Scientists discovered a diamond Planet which around 40 million light years away from Earth

October 12 [Fri], 2012, 19:02
Harvard University researchers 11, the report said, they and French scientists cooperation found, 40 of light-years away from earth a rocky planet may be "diamond star", diamond at least one third of the total mass of the planet.jordan shoes store This planet is called "55 cancrie", orbits inside a visible, similar to the sun's star operation. Beauty method scientists according to the computer model speculate that the planet surface without water, main ingredients in graphite and diamond forms of carbon. The radius of planet earth's two times, quality as the earth's nine times; Speed is very quick, period of revolution is only 18 hours on earth; Surface temperature can reach 1650 degrees Celsius.

Related research report has been for the United States the astrophysical journal newsletter accept.Tory Burch selma Riding Boot Diamonds are made from carbon element composition of simple substance crystal. In Australia and the UK astronomers reported last year, said some 4000 light-years from earth in space exists a mainly by crystal carbon component high-density planets, may be "diamond star".

Diamond can be formed in the history of the earth each period/phase, and the mining of mine, most diamonds mainly formed in the last 3.3 billion years ago and 12-1.7 billion the two period.Tory Burch Calista Riding Boot Such as South Africa's some diamond age for 4.5 billion or so, show that the diamonds in the earth was born shortly after the earth has begun to deep crystal, diamond is one of the world's most ancient stone. Diamond formation need a long historical process, the main production in the earth from diamond on the stability of the ancient mainland can be confirmed.Tory Burch Alaina Flat Boot In addition, to an alien body to the earth's impact, produce instant high temperature, high pressure, also can form diamond, such as the 1988 Soviet academy of sciences reported in meteorites found diamonds, but this effect formation of diamond and no economic value.

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