Daniel Musto’s Tips On Recreating Looks

July 22 [Mon], 2013, 12:05
Daniel styled the stars for the fashion shoot that took place after the film. He incorporated the 60s looks that we’ll see in the film to create a super trendy fashion shoot. The best part is that he used a wardrobe that is available in stores! He was so thrilled that the actors were so excited for the movie,white bikini with rings making the styling process that much more exciting.He said the hardest part was using the bright colors in the right way. “It was hard to keep the colors are bright and vibrant, like they were back then, without being to ‘rainbowy,’” said Musto. He told us that he tried to always incorporate a white background, that way the colors could really show up and be the focal point of the shoot. He goes on to say that he was definitely “trying to blast the trend right in front of everyone and really do everything over the top.” Usually you wouldn’t do the big hair, the big earrings, and the big dress, all at the same time. But in the shoot, Musto really puts the trend right out in the open,swimsuit cover up white big and bold, that way the audience can pick apart the pieces that they like and rock them in their own personal way. Very clever!

He definitely took inspiration from the past, such as fashion and modeling icon,Cheap Fabulous Strip Print Push-up Bandeau Bikini on sale Twiggy. He altered these looks slightly by adding a ‘modern touch’ to the outfits, for example he put waistlines a little lower to match where they are currently in 2013. Musto then ventured into the films of the era, saying “Teen Beach Movie was inspired by West Side Story a little, so I went there to find some inspiration.”Musto also gave some on tips for creating the best outfit for a summer BBQ.crotchless bikini “I think the best BBQ outfit would be something you could wear in the day, but then bring a top layer with you when it gets cold, like something like a navy and white sweater, tied around the neck or an American flag print,darque french maid costume huge scarf that you could wrap around you and then untie and wear around neck. I love versatile looks for BBQs because it’s the only time where you can be at a place from noon to midnight, so you have to be ready for the weather,” he said.Retro swimwear is in the film and we’re also seeing it on a slew of stars, like Taylor Swift! So, what’s the best way to rock the trend? Daniel said, “The best body for that would be someone that is a little curvier. It looks best on a girl with a little bit of hip because back in the 60s when that style started, the curvy girl was in, and it’s definitely coming back and he is happy about that. It looks great to cover up after swimming with a wrap or something that can just wrap around the waist and compliment the high waist look.”