Zhou Weiqing this state absolutely

November 01 [Thu], 2012, 17:50

> Shangguan Mayfair which claw-shaped condensate armor failed to break open, but the the Armguards claw on Fengrui of gas or slightly go into a somewhat of his body, his entire chest and abdomen have planted Qinliang the feeling. www! qUANbeN,! The coM either shall timely and just this claw will cut open his belly up. The God machine body just felt the hairs suddenly began, the mental state of the whole people instantly tense. In the body in the Bureau of God Machine shocked crowd of spectators, how can China not so? God the cloth a God machine use force to solve the problem, she has been filled with excitement, she had lost to Zhou Weiqing, but in her eyes, it was just a mistake., On the strength, Zhou Weiqing how not her opponent. Not to mention their own Big Brother tall the eight beads realm God machine repair. Even plus his small attendant, what? But who would have thought, just a face to face, God is almost suffered a major loss, actually looks unremarkable small attendant instantly breaking anti, and little attendant arm, actually more than one God at the division level shaped condensate equipment, covering the area was so huge mouth how is this possible ah! In front of all, has been completely subvert the of God cloth Zhou Weiqing cognitive. Warriors Camp side is not any better how much out one place eyeball, eight bead-class Dzi division, which was the median days were, in their eyes, which is already when the repair of the World's top strong force can who knows that looks slender Chief Instructor, a claw down to almost make the other wounded, but also opponents to find any. You know, these people riffraff camp, the Northwest Group Army senior that absolutely have not the slightest favor, seeing a claw Shangguan Mayfair succeeded in the short-term sluggish after the cheers suddenly sounded like a wave-like. Shangguan Mayfair did not chase, blowing blowing their own Armguards razor claw front end, he turned to Zhou Weiqing said: Overlord bow already bow like a full moon, and hear her say, also put down from strength, self-confidence,timberland boots, looking proudly the Shangguan Mayfair eyes, his mind can not help but kind of strange feeling,Canada Goose D'Alpago Sale. Shangguan Mayfair the Shangguan Binger looks the same, but in his eyes, they had two completely different people. Pat beads and six beads, looks not a small gap, but the Shangguan Mayfair has a the four spiritual director level shaped condensate equipment, plus her catamaran beads advantage to fight personal strength, she has absolute faith in victory over God Machine . With a share of humiliation in his of Shangguan Mayfair speech and do not care, he cares about is the the Shangguan Mayfair identity. If only a God shaped condensate equipment division-level, but also may not be able to make him so much attention, but the key question is just the Shangguan Mayfair fighting skills too overbearing. The look her action seems very simple, in fact, every detail of her are directed to their own flaws come, but at one go, it seems no specifically concern will naturally find their own flaws attack. The melee ability, a blessing Dzi division can generally owned? Side of the military soldier, battalion commander Zhou chubby attendant. God Machine eyes slightly narrowed, Today, I am sure to you two catch back. A release days. Without exception, all Dzi division, and repair for all six beads, plus an eight beads realm of God Machine. The comprehensive strength of these people is even stronger in the group of black people than the original Patek Philippe City attack Zhou Weiqing. Zhou Weiqing waved his hand, and said: beads division before they saw enough. In the face of these nine people, Zhou Weiqing did cent panic, not like he did not besieged, not to mention the side there is a less powerful Shangguan Mayfair. Shangguan Mayfair and he are Dzi division has a special ability, Zhou Weiqing, while not out of the body in the place, but it is worth the Holy Land, he is really not afraid of the face of these ordinary Dzi division. He was concerned that these people can impact their own. Wei peak slightly hesitated a wave, with a crowd slowly back, in fact, in his mind, would like to see Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Mayfair, exactly to what extent the strong. The touch of cold Murder fundus Zhou Weiqing flash stature flashing, he by only came Shangguan Mayfair around. Shangguan Mayfair turned to see to Zhou Weiqing,UGG Over Knee Twisted Cable Outlet, she was surprised to find very indifferent, Zhou Weiqing expression, icy eyes so that she and some do not know. Shangguan Mayfair suddenly feel the heart seemed to drain skip a beat like, at this moment, she seemed to see original brilliance space, in the face of the many holy places strong, that they dare to block in front of them, Zhou Weiqing. And by virtue to his tyrannical skills have day technology image by beating war Ling days, wait until the other end of the return of the dragon. Zhou Weiqing this state absolutely terrible, because she clearly remember, in Patek Philippe City Zhou Weiqing attack he demonstrated of tyrannical strength and resolute killing. At that time she was hidden by the wayside. On melee ability, Zhou Weiqing obviously not her opponent, but everyone to display their full capacity, Shangguan Mayfair did not grasp to be able to overcome Zhou Weiqing. Zhou Weiqing skills too much, one after another, as well as change the increase of the demons. Of course she could see, Zhou Weiqing has made the intention to kill the witness. Although the the eight beads cultivation God machine is strong, but in front of the dragon magic ban, his strength can play a few into? These people are in the party of the elite of the Emperor of Heaven **, she do not want to be Zhou Weiqing kill several. Zhou Weiqing glanced at her, eyes look to ease down Shangguan the Mayfair mouth spoke not allowed to kill, it is clear that she has to deal with the immediate things. Smiling, Shangguan Mayfair said: force Bandha said Zhou Weiqing own voice, her sweet and greasy sound only Zhou Weiqing one can hear. So, our weekly chubby classmate, waves ... Diamond tied kill hell cage. soil properties intended beads left wrist at the same time light two Shortly thereafter, he was like a gorilla from the sky, fists fiercely pound ground. Bang bang, a strong golden light suddenly burst is not a direct attack, but instantly enveloped in a region,UGG Bailey Button Bomber Boots, Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Mayfair, at the foot of the area. At this time the week chubby hearts for sweet and greasy sound waves, and suddenly felt a strong energy fluctuations hit, instantly awakened, asked: Countries also rely on them. Zhou Weiqing nodded his head, said: two princess of the Palace, so that everyone in the vast palace headache little witch in front of this situation, there can not handle? at this time, the golden light of the God Machine output role appeared, accompanied by the shaking of the earth, surrounded by walls up to five meters into the sky outrageously, Zhou Weiqing, and Shangguan Mayfair Circuit which also dozens of square meters surrounded by walls around the area, when they are rising, the air suddenly filled with thick earth element fluctuations, a strong feeling of constriction at the same time coming from all directions in which walls rising, seven, eight light skills while blocking in the air, apparently preparedness escape. followed by all the nine figure on at the same time that the top of the walls, this is what? Zhou Weiqing hearts surprised, this clearly abusing their own and Shangguan Mayfair ah! course, not really want to kill their own duo, but in order to escape prevention and Shangguan Mayfair maintain such a skill, God Tianli consumption should not at this time can not afford to wait, people nine people are on the wall, if they attack all play out, whether Zhou Weiqing or Shangguan Mayfair, certainly are unstoppable right foot suddenly force, Zhou Weiqing body as arrows like jump from. God cloth shouted, his hands around, one by one the size of the basin the fireball Lianzhu injection straight to Zhou Weiqing she hated this guy she thoroughly discredited, up directly against him to launch an attack. <

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