waving Fenquan burst beat

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> Chapter VIII play tease beauty Longfengshan heart just a move that four properties in Long Feng Lei, the first to speak, "I feel a nice name, I called mine up." Really deserves spare his mind just had this idea he will understand, and agree with this idea, it really is their own good, what are the usual. Wind and then said, "I called the wind." Fire said, "I called my." Ice altogether more succinct "ice." Goodfellas Long Feng mind illegal channels, this guy is cool than their own, really worthy of the ice. Regulus zenith Kasei Long Feng, "I called, called Regulus it very unlikely." "The name is just used for? Later you called gold." Long Feng stared at the avatar a road. "Kim, can, anyway, I'm covered in gold." Kim began. "I do? Altogether I called the Buddha as well. Anyway, you also agree that this is called psychology." Gilded Long Feng grab made Road. Long Feng mind does have such thoughts, but yet feel the name is not very good, but he could not think of a more appropriate temporary name, then by default the name. "The name is just internally and externally will always be the Long Feng." Long Feng said. "Boss, you this is simply nonsense, we accept your control, you want to do, what to say, do what we had to obediently execute that registration is your command, you say what is what, added these words did not Meaning. "gold pledge to split the Long Feng's face, Long Feng is angry and funny, with their own quarrels, their split their face, but Kim say, are based on the inherent tone he said, he could blame Who is it? Long Feng are talking about here, the snow surplus, East Fanghui Yun, oriental wisdom Ganben come from a distance, they see such a long time Long Feng did not appear, the hearts secretly whispered, three people a deliberation on all Ganben over, another There is one thing that is absolutely ice Yan and ice have awoke, Long Tian Xiao also conceivable Long Feng, Long Feng one can not appear, then three come together Ganben to see whether it is in practice Long Feng, if No beating him to the grandfather. I saw the three of a group of people here, who are the golden armor, just some slightly different stripe, their hearts secretly Road, which is where these people come? Is wind brother went make some people accomplished. Long Feng saw three people over the congregation, all of them face emerges smile, incite Long Feng, they want to tease three individual look. Surplus to the snow, three people came near to look shocked, seven Long Feng, although slight gap but look exactly the same, although comprehension is turned countenance, but three people familiar with Long Feng, even the illusion They will be able to distinguish one looks, but now these Longfengshan they actually can not be seen for a time that is true. Fire Open Road "Snow surplus, Huiyun, Huiyun, you have come, what do you?" Snow surplus to fire a three looked intently Road "Who are you, why should the wind turned my brother's appearance." " I? Of course I am your brother the wind, it will be someone else? "fire smiled and said. "You're not, the wind brother Regulus zenith with the body, I can see at a glance, the wind brother is not it." Xue Ying also to smile on the Golden Road. Jin Haha smile "Snow surplus, you can wrong, I'm not your brother the wind, as that is that you look for it." Instead? Xue Ying, gone to shaking his head, he is absolutely, Regulus zenith not be able to fake. "The wind brother, you admit it, you Regulus zenith homologous with us but want to fake it can not be fake." Dong Fang Huiyun stepped forward on the Golden Road. "Oh, how do you not believe it, I am certainly not your Brother Wind." Road King shook his head helplessly. Fire laughing about, "I say, I was right, you do not admit, this kid was not it." Lei this time that open road "What, what? You is true, then I'm a fake? Kid, dare impersonating me, be careful beating ah. "Lei also followed the opening of the opening of the wind," I is true, you are a fake. "ice," I, false. "rely on simple, direct exclude themselves. Buddhist "I is true, you are fake, let them tell about snow surplus, they will hear it out." "Well, ah, anyway, I was false, so that they find it from among the four of you . "said Kim smirking slightly. Snow surplus to three people a tangle, it seems obviously true, he has chosen to say that they are false, obviously looks like a fake, but they said that they are really, in the end who is true from the false, the false Who really, they are bewildered. Fire and then said "Snow surplus, remember you have to use your body in the East Rochester do something to save my life, I am confused in between, you saved me with the times, this thing you should not forget it." To Xue Ying nodded blushing, which is a secret between her and the Long Feng, Dong Fang Huiyun even oriental wisdom and do not know, now know this thing is probably this person is Long Feng. Wind and then said, "secret, and I also know that wisdom, Huiyun, you do? Repair even after nine days Xuannv a problem, the day my desperation ruined your body, giving you come into force Regulus cents , this thing you should remember it. "East Fanghui Yun, oriental wisdom, including the snow earnings are also flushed, this thing they are really embarrassed in front of so many people say that these secret things, the wind brother really , and they really want to find a seam drilling. Another person aware of these secretive, three people in the end more suddenly unable to conclude that the talent is Long Feng, what seems to be incited, Ray then speak. "Regulus no ancestral temple statues, snow surplus this you know it, know that this thing is only Master, Shishu, and you and me, now you know who is really in it." Lei smile. At this time the Buddha smiled stepped forward and said, "I have nothing to say, snow profit, you see what it is." Said Buddha gilded evolutionary dead, four twenty-eight arm, eight each in the hand grip like magic li. Gilded die, this is something peculiar wind brother, the other is no way this is the wind it learned brother? That is how other people aware of these secret things of it? Could it be Mens North Face Hoodie that the wind brother, said after listening to them, not ah, the wind brother is not such a character ah, that in the end is how it happened? I saw the fire a curl one's lip "is you have this I have to see me." Said Fire hands appeared edged sword, Zhebing Jian everyone else know this is a sign of Regulus Xuanyuanjian door Excalibur. Excalibur Regulus summon fire, the wind does not slow the nine days immediately greeted lore in hand, "you have, I have." Ray is powerful, breath came up with a circle magic, ice dragon Buddha sword, heaven and earth gourd, mysterious light broken sword mound, Tengjiao sword, Purple Palace tenrai character, glaucoma thunderbolt beads, golden Sword, broadsword, Silver Dragon hand, black fairy boots, Long Feng most magic all concentrated into his hands . How is this going? Three people dumbfounded, I do not know how to describe their horror, the wind brother's magic actually dispersed in the hands of four people, people really incredibly, if Womens North Face Down Sale these magic to get rid of the wind brother, then only two possible one that is wind brother die, or he voluntarily give up magic, but he may give up? This is simply impossible, no matter what a weapon he will not give up, it is now the scene in front how to explain it? Three people thoroughly confused, they never thought that more can not think of Long Feng actually cloned in front of Long Feng is true. Three individuals each silent heart secretly thinking that is true, that is false, oriental wisdom suddenly open road "wind brother, grandmother and ice must predecessors already awake, Grandpa wants you to hurry past, you do not play, and quickly past it Grandpa may sometimes discuss with you. "Consider again the Oriental wisdom thought of a possibility that Long Feng playing with them, since that judgment does not come out to see you just put Grandpa carried away not to acknowledge. But let Oriental wisdom did not think that four people almost in unison, "grandmother woke up immediately look at the past." Four people answered in unison, so oriental wisdom is robust, but also to play, the wind brother are you doing? Gold this time interjected "Snow surplus, wisdom, Huiyun, I give you a suggestion, simply you a look at them in person, this time you wind brother appeared." Three one, mind suddenly happy, mouth a North Face Outerwear Clearance stick underground passage, Well, this time we let you to make us eat jealous, it does not come out to see you. Dong Fang Huiyun first walked in front of mine, as if to want to kiss Ray's cheek, but this is just as well, she used to lock all of Long Feng soul, as long as there are fluctuations in mind who that person necessarily true, after all, that person do not want his wife to kiss other people, ah, but the East Fang Huiyun how searches are not check it that Long Feng has reacted angrily to kiss her real face in the mine. There is still no one response, the East Fang Huiyun this angry ah, the wind brother you play too far. Well, well, I would have kissed, Dong Fang Huiyun breath kisses four people, and then bet on the gas turned back to surplus and oriental wisdom snow around. Oriental wisdom and surplus also secretly complain to the snow, the wind brother what are you doing, are you happy doing it? Such a bully us, you really. I kept thinking their eyes were all red, "Bitter ah, Bitter ah, boss, or know I have to admit that he is ah, the beauty Xiangchun Unfortunately, ah, unfortunately, ah, I have no chance to enjoy." Kim there yelling address him their unlucky. Ice open road "deserve." Gold immediately shut up, stared fiercely ice one, but also honest up. "Boss, but also trouble you? They can all get angry, you do not come forward, they may have to cry." Fire toward the front of the open road. "Yes ah, yes ah, boss, almost." Ray also began. "For ah, I'm not like you so cruel, to provoke his wife crying, which are all of your business, you assume all the consequences." Said the Wind. "Well, that is his business, the remaining things to him." Buddha also nodded. Three individual one, what, four people actually are fake this is how it is, click on the tears drip down, which under the Long Feng can not sit still, like lightning hitting three people in front of "well-behaved, do not cry I just tease you, you cry so I can feel bad ah. "Just how do not feel bad, people have to put all weep, to know, really, pathetic three beautiful women how to find such a guy, unfortunately, pity ah. Three people with tears raised his head, a look at this Long Feng is just a motionless in the back of that, he really? How looks nothing like ah. "You are the wind brother, you really are the wind brother?" Snow surplus to three people with a skeptical tone asked. "Of course I am your brother the wind, it remains to fake it?" "That you Regulus zenith, where to go? Why is there magic into their body, why so bully us, why do not you just come out." To Xue Ying said sobbing tears. "You do not cry, and immediately I'll give you the answer." Long Feng slight hint of smile. "Deity avatar fit, attributes spare fit." With Long Feng saying that, six cloned into six light which enters the body of Long Feng. Meng listen loudly ring, a golden, full of thunder wind in Long Feng body armor on top of this armor happen then? Is stronger than death gilded, although it can not be artifact, but at least it has been more a superb fairy. Long Feng shake your body armor away, then smiled three humanity "look at it?" "The wind brother, those who go there?" Dong Fang Huiyun surprised asked. "They are my avatar, naturally I have been put away, Oh, I can not allow ourselves to Long Feng's wife kissing someone else, anyway, that is not my own pro-pro-ah." Tapping, suddenly surplus to snow Long Feng flew arms, waving Fenquan burst beat, and this time she has been through tears "bad wind brother, you know bully us, hit you, hit you, kill you." Long Feng literally cried like "murder pro-husband, come people ah. "to Long Feng Xue Ying blushing lips kissed briefly, then left her arms, next to two people do, she could not hang ah. Oriental wisdom, Long Feng Dong Fang Huiyun being shouted into her arms and whispered "I'm sorry ah, to provoke cry unto you." "The wind brother, this will not be good to open such a joke, I do not like." Oriental wisdom relying Long Feng who looked up road. Looked red, Wet, glamorous lips kissed fiercely Long Feng, then said, "I'll never open such a joke, and you cry I can be too distressed." Dong Fang Huiyun as a Only well-behaved kitten, nest in Long Feng arms, motionless also did not say a word. "Grandpa, not looking for me, to go, let's go take a look." Long Feng softly on the arms of two people, two people a bit unwilling to leave Long Feng arms. Long Feng body flick, "deity avatar, avatar avatar attributes." Shabu, six light emitted from Long Feng body, is one of six places at once does not fall reappear in front of three people. "The wind brother, what are you doing, do not you have to tease grandfather it." Surplus to snow staring eyes. <
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