shouldn't have met dear. 

August 10 [Sun], 2008, 14:23
I think we shouldn’t have met here.
We have had no time together these days because we are now separated and so busy that we can’t meet after school.
But today we met.
When I called you yesterday, I didn’t think you answered me.
I don’t know why I thought so but I did.

When we had dinner, I was really happy and confused at the same time.
You are really well-experienced for me.
I know you have not so experienced because you are still young.
But you seem to be really well-experienced for me.
If you say anything, everything sounds true without any doubt.

Today we met after the long blank.
It is almost one month.
Actually we meet each other almost everyday.
But it is just exchanging greetings on the floor.
We haven’t met outside of our school.
I was truly glad to meet you.
And you were sure I had something to talk about with you.
I did have it but I couldn’t talk about it.
I wasn’t brave enough to talk about it.
I simply wanted to say I love you.
I know you will never accept it.

Love you….my dear.

I just called to say I love you. 

August 07 [Thu], 2008, 14:35
I wanna say this words in the title of today's diary but I can't speak it out because she loves somebody else.
I know...I know she loves him so much.
She said she no longer loves him.
But, then, why does she contnue to talk about him so much???
It definitely means she still loves him.
I can't discourage or encourage her to love him.
I just listen to her story and nod again and again as much as she is satisfied.

Such a stupid idiot am I.

I never know if I should declare my feeling to her or not becuase she will soon be away from this country.
I don't have enough time to think about this.
The more she talks about him, the more I love her.
When she talks about something related to her heart deeply, she looks really tempting.
Actually she is.
I can't think about anything but her.
What can I do for her and myself?
Is it better to keep my feeling secret?
Or should I do anything?

These days she is badly feeling sad.
She is missing her country and this country.
I can just imagine how sad she feels.
If I could take away her sadness, I would do it even though it would become heavy burden on my both shoulders.
I just want her smile brilliantly.
That's all I wish.

Phrasal verbs 

August 06 [Wed], 2008, 15:11
Today I learned about some techniques and methodolies to teach grammar.
The theme today was phrasal verbs but there was something unclear and I needed to search for some explanations by myself.
Actually I have found some explanations to my question but I am wondering if I should talk about it with my teacher or not.
I still don't have enough English skill to talk about something detailed and specific.
To be honest, I am not a fast learner but I know I need more time to improve than others.
I have to be patient to myself.

It has been a long time 

August 05 [Tue], 2008, 15:29
Almost half year has passed since I wrote my last diary.
There is no excuse about this.
I am just lazy.
But I wanna keep this diary again because I am here in Canada.

Tomorrow I will have school probably we will review the lase 4 weeks for the mid-term exams on Wednesday.
I am a little bit afraid of them because the range is so wide.
But I don't have enough time to be afraid of them.
I can only study for the exams.

good night.

Thank you, Thank you so much. 

February 12 [Tue], 2008, 1:32
I want to say this word in the title to you because you taught me lots of things.

The relation between us was I was your teacher and you were my student, but actually you taught me a great deal.

I hope you can pass the examination and we can see some day.

I never say "good-bye"

feeling sad... 

May 17 [Thu], 2007, 0:51
Recently I don't see my honey, and I can't help feeling sad.
BUt that's the way it goes.

By the way, as I said before, I must choose the theme for my graduation paper.
After the decision, if I want to change it, I can do it.
But I think it is not so good.
If I can, I want to choose the theme only one time.

took a lesson 

May 08 [Tue], 2007, 22:57
I went to school and had a lesson about linguistics.
It was the seminor.
I could tell several things to questions from the profesor.

Now I must decide the theme for my graduation paper.
I think 4 themes.
They are the subjunctive, relatives, syntax, and jokes.
I can't decide which theme I choose, but it must be done in 2 weeks.

After the lesson, I went to ECC in Tachikawa.
I took 1 lesson about strategy conversation.
Every Tuesday I have this lesson.
I learned LISTING today.
It is a way of conversation.
Before taking conversation, the teacher made pairs and she and I were in the same pair.
We talked about Japanese villa.
First, I spoke about it and then she spoke, too.
She praised me so much, because she thought I was really good.
But I think she was good, too.

Of course my English skill is still poor at all.
But I was happy to be praised.


May 05 [Sat], 2007, 1:46
My honey and I went watching a movie in Ikebukuro.
Actually, I hadn't been intersted in it but today the movie changed my thought.

To tell the truth, I hadn't watched previous movies before, so I didn't undersand everything.
But the words and the phrase in this movie were easy to hear.
If I have chance, I wanna watch it again.

Today I got a diary from my dearest.
We started to exchange a diary one after the other about in 2weeks.
At first I wrote the diary, and after me, she did it.

I read the diary from her just now, and I think alot of things about her and things around her.
I know she is a mysterious woman, but she is much more mysterious than I thought.
I hope she will talk about what she has just by herself someday.
I will wait for her.
She need not talk about everything.
She has only to talk about just what she wants to talk.

I wanna be a man whom she can tell whatever she thinks.

Dear myself in 1 year . 

May 04 [Fri], 2007, 0:43
Hi, are you fine, or are you bad?
I don't know actually, but I know I am just me.
Because I am just me now.
And I wanna ask you more.
Are you abroad in the world?
Will you make many friend there ?
I don't know what I am in 1 year.
But I hope just I am well in a lot of things not in everytihng.
At least I hope I will still love English and continue to study hard to be a teacher.
I cheer you in the future.

Hey, my father! 

May 01 [Tue], 2007, 22:34
Happy birthday to you!!!
Today is my father's 49th birthday.
I gave him 2 bottles of whisky as a present from me.
Of course they were Four Roses.
One was Four Roses Black, which my father often drinks.
And the other was Four Roses Platinum, which is more expensive than "Black".
He usually likes to drink "Black" and often says to me"Get Black! this bottle is almost empty".
I think it is the most comfortable to drink and to talk with my father.
He tells me a lot of things, and sometimes I can't reply him.
But he wait for me to answer.
How good my father is!!!!
But sometimes he tells something terrible.

Anyway, my father is the best for me.

I hope this year will be fine for him.
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