opportunity to better control

July 12 [Fri], 2013, 17:53
> () In fact, for Zhang Haiyang, Yang was that there is a very complex emotions, Zhang Haiyang Huang Jianming be played by the original JAC corner sè, Lin Qiwei placed in the public security system is another nail. WWw! QUANBen! COM Psychologically, Yang was a wait to see, but after all, is Lin Qiwei Zhang Haiyang personally promoted up, Lin Qiwei now though to leave JAC, but foundation remain, say Lin Qiwei is soaring, even flat tone is not really. Today, Lin Qiwei has entered the Provincial Standing Committee, to the forces of the Lin family, and further is inevitable, as long as still in the south of officialdom, Lin Qiwei is absolutely not to offend, so for Lin Qiwei promoted up man,Oakley HALF X Sunglasses, Yang also had years take it seriously. Zhang Haiyang know his phone tonight certainly will not idle, has been waiting to see Yang in the phone, it's no surprise, pick up directly. "Ocean ah, where is it,'re busy?" Yang was asked, laughing. "I do PUC, is preparing to go back, how Yang Shuji what instructions?" Zhang Tao ocean rhetorical "indicator alone, I heard that someone caught a local administrative officials and the two young master Feng Zhigang, you know these things? "Yang was asked. "Do you say this thing ah, I know, or I personally take the two men came in, they persuaded the mob bum fights is not that also openly piáo prostitute, was arrested existing." Zhang Haiyang laughed: "Yang Shuji, these things are evidence, I am also according to law, but not favoritism ah. "Listen Zhang Haiyang say, Yang years to know that it is not simple, a little piáo prostitution and affray worth a PUC vice Secretary personally, this thing is if it is not strange strange strange. "Ocean ah, this matter seriously if it does not, the penalty points shall even, after all this is to visit the official autumn rainbow investments investors, sometimes still have to consider the greater good, to the past go." Yang was persuasion. "Ah, you know, and if the parties do not pursue, I will soon put them." Zhang Haiyang said. Too! Is the main out, Yang was a sigh and said: "The other side does not hurt, if not serious, let them accompany point medical expenses forget." "Victim of President Wang Wang School of Medicine, and he would point effort, reported jǐng also considered timely, it touches not injured, but since people reported jǐng, which is always good hasty deal with it. "Zhang Haiyang laughed. "Hiss!" After hearing the words of Zhang Haiyang, Yang years to suck down air conditioning, a busy day today, he's the point, is not because the Wang engage in out of the movement, one can say that almost nonsense gamble, so JAC City public security system busy day, vice-governor to attend, how can such a simple character. By this time, Yang was also a help but want to BS-ing, this year, Wang small movement in the JAC do? Such a person is a dude you can provoke it? Jiang Huanyang how a dignified vice mayor last fall is not dismount, now dead, how fat Tian Xi, Gangneung City Politics and Law Committee secretary, and characters like him, and now also avoid walking home, let Huang Jianming advantage, so Did the two of you who only know to eat, drink all day dandy can compare. Hung up the phone, Yang was too lazy to pipe up, Zhang Haiyang's attitude is very clear, and this thing he is according to law, unless there is Wang nod, or else it will not relent, he also worthwhile for these two guys to offend the king blog. Yang was here no matter, Feng Hua but angry, and he thought himself a phone call in the past, these two men put out half an hour of it, never thought about midnight not news that his brother Feng Lin and sister can not wait for people who ran crying came. "Xiaohua, ah, you are entitled to such a nephew, can not let such a bully, ah, this is it hit you in the face, which not even the police following jǐng your face do not buy, this is not going to rebel do? "Feng Hua's sister a nose a tear,Louis Vuitton Clutches And Evening, said that he and her husband Daniel Fung here to go to the Council prior to the police station, the police even people that jǐng not let see. "Well, you hush, I call again to ask, will not let Zhigang be fine." Feng Hua, after all, is the party secretary, and by that time also felt some bad, and arguably he was playing Yang the phone, even if not put people, whatever the outcome, it should return a letter ah, but now does not even sound not Kazakhstan, but it is odd strange, this is definitely a bad omen, showing that this time the situation did not imagine paternity simple ah. Appease his brother and sister, Feng Hua alone into the room, lit a cigarette inside gently puff. According to his brother and sister-in-law's statement that it was the Council's two men who were taken away from Wan. Not to mention that these 10 000 are somewhere, cohabitation does not say that this is not mess with the southern sky, and he, as party secretary generally have little to go to this muddy water, he said that people who go directly to the PUC Mando arrests a bit strange. And Yang was obviously already know this, but now why he did not sound, obviously intend stand up, allowing Yang years are unconcerned people, what kind of person, FENG Hua but some strange, is it offended the former Zhigang to a certain one? Feng Hua smoked a cigarette can not think of a clue, but to pick up the phone to his secretary call the past. Feng Hua's secretary called Cho, touches, and "three" on a certain famous namesake, but that Cho Kongwuyouli, is unchallenged military commanders, but this was a frail scholar Cho, this year more than thirty years old, looks in vain net net, it would just sleep confused, seeing the big boss's phone, a smart to stand up too late to wear clothes, holding a cell phone ran out naked, mess around while his wife complained. "Xiao Cao, you are immediately going PUC, I see how it is, Zhigang and autumn rainbow officials locked inside, you go to first understand the situation, and then give me the message." A connected phone, von China commanded the road, finished directly hung up the phone. Cho came to the Council when it is already half past twelve, and this time, Zhang Haiyang have to go back to sleep, only a few Council members on duty jǐng. But who are these jǐng Zhang Haiyang had commanded, but even Feng Zhigang Cao Ren to people who did not see these jǐng who did not buy his municipal big secret face. Fortunately, however, although not seen Cho who finally jǐng members from several mouths know what happened, to understand Feng Zhigang offended anyone, not out jǐng Bureau Feng Hua gave a telephone call. "What, you say people are playing Zhigang Wang and Lam Suet research?" Feng Hua heard asked sharply. "Yes ah, I carefully asked jǐng these inspections, it is in the School of Medicine, Wang and Lin granddaughter." Cho confirm Road. "Well, you know, you go back and rest, do not you have control of this thing." Cho's confirmation hearing, FENG Hua took a deep breath, faint. Hung up the phone, FENG Hua fell almost angry phone, Feng Zhigang too will this people provoke it, although Lin Qiwei gone now, but it's not just relying on Wang Lin family, the most important thing is regulating the family, on the Wang once hospitalized Wenhai visit personally in the past things though secretive, but Feng Hua City as a party secretary, how would I do not know, even the text of the sea also had to bow to the guy, did willingly provoke. Feng Hua Feng Zhigang case Liansha have a heart, this time, Li some people's attitude towards Chinese Medicine, Feng Hua naturally known, he has been silent sit on the sidelines in the hope that these people are completely angered Wang, to the time two side collision, he took the opportunity to better control of some departments and more powers, Wang wanted to talk about it and others did not trouble up, he'd pull its weight compared to the first and Wang. Sitting room, smoked a cigarette again, FENG Hua sighed, picked up the phone again to Cho played in the past. "Go tell the medical people, tomorrow people to handle the medical procedures behind that piece of land." Telephone access, the Fung Wah said weakly, his considered indirectly to Wang served soft. Medicine man behind a piece of land, is Wei Heng Wang and Lin Qiwei have pledged to give, and this matter has long been known Feng Hua, Lin Qiwei now gone, but it is has been pressing, but it is at this time had approved, Feng Zhigang jǐng Bureau spent more in one day, he will be more people watching Fung Wa day jokes, these a long land grant belonging to Wang Wang, though still somewhat ugly, but also quite upset ah. "Ping Shuji, this piece of land has been approved to pay out the mayor, the procedure will be run down in these two days." Cho said cautiously. "What? Has been awarded Fu Xueqing out?" Feng Hua asked again surprised, this piece of land can be regarded as a hot potato, which actually afraid of offending Fu Xueqing Wang? "Yes ah, or do things these days." Cho said. "I know what people do grant?" Feng Hua asked. "Do not know, I heard that Kyoto come." Cho said cautiously. "Kyoto come?" Feng Hua muttered softly and said: "Do not ignore it, so you tell the person in charge in the School of Medicine is that it does not know when this thing." He which can be considered to express an attitude Wang before Regardless of whether to grant the land grant did not go out, since this land had already been granted to go out, and if Wang wanted, but I could Fu Xueqing thing,Oakley Jawbone Clearance, he fell music watch, tomorrow come pretend a push two 56. Feng Zhigang now is to first get out again. Feng Hua play good thinking, but do not know Wang already know this. The phone call Cho Yang Ho, Ho Yang received a phone call, but also very puzzled, this late at night, do not know what Cho snake oil medicine, nature is hurried to the phone and called the Wang. Wang sleep drowsily, He Yang received a phone call that a moment, then the reaction over, it is thought troubles Fung Wa Dongyin ah, it touches a good calculation, but since he knew it, naturally So do not forget, you want to Feng Hua served soft, good and evil come up with sincerity ah, do not fool people as old children. <
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