Not Big Deal 

February 28 [Wed], 2007, 19:43
the year of pig will be goog""

i hvn't been updating very often,,
coz i'm really tired n despondent"
hei...... i don't know how to handle it at all'
let me go la,, u're so annoying.. god!
unexpectedly,, he sent me a necklace,,
which i don't like.............toobad,
but quite exoensive...i know it from maeblle...
even worst...he put on for me ...........
as he is my bf,shit!
i want return it to him,,he say no..
i asked him wait me until i pass the hkcee..
he sa ok but he don't want....
wt's that mean la???

disappointmentin love,,not big deal''
but u make me want to die is a big big deal"


February 10 [Sat], 2007, 0:01
i want to cry,,


February 07 [Wed], 2007, 18:52
trouble is running to me in the same time!
he' s anonying,,
she put me into a dilemma!
it makes me afraid"
CAN U let me go??
i dun know how to refuse you,,
or you pretend ignorance?
i don't want to spend too much time on you,,
and i don't want to go out with u in valentine's day!
plz get away from me''
too bad,,,!
next,,,,she's anonying too"
oh god,,wt's wrong between us>>>?
i admit that i shuned u all the time"
but do u think u that u 're very anonying??
call me 100 times each day"
girls are ............ anonying"

last,,sunday 's parent day,,
i ' m worring"

new year's coming,,
i hope all bad luck get away from me"
espeacially the boys n girls"


February 02 [Fri], 2007, 20:50
i'm very tired now!
so sick of everything around me"
get up early..
go to bed at midnight""""
i need a long holiday"


January 25 [Thu], 2007, 21:05
2 news "
one is my cousin finally marry her man at this weekend"
How amzing a women get marry with her mr.right"
and i can join this great wedding"
i'm so pleasure and
i hope they will be the happiest couple in this world !
the second is a bad news,,about me"
i refuse a good guy that i hv never seen"
he treat me very well,,sometimes as his girlfriend"
i admit that i feel good when i stay with him''
but i don't want fall in love anymore'
i no longer enjoy in it as formerly!
i don't need a guy beside me,,
then do something romantic but stupid'''
i don't want to put too much in it,,,
i'd beter focus on my schoolwork'''''
i don't want to hurt you,,but sorry...........
it also hard for me'''''''''
i hope you know me !
thank you,,,,u help me mend the bracelet..
watch the boring film with me...
play games with me''''
your love!
...........................all i remember!
we still ...........friend!

Words Of Cheer ! 

January 18 [Thu], 2007, 19:30
So Upset!
hate being me,,such a loser !
i'm a loser at all''

my frd said that "you never try,,you never know''
totally agree with him''
he looks like a bad guy but he is really thoughtful'
he always tell me the right value'''
not too many can do that!

thank you!


January 12 [Fri], 2007, 19:24
Finally Finished ar"
thx god,, juz relax "
but i must face the fact"
i didn't try my best n i will get very low marks in some subject"
visit ying' family before got home"
her sisiter ' s bf's name and mine are the same"
we both call "fat ball"..ha"
went to internet,,chated with NinG"
He Said Something i tatolly agree ,,
i ' m getting more and more lazy"
i hate myself,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
add oil la"
enjoy this weekend"
i realise i love chat with that guy on phone"
he 's pretty funny and i love his english!

Our earth!

Come Back Lar" 

January 07 [Sun], 2007, 19:06
Finally come back!!
good,, waiting fot long long time''
i 'd better take care myself ''

tomorrow is the 文學 exam!!
make great efforts!!!

you make me tired!!!
y u called me 100times ????
oh my god!!
we meet at school everyday,,
i really don't want chat with u in my holiday!
i 'm a little annoyed !
please don't disturb me!!!
damn it!


January 05 [Fri], 2007, 19:06
Examation already started,,but i'm not ready yet!
i guess the e.con and chinese history will fail!
becoz i didn't do any rivisions!
i hv to try my best in the next week,
if not, i feel very ashamed to face my mum!

i findout that i always feel fear recently!
actually i hv this feeling for a long time!
it appears anytime,,
it makes me want to cry and feel lonely!
i think i 'd better come back to the earth and try hard!
maybe i hv the "節日後遺症"

oh yeah!
my mum brought me a shampoo,
which kind makes the hair grow faster''
very happy,,my hair is short now''
at least shorter than before''

BLOG の 誕生! 

January 02 [Tue], 2007, 17:32
here's my new blog !
i' m glad that i can apply a japan blog!
i love the skins very much,,that cute and beautiful"
hk's blogs are acceptable but not prefect!
i think they don't have enough exprience
and function!
but the japanese is very difficult for a chinese student!
i still feeling,,click every buttom and try to remember
the position and the translations''''
but i won't give up ,, !

for now,,i hv a examation for 2 weeks,,
i hope i can try my best to get a nice result!

say "happy new year" to everybody!
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