United fans looked forward to for a long time Captain

November 01 [Fri], 2013, 17:50
Yesterday morning, United fans looked forward to for a long time Captain Tsubasa, Zaha Hadid at last from the Crystal Palace at the hands of Moyers staged his first official game in the United States. And before being replaced, Zaha Hadid is eye-catching, sidewalk breakthroughs have attracted the attention of many fans, and the quality of its crossing is not too bad, all in all, Zaha Hadid's performance in the official competition for the first time while she is not perfect, but it's performance is adequate for the current weak Manchester United winger blew a breath of fresh air.
Later for more than four months Hou, Xinchao Wang Hi and once station in has against team of field Shang, in this field game in, she in ext of performance called stable, in attack end to China Women's basketball manufacturing has not small of threat: first in ext singles, easily take points; zhihou she and has once success of back body single, turned will ball hook into basket; zhihou Japan team hit sharp tie, Xinchao Wang Hi show has like Feng David players as of breakthrough nike air max 1 capacity, easily cut area, ball Hou layup succeeded. Is responsible for the interpretation of the famous basketball coach, Xin Li, said: "the Chinese opponent fought very easily, and defense of the closed area there are big problems. "Xinchao Wang the game 5-for-4, and 9 points, and in her clap it with teammates after the game to celebrate the victory, looking very well. If the Chinese team to the finals, so how can new defensive end King is still the focus of their research.
Already Japan media said Tian Guiyou and AC Milan reached an agreement on transfer, but too many similar rumors have come, with Tottenham, the team has not yet given up chasing Honda GUI, so Milan fans hanging heart can't be put down. However, the teams reported the transfer of sphere, which France will only get the message of the media reports, so very little goal. In other words, the team reported may be seen as officially announced that Japan soccer star may be said to be the rossoneri in the bag.
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