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> Star and others in the air escape speed fast, just one and a half hours after exposure to the ocean above. WWw. quANBEn. Com At this point everyone in the direction in the air, has been favoring the south-east, so Liu Xing, who arrived over the ocean, the valley and the location of Cang Hao already has more than two thousand years apart. In the dry mountain on the continent, repair profound comprehension, most of them have in the sea on the perimeter, the door to the opposite-kun to look at the experience of the mainland. Because it is kind of sea detour, very far from inevitable, even in the air have to spend a few days time. Even saver of the master, a long stop flight, Reiki will loss almost. Thus, around the sea and the line of comprehension, often above the ocean looking for some spiritual pulse of the island has a small, half-way to rest and recover Reiki meditation. Over time, more than one person exchanges, gradually there have been many charts, crossing comprehension for those who can give direction. But at the moment to lead the crowd Xing direction of the line, but not in any sea chart above is also not a continent away toward the door-kun, but toward the endless depths of the sea. Glorious star on the wide ocean, far better than ten times the land, very much unknown waters, the island is to count the number, Xing said he was a lucky coincidence only to find there the stars ore island, this probability in the end How much? How reliable Xing words? If you do not know the destination have been so fly down, just a few a day or two, I am afraid that in addition to the main door Xuanyin door, the other person's aura will consume 7788. Came up with worry, Xiao Shuqing immediately drove escape light near Xing, acoustic asked: "Liudao You, so I waited to fly down, when to get there on the island? They will have no place to stay for a break?" Xing replied: "Shaw Main Please be assured that we will be able to at most one hour later flew to the island of. really want to say it, Ryu will find the reason why this island want to thank you Xuanyin door that was nearly four years ago, I and Miss Sun Jiada fled wood Xiufeng, fled to the sea to avoid the recourse was only occasional storm that blew over the island, such as not there Zhefan chance, would like to find such an island in the ocean easier said than done. "listened to Liu Star this interpretation is considered slightly above Shaw assured, anyway, whether the remark is true or false, an hour later will be able to see the outcome. Xing is a way to turn against ambush Hao is good, his own trio how operators are not disadvantaged. An hour of the crowd has been flying out at sea, more than a thousand years, when Liu Xing Subtract the escape speed slowed down toward the crowd and said: "Sit in front of the roundabout that is the destination of our trip." Xiao Shuqing attentively to look forward to, discover more than the sea outside really appeared a circular island. This island area is not large, at most, the size of several square kilometers, the island is surrounded by a dark ring around the reef, about one hundred meters above sea level. As the island is deeply concave downward, if you do not fly annular reef of the island is not visible on the circumstances. Only from this island to look like, but rather is considered a prominent extinct sea islands of the sea more unique. Xiao Shuqing with the consciousness of the island four weeks will quickly glance. Did not find anything unusual in the inevitably settled somewhat. This island is small in size. Even Xing want ambush. Would not find such a place. If you really have any transaction. Heaven into the sea. Where not be seeing them? After a few moments. And they fell four places roundabout reefs. Probe down to have a look. I saw a dense fog. Could not see what is below condition. Ranging Xiao Shuqing asks me. Liu Xing explained: "This location is very unique circular island. Island as a sunken valley and valley fog. Even if it was flying from the island. Undetectable also in this fog obscuring below. Another mystery island. maybe. precisely this reason. before the island for many years no one found it to abnormal. "Xiao Shuqing mind since. Could not help but ask: "Since this island so unique. Liudao You had that boat out to sea. Actually can find here because of storm. Really is a chance too coincidental." Xing smiled and said: "From the aerial view, this the island is naturally dense fog, but from another angle. it is not no other path. "said Liu Xing made a gesture, please, and then said:" Ladies and gentlemen, please come with me. "Xiao Shuqing also other answer, Liu Xing jump jump from the ring down on the reef, but the strange thing is that he is not down to the island, but the island down to the sea. Xiao Shuqing mind though surprised, but to the point, can only be followed by a jump down. After a moment, the crowd fell on the sea, to the point Xiao Shuqing was found between the jagged rocks, actually there is a huge crack, like a cave-like. Since the cave outside the cave is dark, coupled with staggered reef cover, if not came near, it is difficult to find such a cave. The size of this cave, large enough to accommodate a small and medium sized ship into it. Only up to the moment, only pointing to the cave Xing said: "When we are in a storm at sea, if not coincidentally discovered this cave,Oakley Sport Sale, but I am afraid that the storm of support and, within this cave, and another channel connected to the island . "said Liu Xing Fei took the lead inside the hole, while Xiao Shuqing, who filed into the room in the back. After entering the cave, Xiao Shuqing discovered this cave really is very broad, but the water is very calm, like a natural water port. At this step, Xiao Shuqing hearts consider it weakened somewhat. | In the rear, the more space the more narrow inward, to the waterways end, the cave has been more than two meters high - the small cave, dark faint I do not know where to go through. The people are masters hole, soon noticed a faint aura gush out from the cave, apparently because there is a small cave spiritual pulse causes. If this is really as Xing said on the island, there is a nine mine explosion cloth array, then there is a small spiritual pulse support, enough to make it run years without damaging it. Xing said: "When I was here, and if not found it leaked silk aura, is also expected to identify the deep cave. Fortunately, this cave is not deep, long walk through the hundred meters,Rolling Luggage Clearance, it can pass into the valley the. "said Liu Xing first fell to the ground, in a cave straight people followed, after a moment drilled cave. A cave suddenly in front, like a valley surrounded by mountains, but the head at the fog rolling in, making the sky look very gloomy valley. The whole valley looks it looks like the size of one square kilometer, is a dark shelter all do not know what rock texture. Yimapingchuan valley, something can be said that at a glance, and the most conspicuous than at the middle of the valley with an area of ​​hundreds of square meters sized altar. This altar was lotus-shaped, but they are something like a long strip of white marble stacked stone, about four, five meters looks like. This Lotus altar corner has many signs of wear, to see that after a long time to have such a vigorous years of vicissitudes. Under the altar, has a very clear spirit pneumatic, obviously altar was built in the spirit of the island's small veins above, plays the role of the Reiki gather. And above the altar, with a layer of pale purple light flow, the air flowing vaguely see some runes hidden when on the altar, added a bit of mystery. Erji stage the most prominent is that of the six position,Oakley Sunglasses Pit Boss, standing six different patterns of organ puppet-like snakes, some, such as the turtle-like apes, such as horses, or if there's fish. The most special one, it is like a conch-like above the altar erected. If you followed the star to Guo Xiao Shuqing floating house, to see this after six puppet authorities will certainly feel strange, because this six organs Xing puppets are floating temple in close up, and how this may be linked overseas islands relationship? The only reasonable explanation and that this six organs puppets, are all arranged by Yu Xing! Also there may Xiao Shuqing know that one of the reasons? He hastily swept soul puppet after this six organs look on his face immediately become thickened, to Xing nodded and said: "Liudao You put it really does not leave, this six organs puppet Although various shapes, but Reiki vivo intrinsic astonishing indeed genuine saver level authorities puppet. "Here, Xiao Shuqing looked at the central altar, with a tone of dismay silk road:" However, even if this six organs puppet No matter how tough, this time we can not go home empty handed ah. ore so big a star, not to mention the glorious stars, and even appeared in the Milky Way, also attracted many people covet. "eyes down Xiao Shuqing In the middle of the altar with a carved jade lotus Nine, and Nine lotus on worship, it is a few meters from the square, flashing light metal stones. Undoubtedly, this is the altar nine Nine lotus array array mine explosion eye, and that is a huge stone genuine stars ore! So big a star ores, any comprehension for those who fall on the eyes, the eye will take the gold bars? If the first moment Xiao Shuqing Liu Xing's move also been pregnant, then this moment, he has put down everything asked, just want to get in the hands of these stars ore! At the moment to see Liu Xing's face, still look of calm, as if in front of all of this, not because of his arrangement of the same, but he also along Xiao Shuqing mean murmured: "Citizen ore is good, but to want safe and sound into the hands of wins, but also the need for good planning something. our trip just six people, the best a candidate a position, while retaining six shots fall upon this array puppet, standing dispute in the case does not disturb the matrix to get rid of a Destroys big trouble. "Xiao Shuqing nodded and said:" Are you sure you want to remove this six organs puppet, but not necessarily the same time shot six people, as long as five individuals will almost. palm with us the door is strong enough to deal simultaneously with two organs puppet. "Xing frowned, puzzled and asked:" Liu is not pregnant the Door Lord's strength, but people do not leave a shot for what? as Just in case you flip? "Xiao Shuqing shook his head and said:" no need to stay a flip, just ask a person sidelined Bale. "Here, Xiao Shuqing sighed, then said:" In fact, the seat and Liudao You hit it off, is really quite want to cooperate with you, but the seat there is a mistake because it is shameful treasures appeared in front of their own at the thought of these things should be Liudao You equally, it is the seat Xinrudaoge desperation, Liudao You also had to sacrifice by the seat in front of all this will be pocketed. "Xing looked a condensate, cold channel:" Do you want to burning bridges? three on three, I and the others did not your opponent, but you want the door Xuanyin me and the others leave, I am afraid it is not so easy to do in case you really want to fight to the death in a break, I will be able to inspire other hands between mine explosion front nine. to rock stars of the time but also will get their hands on it? "Xiao Shuqing scratched his head and said: Friends said the not unreasonable, three pairs of three is indeed a lot of trouble if you will not Shoudaoqinlai it? "Xiao Shuqing's voice down, you see standing behind Li Ba Xian Xing sudden body flash, like ghostly appearance in Xing behind wrist doubled revealing a Cunxu long black fine needle bar to the Liu Star of the cervical spine. Xing and Li Ba Xian to the relationship, how he can possibly think Li Ba Xian will attack him, eager no time to dodge between wishful gilded armor can not be summoned, only the body of the aura a reminders, suddenly propped an aura shield, see if you can block the blow Ba Xian Li Can Li Ba Xian for the repair has Dajin Dan Xing interim peak is much higher than the actual level, if Xing is no magic to help, definitely not its opponent. More importantly, Li Ba Xian in the hands of black needle is the famous spiritual closure needle, itself has a special effect on the break Reiki, Xing eagerly cast out the aura shield between how the residential block ? the black needle like a two-edged knife inserted burned hot butter as Pozhu the piercing down, blink of an eye piercing Xing cervical spine. saw the body of a stiff Xing soft body slowly pour in ground. fell to the ground, he's still not willing to turn your back to the firmly fixed Li Ba Xian, eyes full of disbelief on his face. while Li Ba Xian is expressionless look and not see him Xing in the end what the thinking. Xiao Shuqing laugh, go to come and said: "Liu Daoyou, to this spiritual taste of how the needle? It now appears that even if you do not want to sit out, I'm afraid it can not help you. "Xing Xiao Shuqing no reason, but at the Li Ba Xian, teeth and asked:" Why? ...... Why so? I know that this is Ba Xian Li Li veteran do? "Li Ba Xian remains silent, it touches Xiao Shuqing go come, stretched out a finger in front of Liu Xing shook, said:" Liudao You, Li Xian Shi move, it was good birds greener pastures Bale. Imagine now willing to pour my fellow virtual doors Xuanyin effectiveness Lee Immortal Why can not it? "Xing's eyes fierce stare, nor with Xiao Shuqing answer, but continued to watch Li Ba Xian said:" You invest Xuanyin door, just to be able to enhance the state's Arcane? No wonder all the way over, you are so silent, it seems that it's all in the sea before, it has been arranged, right? "Li Ba Xian finally spoke I saw him slowly nodded his head and said:" Heaven ethereal, xianzong hard to find, but also have a few more years of life? Shou Yuan although unlike the old lady as almost to exhaustion condensate imaginary, but only over a hundred years, with still fingertips and over. If you have the means to a higher realm, why not give it a go? Anyway, this is just an ordinary old lady casual repair, door division relatives nor the tired, life for others think that now is the time to think for themselves. "For Li Ba Xian of this speech, Liu Xing without saying, he turned his head to see the look on the side vigil Zhu elders, some do not understand and asked:" Zhu elders, do not you have to invest in the Xuanyin door? "Zhu elders shook his head, concise and said:" To cooperate, they want some benefits. Xuanyin door was Centron ore, Jian Jin Kun door was magic. "Zhu elders already understand the meaning, even to help Xing busy, what benefits can be obtained? If Xuanyin door to help deal with Xing is different, at least in the body of the weapon can be attributed Xing Kun doors all. Xing long sigh tone, said: "This comprehension, it really is interest first, conscience, morality and the like, then what? "Xing finish this sentence, this silent eyes, a disheartened look. Seeing the big picture all in their own hands, Xiao Shuqing extremely proud of the sky and laughed:" Since Liudao You have to choose sidelined, as I wait with the shot, grabbed it stars ore it. As long as everything goes well, we take what we need, would not pleasure? "Then, Xiao Shuqing waved his hand, ready to set every man stand a good position to jointly deal with those six agencies puppet may at this time, Sudden again occur, would also stand in front of the altar France six organs puppet, suddenly move together, each emitted a bright golden light, converging a light beam, shoved to Xiao Shuqing boom of the past. Xiao Shuqing surprise, do not understand how this protection will take the initiative to attack the puppet array it? Could it be you just laugh These organs puppet to sound alarmed? six-saver level authorities puppet force a strike, even if the repair is Xiao Shuqing, can not easily Dangxia, of course, is the most sensible choice shelter edge. saw Xiao Shuqing body Zhou's sudden burst of air twist, he is like as suddenly teleport to dodge a dozen meters away. Obviously, Xiao Shuqing is similar to shrink into a cast-inch power law to speed avoidance authorities puppet forces a strike can be The strange thing is, with the physique of a move Xiao Shuqing, Li Ba Xian moving up again, I saw him go hand in hand close to the Xiao Shuqing behind wrist doubled and showed the letters Spirit needle prick fiercely toward Xiao Shuqing down Li Ba Xian move in the end what purpose? Does he eat ready to eat a club West home? ************************** ************* ps: either monthly, recommended votes, flowers or any other ticket, only everyone's vote, is my code word constantly updated power! 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