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> The King Wuling period of one hundred and forty second chapter impasse over one hundred strong cast black light, like a storm on the eve of the sky clouded over, enveloped to their side. WWw, QUANbEn, cOm ("") they are in doubt that this is what moves, ice Ruifeng growled: "These black light absorbing spiritual power, the martial art of spiritual power gave absorbed, lead to what power ! Only more than a black light to withstand the attack, to be able to rip it! Do not let the black light touches the body, this will lead to spiritual power, your body is deprived of the "ice Ruifeng immediately put their feelings say out, to everyone a reminder. The others hear hearts are Kuangzhen this black light so strange? But everyone has to start crazy out to go out, the vast majority of these people are imaginary spirit of the small part of King Wuling period. Or in order to protect the Spirit of the Void period, or is cowardice, fled together with the Spirit of the Void period. How this point is no longer concerned. Anyway, most of King Wuling period the strong have to be approached to fight in order to extend all the blood of their own race. In the month of the fire spirit led collective began a frenzied attack up strong martial art is like a bright light beam aligned with that black light is the boom up, the air waves and rolled over. "Xuan brother, we go ...... months Keiji took Wu Xuan hand, they do not go too late, they have been regarded as relatively late to go, are standing on end. Wu Xuan had nodded his head, with the same one rushed forward. The distant Xieling Dan Wang, see Wu Xuan fled, overcast, said: "bailing?" This is impossible! "" Wait a minute. "Party elders gently stopped Hsieh Ling, told said: him to live grasping it, to be thin to look at him the job if it is extremely against it to kill it, but to leave a complete corpse, not to destroy! "Xie Lingdan king respectfully said:" I know! "From the front view of a test, this kid ability rather special, able to destroy the ban I wonder if this ban can not destroy it?" party elders laughed. "It certainly will not be destroyed, Presbyterian prohibition layout is extremely clever, who the Gold Dragon ban completely mediocre, how might be able to talk with your compared to what?" Xie Lingdan king beside flattering Road again and again. "Prohibition of the destruction of many able with the Spirit of the Void to undermine the prohibition, it touches on the first time I saw." And party elders looked at the front, "Well, quickly go!" Xieling Dan Wang respectful hand over, turned on Wang Qianmian catch-up away. Side the elder looked Xieling Dan Wang leavin, overcast, said: "kill my beloved disciples, wanted to escape is impossible! Hard to find such good apprentice perfect fusion forces actually killed ... if join me okay, it seems impossible, I'd have to see this ban can not stop you! "followed, Xieling Dan King quickly caught up with other people is completely around from the side in the past. Side of Wu Xuan the United King Wuling period strong, and quickly tried to stop them. King Wuling period cast black light is just that one hundred strong, has quickly rushed over to give them balls surrounded, and cast that black light, quickly enveloped the past. Want to intercept live the king Xieling Dan King Wuling of strong, cast out of the martial art, are black light to be easily absorbed, fully able to prevent. The church is only a hundred people, to nearly two hundred King Wuling strong to be stopped, what this black light. Preceded this blacklight some disdain the King Wuling period strong, now face have changed, began to the most powerful martial art began bombarding the black light. But this black light like a bottomless pit, the martial art to constantly absorbed into, like go down the drain. "Attacks alone is not what effect, we try to concentrate in an attack to try!" Everyone constantly try various attacks, strive this constantly pounced to black light to penetrate. This strange black light very disgusting to only be able to attack through the remote, close, suddenly was enveloped lived, that time is of the whole body are drained. The Suyuan absorbed, King Wuling of strong natural is fear that much difference between the two. King Wuling period of one hundred strong in the cast, and this black light or integrate with absolute terror absorption! Ice Ruifeng emotionally, the three King Wuling of the strong cast black light, it can be rolled down the 78 strong King Wuling period. If it was able to offset that bite them, it is absolutely no problem, hundred absolutely the King Wuling period of nearly two hundred to drain! Besides, now display their the King Wuling period of strong, looks compared to the original that are apparently different. Those who have to wear a black robe, to cover up the body's strange to live, and that is a dark spiritual power back to bite them. This on some different, they do not need to put on the cloak looks ordinary people, nothing changes. Almost like improved kind of situation will not happen again. Everyone unhappy with how to crack this difficulty, Wu Xuan they already followed by other ancient family fled, very quickly and rushed into the forest, and rushed to the exit. Lead the way for the Golden Dragon, naturally very clear from that the quickest way out, a period now in a race against time, and if we do not hurry up, it will be caught. "This way, this road was soon leading the export less than a stick of incense, out!" Shouted Golden Dragon at the head. Everyone hear eyes are light a stick of incense is not a long time, that is, up to twenty minutes, you can reach the exit. They want to hurry and viewed the rushed, want to go back to the clan briefing here, then packed his things flash people. They can do this step only. Wu Xuan eyes did not make hi Italy, his eyes looked around to. So good environment here is unlike most start coming spiritual power has become very thin, to completely ban deprived of. Originally this spiritual power of the secret territory belongs to ban absorption over, also part of the environment itself, is relatively good. Now becoming more and more thin, he can not believe that this prohibition merely absorb spiritual power. Others think, whether this ban what capacity, the most important thing now is to rush out to see! Do not go out, simply do not know can not go out. "Xuan brother, how?" Month Keiji see Wu Xuan everywhere watching around and feel some doubts. "I feel not quite right here, this prohibition is obviously enhanced, and I do not know where Reiki deprived, what would happen?" Wu Xuan of prohibition and do not understand that it is mainly not much he understood, he came to this world, that is, has been in practice, in addition to practice is troublesome. Templar latest chapter so much trouble, so he did not have time to study this prohibition. Of course, the research ban premise is to break through the Spirit of the Void period, he will have to carefully study the condensed space-time ban. Just has not been time, the now layers crisis, can survive all the problems, let alone study this ban. He now can be described as super bright red, the mysterious Munekado catch objects. In other words, even if all the people in front running light should leave Wu Xuan! However, the presence of the most important on only two, a Wu Xuan, a month Keiji. January Keiji has but months the heart of the Spirit, will be robbed! January Keiji worried eyes exposed, sideways and looked, motioning Wu Xuan said what. Together with Wu Xuan around freezing rain past, when she ran out, it has remained silent. There is no doubt, must be his father worried about managed to once again see his father, not have to get along, how long it is to a real goodbye! No one is willing to separate from the other ancient tribe. In front of their own elders, or their loved ones in a desperate, but they are on the run. If it does not escape, a person did not leave, leaving, then just act on impulse brought them there could be genocide! No one wants to be genocide, even more people who want to cast off the tribal elders or chiefs, but they can only do so now. In order to race, only to do so. Wu Xuan looked freezing rain past, he could not do anything, even though they were concerned about the ice palace. Just ice palace of the people does not appear in this continent, even if there has been, the strength will be suppressed. Unless it is sent under many, or not achieve much. Liang Ye they said, from this side of the continent to the apocalypse mainland is relatively easy, but the apocalyptic continent over difficult. The stronger over the more difficult. King Wuling period is the bottom line, want to get through that channel, you need King Wuling of standards. If to say, those black people come from the apocalypse mainland, it would mean very exaggerated? Over hard to say that hundreds of King Wuling period strong, it is staggering. To do this, now do not support at all, he knew few strong, even LEUNG Ming rushed to the scene, are not useful. "Ice Princess, are you okay ..." Wu Xuan could not help but ask sentence. Rise of freezing rain celecoxib tough nodded and said: "father have done for us this point, we absolutely can not live up to their expectations!", Then say so, but her eyes see is full of pain. If it does not to participate in this ancient tribe alliance a test, it will not happen. No, it is sooner or later, the relationship only now is this mysterious case of the door in order to save time and effort, you want to catch! Not to participate in the future will be a step by step to get rid of! What is the origin of the force until the end of this continent is to belong to this mysterious Munekado they foregone conclusion. Although some of the origin of the power is not in here, but it does not mean no. Is hidden a Munekado,(Men's)Air Max 2009 Discount, or an ancient tribe are possible. All are aimed at the source of power! This point have to suspect that Wu Xuan, mysterious Munekado, is not also want to cultivate origin footer disciples? In order to let the disciples to become stronger, you need to absorb more of the origin of the power. In addition to the idea, he can not think of any reason. Perhaps, there are other secrets are maybe. Total can not be telling anyone say the plan to go? That party elders absolute fool. Wu Xuan, at least maybe really have another origin footer! This can be described in the snatch with their own source of power! Just people snatch strength, and he did not have any strength, at least not yet. Wu Xuan eyes shimmering, inquired: "The core of this ban can feel where it? Although this prohibition is unclear exactly what capacity, but it is best to destroy the next month Keiji!" He thought, decided this prohibition to destroy. Best able to launch before the ban completely destroyed, they absolutely beneficial. January Keiji says: "I go now to feel ......" month Keiji quickly immersed month to the heart of the Spirit, after a moment, her eyes full of weird meaning, let Wu Xuan heart of a sudden, presumably encountered What problems. "Did you find this prohibition core orientation?" Wu Xuan asked. "My general orientation is to find, just - January Keiji Dayton the next Wu Xuan eyes stare continued:" just the core of the party elders that position. "The position of that party elders!" Little did he think the core position turned out to be in the position of the party elders,nike air jordan uk! He was silent, the reigning stunned and said: "Is it not a core is in the body of that party elders!" Give me the orientation of the feeling is there, what is not in the party elders who, it is not very clear at least is in the vicinity of that party elders ... "Speaking of which monthly Keiji frown, she was not sure that this ban is what effect, but it is definitely not weak. Prohibited profound, maybe really possible in the body of the party elders. This prohibition is not no advantage is not easy to be destroyed, the disadvantage is that people can not leave this ban! The advantage is more obvious, if not struck down, this prohibition is basically not damaged. This is not absolute, if many strong bombardment, was able to destroy. The drawback is the most obvious, is not able to leave the ban. The general laid prohibition is trapped others, now even arranged a prohibited person inside, this not looking Zuishou the What? Of course, depends on what is proscribed, often this human core of the prohibition are more terrorist prohibition! Core exploration, but not be able to travel to destruction, and it is very very frustrating. Further regarded now only one step, let him talk to that party elders recklessly, presumably are not close to, was captured alive. Between the ability, it is that much difference. They quickly followed the person in front of forging ahead, suddenly in front of the people do not move, all parked in the front, like what blocked. Before Wu Xuan guess this is what happens when the front came the shouts of panic: "This detention class ban ah, we can not get out!" Detention class ban? Wu Xuan keeping themselves up to really see in front of the edge of the prohibition is a transparent membrane. Barely able to see to the naked eye there is a layer of something every here are not yet to the exit, you have to ban stopped here. Others have begun Shizhan Wu technology bombardment this prohibition can all are like a knock on the wall, has not only been destroyed, but their attack exhaustively rebound back! This prohibition is not uncommon, mainly lies sturdy. It now appears that this prohibition is quite sturdy. The strong presence of the Spirit of the Void period, at least over 700. After all, some ancient family betrayal with the fire green bell around, they will lose a part of people. Than 700 virtual spiritual strong fully play to the strength of all bombardment of this prohibition in the top, crazy bombardment, the forests of this region are H became plains, the terror blast wave another wave around to bounce away. Once per attack, was issued a scream. Spirit of the Void period of more than seven hundred strong attack, that is an absolute terror. Martial art boom effect air waves rolling in, gave the land around the lift up, and gave blasted a pit! Just do not have this prohibition to smacked a gap to budge even a ripple. But rather side fell to a large majority of attacks are bounced himself to the bombers flying out. Less than a will, there can be described as a messy, lying on the ground groaning constantly. Small part did not attack, have see precedent, they attack no effect. No wonder the elders of that party is very safe to say that nobody can escape, now it seems really no escape, all detained here head. Control of the prohibition of these marvelous apocalypse transcontinental really strong! Wu Xuan standing ban before to silent move out his hand, no pressure across the length of the fingers. He immediately received back, do not continue the extended. The situation months Keiji and freezing rain celecoxib have seen, are extremely shocked at Wu Xuan. Wu Xuan's body really is the most special, this prohibition does not have any effect on his. "You try it." Wu Xuan schematic freezing rain the past month Keiji try, the result, as is expected, such as the top of a wall, not really wear past. Wu Xuan also specifically pulled their hands out, results with long before his secret territory of the month Eldar, Qu Han too much on the elders of exactly the same situation when you wake up, and that the prohibition only he can pass through, even if he is holding the others are can not come in, only he can go. Wu Xuan, you are not capable of destroying ban it,(Women's)Air Max 95 Discount! Quickly destroy this prohibition, let us out! "" Ah, ah! You've destroyed the two prohibitions this ban should mention it! "" I beg you we do not want to die here, take information with Hui "everyone suddenly remembered enviable performance before Wu Xuan Wu Xuan shocking. Now become a lifesaver, if you could punch to break here, would not be able to go out. Wu Xuan sighed, these people completely is easier said than done. If only it can destroy, he would have destroyed. Spirit of the Void own hands, is able to undermine the ban, but not free to blow past, will be able to undermine the ban. This ability to easily locate within the core, and easily destroyed. It is normal for those who do not know the real secret only he clearly. Unfortunately, they vanished. <
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