Teddy Lingerie Miao Miao aside secretly to Shatina Chen thumbs up,

December 02 [Tue], 2014, 16:16

not far from the blue boa is stare big eyes. She also likes Ji, but if you let her in such a public occasion Teddy Lingerie circumstances when so many people say what your heart love she is in any case to do. Not to mention Shatina Chen in saying this, always look sturdy watching ji. Anyone can feel her determination. Ferrie's face relaxed, way: "since it is so, then you as soon as possible to deal with this matter. However, just to hear you say that. If you don't go back to deal with this matter, you will risk Dong Mu Empire collapse. Don't say, you this man was so strong engagement? Which country did the prince?" Shatina Chen shook his head, way: "is not what the prince. Not to say that they are what the identity of words, I think the hermit two words to describe the most appropriate. We should also remember that the magician in the United Presbyterian Church, we Dong Mu Empire also elected two elders. The teddy lingerie two elders, we all live in seclusion in the Dong Mu Empire, can be said to be the imperial pillar.

They are extreme strong, is also my fiance's great grandparents, my fiance, is the hermit family heir." Listen to her so say, Frey's face appears dignified for several cents, Ji also could not help but look back to. There are two extreme strong backing, it is no wonder that before Shatina Chen would teddy lingerie say so serious. Indeed, for a country, with a two bit extreme strong enough to give the whole country hermit family big trouble. Miao Miao beautiful wrinkled, way: "that is to say, you this break off an engagement is not so easy ah! You're the best in all the land of beauty, the other person to agree to break off an engagement? If you don't agree? Although you have is the heavenly saints now, is the princess identity. But the family has two extreme teddy lingerie strong in, must catch you go to get married, you can not ah!" Shatina Chen eyes firmly look, "however, this matter I will handle. If you want to marry, my life will only marry a person." Then, her eyes fell on Ji started, "want to let me marry others, the worst result is married, only my body.

I can't win the two extreme strong, don't can't decide their own life and death?" This last sentence, she said very refuse. Winfrey, way: "this how line. But you heavenly saints Otsuki, even extreme strong, also cannot force you. The thing you fry brother tube. Back when you want to go back, I go with teddy lingerie you. I'd like to see, who dare to force you." "You fart! A word is not suitable, you are thinking of Xuan people?" He came around a sideways, winfrey. Mouth and saying, the following out of hands, in the fray thigh mercilessly pinching. Winfrey, eat a pain, twist a head to see go to heaven, I saw he was never good to own a wink. A Ferrie appearance, but his mind is very meticulous, with tiny reminder, suddenly wake up. A slap your forehead, way: "is also, can't put. Want to break off an engagement, must first be perfectly justifiable can. Hey, how can this do?" Shatina Chen smiled sadly and said: "no, I will sheSystem has been established. You told teddy lingerie me to be angry and fierce, you can be sure that this double fire boy is a forest?" "OK, OK, don't hurt.
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