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September 13 [Fri], 2013, 18:37
We learned that jade value; the news of the invasion, monks, is several monks fled to Gu Jianzong control of the area, and that several monks itself is in the non scale palace controlled area about thirty thousand miles west from Gu Jianzong. Xu Ling Feng shook to shake head, way: but Yu Heng, a group of monks, is disguised as a friar survived, until no scale palace North Face Denali released after prohibition, let them in, they are a sudden storm began, a slew of non scale palace several top, then no scale palace and accumulation there days, monk Xuan kill. If not the Alioth, monk also fear monster, dare not wantonly four pursuit, otherwise all day, there will be killed or captured, one can't escape. After a pause, Xu Lingfeng said, the day before the sword faction out Pathfinder monk and strange missing, and Gu Jianzong later had the friar to check, found the Godsworn: mark, Gu Jianzong, Yu Heng monks will be to their disadvantage, so we have this week several Pope door in almost all the dark time in the past, we hear cases and the clouds were sovereign at the moment are over there, here only I a Dan monk in, or senior personally take people come, we two were door sovereign is sure to personally meet predecessors. So, you guys Pope door is now aligned? Weisuo looked at Xu Lingfeng continued. On current situation, rely on our one or two Pope door, even can survive the monster tide, will what resources are very scarce. Xu Ling Feng smiled wryly, to tell you the truth, we about cases and although Mi Yunzong acted quickly, is almost two the Womens North Face Hyvent city the city moved to here, but the number of lost on the way to friar is amazing, if at the moment the predecessors to the view of our centipede Ling, you will see our centipede Ling in the scale of even the smallest city so, only a small amount of Fang City can provide some panacea and musical instruments, and the number is very limited, even if the wicked demon Canada Goose Women's Tremblant Full Zip Hoody Parka Dan and suitable refining instruments beasts material savings of many, but the other tried and alchemy needed materials is very scarce, the future even if collected, by one or two monks the aggregation point, refining and alchemy are simply not enough manpower. The monster tide, a day, or at least more than half of the monk fall. Even now, calm down, each city can interchange, the next few years, the market supply device and all the other things will be less than half, and go out and demons run amok, greater risk, survival, days, was very difficult, all things, are more to save them in the. The green tunic old man couldn't live Weisuo ears whisper together. You know on the non scale palace, which is Yuheng Pope door monk? Weisuo quietly, continued. Don't know, just listen to that several survived the monk said, Yu Heng, attack the master them, at least three Saver big monk, but also one of the white robed monks was wrapped in a piece of thick white gas, simply do not see the figure, no dirty house they this square not a match of enemy, several powerful figures are a face was one hit a miserable white Guanghua kill. Xu Lingfeng took a deep breath, replied. Up until now, and Weisuo said)
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