Sucky world

June 22 [Tue], 2010, 1:54
Must I look good to have friends?

I do not have a bubbly personality, so I can only win people's hearts with my look?

I don't know why but I'm feeling down because I seem to lose a friend because I'm in a bad state now.
But came to think of it, why would I feel troubled over such friendship?
But...isn't the world like this? Realistic world.
Sometimes I'm thinking it's okay to lose this friend since I did not really enjoy my time with him and do not really like his social circle too. But some ways....I just feel upset.
He may be realistic and so do I....
If he does not have those possession, I may not hang out with him that often.

But still....

Anyway, maybe I will be grateful to him one day when I manage to slim down. And I will!

Yes...that's the spirit!!!!!

Even though a crappy person may have left my life for the time being, I'm glad that there's still someone standing besides me. Of course there're other friends who will always be by my side no matter how fat I've became or how poor I am, or when I need someone to share my problems with when I'm feeling down. But the joy and happiness that a friend gives you is different from that of a special friend.

And I feel somehow sad when I feel left out. When your friends who are in NS call you, that's a thing you should be feeling happy about. Because it shows that they think of you among all their friends when they are in that isolated island. When your friends who are heartbroken did not consult in you, you should start to reflect on the friendship. I believe a true friend isn't someone who can play with you or bring lots of laughter to you, but someone who you can turn to when you have troubles.

We are a group because we were. And I know from the start that they are closer with each other. I don't know. Maybe I did not cherish this friendship in the past. But I somehow enjoy their companion now and like this friendship alot! Am I a spare tyre? I don't know. I'm feeling so bothered by everything that is in my life now!

If I am thinner...
If I am prettier...
If I am a nicer person...
If I have a bubbly personality....

I'm scared of loneliness. I need friends. I need love!

My bff is not feeling well now. :(


I'm sooooo not feeling alright now....
Emo Me.

Going Taiwan tomorrow. Why am I not feeling happy ???

Too much for my legs

June 21 [Mon], 2010, 20:24
I'm feeling so uncomfortable! I think I ate quite alot of unhealthy food today and I'm having stomach upset now! And I feel so clumsy when I walk. I'm going to run later.....

I've gained 2 kg....

I guess I must have eaten alot during the past few days.

Can't wait for 2July. I just want to start my diet as soon as possible and get back to shape. Fuck those people.

Esteem Burst!

June 21 [Mon], 2010, 0:10
Met up with Aky and his friend today. We went for lunch at Sk. I think I look so ugly with my black hair now. I'm going to redye my hair when I come back from the Taiwan trip. I was having such low self-esteem that I barely opened my mouth. Aky told me that I have gained alot of weight! And he even added on by saying that I'm not looking just normal fat. Thanks for his feedback on my body.

Anyway, I guess we won't be contacting again after meeting me today. Maybe not using the word "again"....."not that often" would be a better phrase.

I'm going to follow the cabbage soup diet that I've found online. Hopefully I'm able to stick to the diet plan and be at the best state on my first day of work!

This is it

June 09 [Wed], 2010, 0:33
Friendship isn't about quantity but quality.

Although I have known her the longest among my friends, but I guess we have our own close friends.
Since she didn't mention anything about the meet-up again, I shall not bother to. It seems like I've been always the one asking her out. And yes, she did date me but when the day is getting near, there isn't any update from her.

So forget it then.
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