Leaf inclination posture stopped the pace

November 16 [Fri], 2012, 11:07
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult Little Lord, such going out ,really too dangerous ,the kid in the million broken sting Valley ,dying words would die ,to die, must die ,later to be not much relationship .
The old man with the soul of beaver read Chu mu said .Chu Mu know this old guy he ,how will listen to him ,directly in the soul collector ring plus a soul read protection ,do not give this old guy and a chance to escape .
Little Lord, do not ah ,you forget ,you get the top three award also didn that you leave, you two up value of 10000000 things can submissively . Beaver old son screamed out immediately .
Chu mu in the soul collector ring with a layer of soul to protect ,it wants to escape the soul catching space is very difficult .Beaver, the old man said ,Chu Mu does come to think of it ,in vain rewards can not take ,that is how he and leaf inclination posture continuous combat for several games before come .
,you stay here ,such as the shortage of sting after the reward to find old ,used ,and then to the million broken sting valley came to me . Chu Mu said . Little Lord, is it not good ,if you have any unexpected misfortune ,I how to round your highness .
.. ... The old man said beaver .Chu Mu to Beaver old son ,sew, directly to the aid like weird monster soul pet gives put Chu fiber here ,let Chu fiber at . Chu mu ,you think about it, don rush it ,you are really in danger .
Chu fiber also did not care about the strange old man ,the Chu Mu aside ,fear and said . Don will not happen . Chu Mu stroked her cheek ,float a smile . But ... ... Chu fiber wanted to say but as Chu Twilight eyes ,but do not know what to say .
Then I go ,after some trouble ,for direct figure elders is good ,he will help you to solve . Chu Mu said .Then ,Chu Mu to Chu fiber a hug ,towards the rear of the hall went to stone temple .
Chu fiber could only nod ,see Chu Mu left a feel lost .In fact ,Chu Chu Mu fiber concerns safety but also care about Chu mu of the left ,she can guess the Chu Mu to go very far ,but Chu Mu this left her feeling never had the chance of seeing Chu mu .
Chu fiber ,how could you let him go ? Chu Qian suddenly ran Chu Chu said fiber to fiber .Chu fiber lengleleng ,glanced at the Chu Qian said: he must go UGG Mayfaire Cheap,there should be no danger .
Who ,he was able to escape from the nine monarch UGG Women's Jimmy Choo Mandah,certainly does not have the risk ,I mean ,even if you don leave he should go with him ah UGG Women's Sundance II Boots,don I don what . Chu fiber shook his head : we can not .
Along the stone steps slowly toward the back of the stone house ,the stone temple quiet can only hear Chu Mu and leaf inclination posture footsteps . See that she is very reluctant to you you left without saying anything ,not very good ? Leaf inclination posture is female ,nature can be seen in the Chu Chu and fiber relationship than siblings so simple .
Too much is not good . Chu Mu rise in a bitter .For the first love person ,Chu Mu think only requires that not much, if any of the kiss is enough 100 degree pet charm .
I would like Chu fiber ,just because of her gentle now Chu mu many want to mature ,but also know what they really need is not a during the juvenile period of love ,if involved in too many, but is delayed her .
The princess ,and she says there is no need to say hello to you ,you are not her close escort ? Leaf inclination posture asks curiously .Leaf inclination posture see Chu and Jin gentle Twilight Princess also has some love ,this love is strange ,leaf position also speculated that don what is going on .
Right now I her close escort ,I don like nightmare demon . Chu Mu said .Leaf inclination posture suddenly feel Chu Mu seems to handle a woman problem when very simply ,but this just is a bit too .
UGG Lo Pro Jacquard.. ... Close to the narrow door leaf inclination posture ,immediately I saw a stone house amazing chipped traces of stone temple defense force is very strong ,even the nine monarch did not break ,but this position was filled with countless small cracks ,it need to how powerful force? This is .
.. ... Leaf inclination posture surprised at Chu mu ,time do not know how to describe it in words .Chu Mu fled back to the stone of the house ,just meet some horrible creature is read among the insects ,almost never come back .
Chu Mu see leaf inclination posture has been staring at her, also had casually explains a sentence . Read - worm, it is not ... ... Yeah ,but when I saw it ,it still has a long way away .
Chu Mu said .Read - insect leaf inclination posture terrible how do not know ,is this very sturdy stone house on the crack can imagine . Let ,beaver old said that as long as the careful should not encounter this level of biological .
Chu said Twilight walk in the front of .Export was very narrow ,but because the read - bug forces apart not small ,Chu Mu vertebral those heaped stones ,see external and slightly dizzy light into stone temple .
Chu Mu will read out the soul ,searching around, have a look whether gathering in crowds and groups in the vicinity of demons .Chu Mu soul to cover 100 meters area ,as long as the soul of pet not deliberately hidden ,can all senses .
Only a few puny demons bug ,I go out to solve them . Chu Mu said .This is the bottle ,you kill demons queen ,will be read into the soul of bottle ,bottle will carry blood away from the demons insect body away .
Ye Qing attitude to Chu Mu a carved with a variety of bizarre pattern red bottle .Chu Mu is first seen this vessel, went through a close up .Spell Nianqi, Chu Mu began to summon night dream of mine .
Last night , Chu Mu jumped into the night dream of mine the beast ,immediately issued an order .Night of thunder dream beast dream angle light flicker mouth immediately with a aggregation of dead ,violent towards recent that demons bug spray to in the five paragraph no four wing demons bug blow the four wing demons bug was immediately blown to pieces ,flesh and blood splash we directly jump from the city ,around the North of the mountain .
Chu Mu will soul read into bottle ,and then on the inclined posture said . Well ,directly across the mountain Chu unlikely . Leaf inclination posture nodding .Leaf inclination pose no wing of soul pet ,but even with the wing of soul pet ,they can fly directly over the mountain Chu ,because in the air are more susceptible to insect attack demons .
Leaf inclination posture has summoned his purple dream beast jumped to the purple dream beast ,riding in a purple dream beast directly from the almost vertical Alpine cliff jump off Chu Mu solved around a few puny demons worm immediately after with leaf inclination posture ,also direct control of the night of Lei Meng the fall .
Night of thunder dream beast in the daytime only briefly in the air in the Ta Kong ,but this rugged rock cliffs for the night dream of mine beast difficulty is not too great as long as the falling speed hard alongside cliff needed a buffer ,as black elves in general ,light and elegant from the mountains into the hell the end .
Chu mountain peak near position is ,under the city ,from the heights overlooking the whole city ,wo is a black cloud which enveloped worm ,the original ancient Su quiet city ,seems to lose one ,also a bit desolate .
The two soon landed a few from the air and to follow demons insects also immediately by Chu Mu and leaf inclination posture dream beast to solve ,in order to insect blood perfusion into Chu twilight of the bottle .
This is 2 hp ... ... Chu Mu smile shaking the bottle bottom are not obscured even the compressed blood ,some wry shook his head 1000 - insect blood ,I don when to collect .
Take it easy ,everywhere ... ... Leaf inclination posture comfort .Along some desolate hill ,Chu Mu also leaves the tilt appearance into the city but when they close around the gate near the time ,two people face has some changes .
Remember that they enter the city when the city gates and there are a lot of people walking around, many soul pet division is controlling their mounts in the wide road benz .But now ,spread in front of them is a bleak incomparable, even can use hundred degree , charm pet sorrow to describe the city gate .
City building itself did not suffer serious damage ,but the debris and garbage heap in the streets, stink to high heaven .And let a person feel a bit cold is, many decaying bodies and bones scattered everywhere ,streets ,roof ,walls ,everywhere, to the city of blood is a ruined city of feeling with shocking blood red .
City gate is already like this ,I do not know this city how many people died in the stinging shortage disaster ,as enter ,leaf inclination posture face more and more appear pale . We get through this city .
Leaf inclination posture face more and more ugly ,apparently too many people die hand die a violent death, let her hanging on the thick haze . En . Chu Mu that night dream of mine beast and degrees, in the city main streets along with .
City is not no human habitation ,often can see some ride pet pet division soul by soul ,but they also follow behind several demons .City needed to restore ,although demons worm still exists ,but wo city has many soul pet division began to clean at Woburn city for demons bug ,lest these organisms on the city causing excessive damage .
Two two , Chu Mu and leaf inclination posture is chase ,suddenly back a wearing Wo city guard clothes man rides in the gale the colt had caught up .Chu Mu also leaves the tilting attitude look around ,see no demons worm coiled ,also stopped .
What Chu Mu at the Waugh city guard ,asked . Two can control the night dream of mine beast ,strength should not weak ,can urge the two of the two ring to the East Tower location .
The said .Chu Mu and leaf inclination posture are revealing doubt feeling puzzled .The two men lost ,said : two is not a hunter ? No, not at all. The sting barren to sudden ,many city residents are not timely inventory half a month food ,on account of this case ,master let us these guards beginning on the seventh day from the depot in out of food distribution to each city ,avoid those residents starved but now we escort shortage ,and dare seventh days out of action soul pet division is not much also, so we began to find those hunters help ,two if you do not feel too delay ,will you there ,after all ,the lack of food and water ,we .
.. ... We will give a commission . The discourse is sincere ,but also with the kind of prayer is obviously very hope Chu Mu and leaf inclination posture can help him a favor .Chu mountain is in the north of the city, occupies the entire north route Chu Mu and leaf inclination posture is going east ,bypassing the Chu Shan to the north ,broken sting valley .
To us . Although Ye Qingzi cares about his brother ,but this will help lift a finger UGG Amberlee Cheap,immediately took over from the two inventory of water and food space ring .I really appreciate you for that .
Guard immediately excited and said, i ... ... I will go to another city to distribute food ,two watch ,wo city residents will thank you . Chu Mu and leaf inclination posture are nodded ,continue to hold a dream beast towards east position went to .
To the east of the City Chase when a road ,Chu Mu did see a lot of strength is not weak city guard in the deserted streets running ,also often see their soul spoil and demons in battle .
Chu mu ,etc. ... ... Leaf inclination posture stopped the pace, called ride the night dream of mine beast as Chu mu .How. Chu Mu stopped ,looked at the leaf inclination posture .
I feel like my brother in the vicinity of . Leaf inclination posture said . In the vicinity? He is not supposed to sting million broken Valley went ?But ,how do you feel your brother existence .
Chu Mu asked at once . Me and my brother has a pet to fellow soul ,their souls have a connection, within a certain distance, can be aware of each other ,only my soul pet tell me it felt each other .
.. ... Ye Qingzi said .Chu Mu only remember the summer Guanghan can bond to find their own white nightmare magic ,it is first heard of this can be channeled to find each other fellow soul .
No wonder your brother will then be assured left ,I also consider how you got to him ,since he is in Walla City ,he may be delayed because of what ,did not go off l million Valley .
Chu Mu said .Leaf inclination posture is slightly relieved ,Ye Wansheng was not in the million broken sting Valley ,but here perceive his soul spoil words ,he is very safe . In this direction ,should be able to find him .
Leaf inclination posture refers to another street ,Chu said of twilight .Chu Mu nodded ,followed in leaf inclination posture behind, toward Ye Wansheng at .Chu Mu and leaf inclination posture has deviated from the east direction ,and gradually into the centre of the city ,let Chu Mu and leaf inclination posture frown is, more to the city central ,demons bug number is more ,presumably due to City Central aggregation of too many people ,there are a lot of not enough to escape the cellar ,and have become demons insect food ,the demons insects lay eggs there .
Demons bug decay very fast ,generally from the mother after the middle of half a month can hatch, here brought together so many demons bug ,it is these full of demons insect oviposition after here to guard their eggs ,until all of the demons insects are hatched ,take one hundred degree pet charm .
Those little demons bug out of here ,continue to other place foraging .Chu Mu and leaf inclination posture very quickly into a larger inner city ,let two people surprise there are many inner-city area around city guard ,they form teams ,with their own soul spoil and those outward expansion of the demons in fighting strength .
You two don ,to hunt demons worm can go to other places . A master of light angle beast man immediately stopped Chu Mu and leaf inclination posture . In front of what, why looks like it has been mud shock three ? Chu Mu look ahead asked .
Past guards soul pet and demons in front can be seen in front of the city all the buildings and streets, wrapped in a viscous semi-solid objects very black ,black ,looked very sick .
This black semisolid objects spread over a large area ,the whole piece of the bustling city to the most ugly most terrorist ruins . Is among the nest ,a - the group here fall nest ,this is very dangerous, don .
The man said .Tilting posture ,is it right? He in there? Chu Mu had a look at the leaf inclination posture ,opening asked . Well, on the inside . Leaf inclination posture pale nodded .
If there have become demons beetle nest words ,then hid in a cellar in person because of the lack of insect pests and air alive in the cellar not poison boring ,then as soon as possible ,he will die .
A friend of mine in the rather ,what to do can get him out? Chu mu asked . ,my wife and children are on the inside ,but how can that ,master now in mobilising master ,hope to have an expert to solve out the monarch ,but the whole wo city is so big, countless demons insect aggregation ,dozens of demons beetle nest falls into the city ,every one demons beetle nest will send many master to clean ,easier said than done .
.. ... The man said the tone of heavy .Chu Mu and leaf inclination posture brow wrinkled up ,the demons beetle nest bound to the existence of a sovereign class powerful demons bug ,the demons bug strength even as Chu Mu encountered the nine monarch ,is also not far apart ,it is very difficult to beat .
In addition ,a demons beetle nest has a thousand demons bug salt around, the most important is the ability to spawn the demons in grade and stage is not low ,even Chu Mu and half demon play nine level power day flame ceremony also may not be able to kill a number .
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