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> One hundred and eightieth of the Ru hero must hospice () Chang Yau's army chief of staff, proposed aims to things, for him, naturally a very simple thing, Wang Hongyi commanded down, he is in the side of the paved paper, Gv, brush brush, almost a stretch from a decree is written, see Wang Hongyi read. The WWW! QUaNBEN! COM "Yes, India!" Has the seal of "Shu Kung Po", according to above. Who will be sent to Xuanzhi, this is a problem at this time is the secret Wenge said Wang Dadian preparations busy moving very, very naturally. Wang Hongyi thought a moment, think of a candidate, this man is just in the early session, Cheung Yau mentioned, was about to re-designated to do the magistrate in West Sichuan, just this trip edicts have sent him to the West Sichuan, can be considered to advance understanding of The following people and culture. Wang Hongyi said: "so secret Wenge are eight items Wen Li Liu Changqing an audience." Chang Yau step down, to arrange a good place to rest. The Liu Changqing, is one of the scribes of the Shu began studying martial, read the art of war, regarded both civil and military type. This is unsuccessful, but after Wang Hongyi into potential talent recommend held to be promoted, Wang Hongyi to him, as a good friend, promoted Well, into the secret Wenge diligent hard work. This as a county magistrate Zhang Yau recommend outside Wang Hongyi think some things, suitable for honed this person, if honed properly, or to become a minister. Wang Hongyi he sent for his, Liu Changqing secret to the the Wenge temporary office of the Department doing handover. At this time, the days have been close to noon, in fact, secret Wenge only five rooms, located in the west side of the main hall, I saw there, everywhere inlaid copper leaf cabinet is stored inside the document. The middle of dense, full of a few tables, a few tables in accordance with a different level, a different size specifications, heaped Zhezi and file room full of books scent of ink, in addition to, and no luxury meteorological only XiQin imports chime clock can be regarded as precious. And simple office space is not the same, from here to outside the city, after the five-door, three Road, along the way are guards, nail standing. Accordance with the rules, only carry the silver medal, to enter, of course, only a silver medal not. "This is the land of the prime minister!" Liu Changqing finishing with its own file, reluctantly, a few colleagues understand his feelings, nor urging. In accordance with the rules, Liu Changqing spend the noon, noon meals together, the afternoon must leave. The identity of Liu Changqing, naturally can not participate in the morning, but Yau recommending him things he had heard. Is still very young and has a cavity aspiring people, there are a few do not want to make contributions? There are a few do not want to have a bright future, and help us to glory as the ancestors luster? Liu Changqing Zhang Yau naturally very grateful, however, leave secret Wenge or he poignantly! Over time, the secret Wenge gradually formed the rules entry into Jiupin, inside learning military aircraft, general to the eight product release. And also a rare opportunity, after the creation of the Imperial Academy, the new Members only inside learning and training. Imperial Academy, located Zhao Wen Temple, Chong Zheng Dian Yew Hall. Sungjeongjeon is dedicated to the emperor speaks read the verses JingYan official. Zhao Wen Temple is the supervision of the Department of National History. Yew Hall is actually the secret Wenge candidate, after most people it is difficult straight into the hub, which is to prevent and rules of truth. In fact, Wang Hongyi think the person's room attendants. Room attendants and secret Wenge, training cronies places, the core of the governing body. But this culture method, people tend to seize the opportunity to bypass the numerous institutional and direct access to the core, and the damage caused needless to say. Therefore, early training "direct descendant" of some use, Bureaucracy is now guarded, has little value, can cancel the new rules straight into the secret Wenge, after at non decades to plot official visits shall not enter into. This essentially cut off future trouble. Liu Changqing naturally understand this point, knew that newcomers to enter here prohibitively difficult, even their own, want to re-enter the non-integrable official can not be more than a decade. Finishing instruments,, chamberlain door, shouting: "Liu Changqing Liu adults here?" Others looked up, looked stunned. Liu Changqing quickly put the instruments on the one side, stood up, has always been to hand over: "the Xiaguan It is Liu Changqing." "Liu adults, national companies declared to an audience, you told the slaves go!" Getting lord declared see Liu Changqing not neglect the account of a few colleagues, just behind the chamberlain, hastily walked to the back. Wang Hongyi's study is not far away from this, then, almost no one in the empty corridor. Dense shower, not far from the lake water halo dense circle, the guards along the way significantly increased, a stand at this a little nervous Liu Changqing faintly see the sweat on his forehead. Here, Liu adults here and wait for a moment, the slaves which went in to the national companies Huibing. "This official said shrilly. Qibing lord, Liu adult slaves brought over the. "" Let him come in, "Wang Hongyi marking the memorial, and the head did not lift. "Yes, Lord." Wang Hongyi command, the chamberlain turned, Liu Changqing go. Liu Changqing took a deep breath,coach outlet factory, straightened his dressed, into the study, chamberlain door shut from the outside, and retreated beyond 10 meters. Study layout is very elegant, small furniture, only a book case, a chair, a bookcase, as well as distant points of the incense burner and a pot of ice. Hot outside, into the study, only feel the face of cool breeze blowing, very refreshing. Chen Liu Changqing, seen my lord. "Simply did not dare to look into the case of the book man sitting, Liu Changqing see the, to kneel respectfully salute. "Get up!" Wang Hongyi out of a sentence, and nothing more than to ignore. "To Xie Zhugong." Liu Changqing got up, bowed standing glance at his desk to see the letter, Wang Hongyi, will not dare to look at, waiting for meditation. After a moment, processing over a Wang Hongyi was visual. This is less than three-year-old young man, a square face insignificant, keep the character mustache, wearing the eight items Guanpao firmly standing on top with a white air transport, there is a red natal gas. Looked at this man, Wang Hongyi opening with a smile: "Zhang Qing said in the hall on the things you heard?" Qi Bing lord, the minister has been heard. "" You in Wenge, Peru, more than a year and a half long, solitary some impressions you know that you are a diligent and hard work of the people, so that the people, it is solitary. "said Wang Hongyi calm. Hear the lord say so, Liu Changqing Fu Shen said: "My lord Simply pull the minister, the minister just to play their part, did not dare lord praise." Not much care about these things, Wang Hongyi staring at him, went on to say: "solitary people go the West Sichuan to do a magistrate, you may be willing to? "the minister willing." Liu Changqing replied seriously. "Not afraid of sturdy folk?" Robinson does not think that fear. "" Good! "Wang Hongyi satisfied nod, a metaphor order to submit to him:" Before you go to the West Sichuan as magistrate, solitary first to send you a tasks, these Road Yu Ling delivered to level quite General Dinghu Chen hands to him declared Yu order, you willing? "Robinson million dead without any hesitation." Liu Changqing said. "Dead without Western Yizhou has cleaned up more than half, is the Pacific, but to restore the people's livelihood reconstruction counties, naturally very heavy, you go there to understand the public's sentiments, honed experience will be of some use for your future." "In addition to Yu Order, there is a secret letter, you have to hurry day and night, camped must, but before you took office, the solitary give you ready vehicle, attendants, Fushi, will you leave to go! "secret letter to the the Dinghu Chen,outlet factory coach, Wang Hongyi official vague mystery, but the King's Road is the mouth with the days of the Constitution, a single word is law. To force law is king, so he issued the precepts are simple and straightforward, word for word, of course, did not hesitate to dispose of violators. Dense contents of the letter is very simple, is direct metaphor Order Dinghu Chen: "'loss will not be lost, the Eight Banners hero, will hospice also!" Means, the people of the three flags consumed, this is the policy, but the middle and upper classes, especially The upper not lose, these "heroes" must be basically safe to go back, official promotion Jin Jue Wang Hongyi for these people. Is actually consumed ten, compared to recall the official promotion it wants to, and history, exactly the same as before, that is, the result is not the same. Generally, political and historical, spend the military power of these people, often imprison put to death, opinion in Wang Hongyi, this is a typical short-sighted. The state also stingy this MG Tian? With this lesson, who are not afraid,Coach Outlet Jewelry Online? The reason is the same, in such a way, even if forced to seek refuge and co-operation, there is an opportunity, are raising the thief weight, the late Ming Dynasty, which closed will not be so full of people is brought out. The core of the Eight Banners system, in fact, there are two core, the first civil war, dead is Yimie razed least one, even if there is the Eight Banners winning family only half or even a third, and I never no chance earthshaking, driven by a small number of family law, but also in the world, drive to the large ethnic minority family, no troubles. The second is the hospice. Number of countries this MG fields, a name, a little estates, new several counties can reward the country, why get a sense of insecurity. The Eight Banners lighting, the fact that the state did not threaten, but all of them are the senior officials thick pension, descendants of reproduction in order to make the alien hero a look at things for the court, not afraid of no good results, in order to not have to worry. Burning bridges is really ridiculous. "Minister Zunzhi the" Liu Changqing Shane, withdraw. After half a day, a carriage, under the protection of all the attendants, the city of Xiangyang, go ahead waterways, East Sichuan, rushed to the West Sichuan. At full speed, twenty days before reaching a level quite general's legacy, the Dinghu Chen ordered to be Jiezhi down, and read the secret letter, to understand the meaning of the lord. The decree read out is completed, and the Dinghu Chen also understand the meaning of the lord. Liu Changqing read, it is no longer on the make, became a magistrate, Dinghu Chen to the army one hundred saying: "My lord, my lord mean Please Huibing the minister understand." Month, Dinghu Chen called on the three flags, so the whole family to send troops , led the army of twelve thousand, Yunnan toward pay the state. RO! ~! . . <
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