December 17 [Sun], 2006, 22:05
I went to Luminalie with Kyoko.
It's Christmas illumination at Kobe.
It is sooooooo beautiful

*New job* 

December 04 [Mon], 2006, 20:13
I really enjoy this new job.
I love the people I work with.
It's strange to realize that until a week ago, I didn't know any of them.
But now we're part of each lives.


November 18 [Sat], 2006, 20:19
I don't want admit it, but it seems money may be everything.
Money is power. Money is freedom. Money is security. I have no money.
I feel miserable. I feel inferior. Oh, I want to be rich!

*new cafe* 

November 11 [Sat], 2006, 20:02
My friend told me about a very good cafe that just opened.
I tried it out with a friend today.
She was right
It had a modern and calm atomosphere, and their espresso and cheesecake were really good.
Besides, the prices were reasonable.
I'm sure I'll go there quite often.

@yoga studio 

October 22 [Sun], 2006, 20:16

My friend took me to the Izumisano Fitness Center for yoga lesson.
I had haerd a lot about how good it is not only for the body but also for the mind,but I had never had a chance to try it before.
It was one hour class and I felt really relaxed afterwards.
Besides, my body feels so flexible.
I really liked it and I'm thinking about getting a membership there.

Fresh man training 

October 10 [Tue], 2006, 20:28
Fresh man training began this week.
I studied bussiness manner, depositing, financing and so on.
It's hard for me to understand all work.
I thought working society is different fron sutuding at school.
I have to have responsibility as a banker.
Next week I'm going to work at bank as part timer.
I'm very nervous now!!

Official Decision Party 

October 02 [Mon], 2006, 20:18
Today I had a official decision party at regar royal hotel.
I'm going to work at bank.
I had dinner with my colleague, who I'll be working with next spring.
We hit it off right from the start and had a really nice conversation.
I'll get along with them.
I can't wait to actually work with them.

Danjiri festival 

September 16 [Sat], 2006, 20:05
I saw danjiri festival with my friend today.
Do you know Danjiri?
Danjiri is a kind of harvest festival in Kishiwada.
A lot of people took partin the festival early morning.
This picture is yarimawashi.
Danjiri turns a corner with great spead!
It's denjorous and really exciting!

At night Danjiri is decorated with many lantern.
It was beautiful.

We ate alot at stall and had a good time.

Bon dance 

August 20 [Sun], 2006, 20:33
I went to Bon dance with my old friends.
I had long time no see them so I was happy to see them.
We talked a lot and dansed for three hours.
I know Bon dance is easy and simple but we had a good exercise.
We had a terrific night.


August 11 [Fri], 2006, 18:27
I went to watch Nobeoka-Gakuen vs Aomori-Yamada baseball game.
I got up five and cought a train .
My friend's brother plays Nobeoka's baseball team so I suppoted Nobeoka at Alps stand.

The game preceded Aomori-Yamada from the first to the last.
Aomori-Yamada hit two home runs.

The result
Aomori-Yamada 7-0 Nobeoka-gakuen

Oh, I was very dissappointed!

But Nobeoka nine had a great job and did their best.
They looked enjoy their game.
I was greatly touched by their efforts!

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