dare challenge swim sun came again, but just let a pound, less than two months before the boy on the island when the main island,Oakley Sunglasses Store, not a lot of people's psychological services, especially on the island of indigenous residents who have lived on the island, if it is their man when the main island it is also easy to accept,Coach Leather Bags, but if so swim sun when the main island, ruling them, they can not accept such a thing. finally , someone on a flower! Adventure Island elected a representative of indigenous peoples, that is the same as jade and Zen prestigious Li Longji, Adventure Island Grand hotel owner, that is, had stood here and swim yang battle over gambling Levi's father. Zen Yang jade has challenged tour, he had to stand up and hold up the scene for the indigenous people. "swim Yang, I Li Longji agents Adventure Island Aboriginal challenge you! "Li Longji Road." Good, very welcome! But you think you can beat me? "Tour Yang said." Can not, in my strength now does not your opponents! So I would like to mention a request, I playing together with another four people together to challenge you, if you can win us, that we ventured original inhabitants of the island main island on the recognition of your identity, you swear allegiance to each! "Li Longji Road. Tour Yang Li Longji looked at it, he said:" You can do on behalf of all the inhabitants of the island? "" In this adventure island Lee and Zen we say is the most weight, and we have an indigenous people to pass this resolution, I assure you. We will not slip of the tongue! "Li Longji Road." Well, I accept your challenge! "Tour yang heart arrogance Dunsheng, Li Longji accepted the challenge. Li Longji eyes winking to the audience, there are four people immediately jumped on the meteorite altar. These four individuals and one high, one short, one fat, one thin, They and Li Longji similar age, to swim Yang Li Longji introduction about the four-person, including high chapter called Zhu, dwarf named Li successful fat called CONSERVATORY Yin, thin is Qin Shi a, four of them are in Rainbow City There is not a small industry, but also counted on the heavyweights. five male will swim around in the meteorite central altar, five softened their force field field forces are "force field domain" eight, nine , between ten heavy days. "and so on! "Li Longji five was about to get involved, visit Yang suddenly stopped five people!" How you afraid, go back? "Li Longji Road." No, you wait a moment. "Swim Yang out of the encirclement of five people, and then came to the edge of the stage, he directed the audience crowd and said," Adventure Island Aboriginal representatives have been elected five stage that foreign residents did not want to come to power, if there is, it would elect five representatives, I am a man, against you ten! "Five is playing, ten is war, swim parties yang forces to play together, work together to solve not only save trouble, if won, but also fully establish his main island of prestige." Ten! This kid is too crazy, right? "Someone angrily. Ninety Adventure King, some people have not been in a" force field domain "ten heavy day for many years, but no breakthrough in if they are one-on-one might fear swim Yang, but Yang tour ten to a dozen, which is an insult to them, some old guy no longer sit still, swim Yang Initials, Finals network down, while eight people have jumped on the meteorite God gambling battle station. There are a few want to be on the , but did not grab the seat. eight old guy came and found that many people, you look at me, I look at you, who also refused to step down, which few people are Adventure King class people, had stolen the sun tour Many of them baby. they hate hate teeth itch tour yang, so this is a good opportunity to take revenge, they are not likely to be missed. "Oh, you do not have to re-take a look, have left it! Ten people, and thirteen people no difference! "Swim very confident Yang said. Li Longji, who are aware of the powerful sun swim, do not swim with the yang nonsense, thirteen Valkyrie to swim with the sun moves! Thirteen Valkyrie, in addition to the wind that era Nie days stunning war. there have not been such a gorgeous scene! thirteen Valkyrie, I am afraid that in addition to this Adventure Island, no longer so much at the same time to identify a number of peaks Valkyrie. "two hundred thousand power! Stunning level martial art, stunning Imperial Fist! "Li Longji first moves." One hundred and ninety thousand power! Stunning martial art level, Ebb Tide! "Sand waves headed toward a swim sun." Two hundred thousand power! Stunning martial art level, snowy portrait! "Sky snow sun enveloped to swim past." Two hundred thousand power! Stunning martial art level, flames burning love! "Raging flames at the same time to travel between the sand snow sun rushed past." Two hundred thousand power! Stunning level martial art "two hundred thousand power! Stunning martial art arena level lower risk-takers are stunning level this dazzling martial scared silly! While no one has ever seen so many stunning level of martial art!" My God! Boss dangerous! This time forced loaded big! This battle, even the gods are not live ah! "Palace fat man cried. Saw this scene, Zen jade frowned, heart and said:" This kid is really arrogant too far! "Zen Zen Flow around jade, small hands clenched, mouth murmured:" nothing would happen. Will be fine, my brother is invincible! Will be able to win them! "Poison! Thirteen stunning martial art level, while H Yang's body in a swim, swim male figure disappeared in the central altar of the meteorite! Quite a while later, vanished, everyone watching the meteorite central altar, but Taiwan Where to swim on the sun's shadow there. "dead! The boss is dead! "Palace fat road." No, certainly not, and my brother is invincible, he can not lose! "Zen Flow tearful Road." Behold, it is Jing "Suddenly someone shouted the crowd with his fingers and looked over the altar in the meteorite, swim sun actually does chigger suspended Enron where the clothes intact non-destructive, and even the hair roots did not hurt half turned out, swim Yang said in thirteen Valkyrie move against him while he resorted to a stunning level technical footwork a "Gleaming thousand miles." escaped the crowd together a blow. previously used Aeolus Yang swim fans step "is just extraordinary bottom level. swim sun had just used" Gleaming Trinidad "is stunning level footwork is positive intrusion Adventure Island Amusement central system, in the adventure Island mall steal, this "Gleaming Trinidad" is not only stunning level footwork, and is stunning advanced footwork! twinkling Trinidad, Trinidad twinkling of an eye, if you travel enough strength after sun can really do move the twinkling of an eye Trinidad is now the speed of travel Yang, in everybody's eyes, can be seen as a quick "Teleport"! "So dense was how he escaped the attack to go! "Most people know they are on stage joint strike power. Tour Yang is not clear if they escaped the blow." Quack, you have the blows it. Now it's my turn! Stunning grade one hundred shadow blasting boxing martial art "! "Swim sun moved, his body suddenly do a bit of a dive position, blinking in the crowd by moment, swim sun disappear! When swim sun appears again, his body has appeared in the Li Longji, Zhu Zhang, Lee successfully thirteen people in front, while in the sky. swim sun or a person, but in the blink of an eye by moment, suddenly appeared on stage thirteen tour yang. banging bang ", almost the same time, Li Longji, who were each in the punch, fly off, fly them back in the air at the same time, the body burst open blood blossoming flowers. It only took a trick tumbled thirteen Valkyrie, where ten people are still peak Valkyrie! And this is the situation at the amusement Yang lenient go. Just one hit, swim sun is fully capable to kill them, but swim sun can not do that he wanted the prestige, and not killing. "Come back!" Swim Yang Li Longji, who hit the fly after. Entity appeared in the meteorite central altar, his right hand grasping, will fly out of the crowd and arrested Taking back. Plop! Plop! Plop ... Li Longji thirteen meteorite fall on the stage of God! Yang went to swim in front of the crowd, looking down at them! At this time thirteen people have been wounded swim Yang, fried bloody wound, fighting only three less. "We throw in the towel! Your future is our main island, we will swear allegiance to you!" Li Longji first road. A large gap between the two parties, then no less than thirteen people a trick, are now seriously injured in such a way, and also how to fight! "You do?" Swim sun and looking back on stage eight adventure king. "We also throw in the towel!" Eight's representative said. All concede that they have order to represent the main island tour Yang's identity. Tour yang to the crowd and said: "I see you have ten people Thirteen people were already practicing to the" force field domain "carbon peak,oakley outlet store, today I advice you, but could be a breakthrough from junior Valkyrie Valkyrie qualify for the intermediate to see your perception of! "swim right hand facing the crowd blurred male flesh, said:" Cell Restructuring! "everyone in the arena, so that they suddenly saw an amazing lifetime of phase! (Go to the hospital yesterday cabbage checked the body, alas! Not very good, so yesterday mood and state are very poor, twelve yards out just before the chapter! Woke up this morning feeling sorry for you, so am hard code a chapter now offer. strive night and then be able to update a chapter!) H! ~! . . <
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