Leaning on a lamp post 

2010年12月06日(月) 5時06分

Taken this summer. Did not make it to Flickr.


2010年12月05日(日) 22時58分

The heat is making me grumpy 

2010年07月08日(木) 1時46分

I need to figure how to make more than one post show on the first page. I find it very annoying that you can only see one post. It's easy enough to navigate even if you don't speak Japanese, but still.

Banoffee Pie 

2010年07月07日(水) 1時51分
It's crazy, but it's true. I love Banoffee Pie, yes I do.

oh my fyckyng god!

Hurray for the pie!

This is a sign that I'm way too bored 

2010年07月06日(火) 13時07分
I decided to create a blog on Yaplog, because they're so cute! Google Translate is my new best friend!

Now I'm going to look to see if there are any cute themes to use (although the default one is adorable!). *runs off* Then I'm going to pump some muscles
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» The heat is making me grumpy (2010年07月14日)