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November 27 [Thu], 2014, 13:12
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"If everyone was allowed maillot de foot 2014 2015 to make their own device, we'd have boutique maillot de foot chaos on the streets. People would make go karts and maillot de football pas cher four wheelers. I've stopped people maillot de foot pas cher chine driving lawn chairs with motors on them."O'Brien said people have also been buying kits off the Internet to transform normal bikes into gas powered or electric ones. But unless the kits come with a label from the Ministry of Transportation, they're illegal.Rob Sturdy, the floor manager at To Wheels bike shop on Dundas St., said his store sells maillot de foot france legal maillot de foot 2014 e bikes and e bike kits.The bikes, which are quite expensive, aren't a hot seller but appeal flocage maillot de foot to a wide maillot foot france 2014 maillot foot 2014 2015 maillot de foot 2015 range of customers."There are older folks who can't maillot de foot pas cher necessarily get up the hills, to younger people who don't want to pedal maillot de foot their butts off on the way to work," maillot foot france he said. "But they're not meant to be a motorcycle or a moped."Although O'Brien admits homemade acheter maillot de foot e bikes aren't a huge problem in London, he's noticed more people using them over the last few months. The laws about electric bikes are similar to those for cars and other motor vehicles, he warns.People caught riding a home made, gas powered or maillot de foot discount electric bike could end up with boutique maillot de foot a warning, a ticket or even a criminal charge.While maillot foot personnalisé you don't need a driver's licence to operate an electric bike, you must be at least maillot foot 2014 16 years old maillots de foot pas cher to ride one and wearing a helmet is mandatory.It all comes down to safety, O'Brien said."Anytime somebody makes their own contraption, whether it's a go kart . . . or a maillot foot bicycle with a motor, they are not required to meet any standards," he said.