long time no see 

2008年06月04日(水) 11時14分
Long time no see!!!
I was busy lately. How about you?

I guess it is hot like summer in Madison. Right??

Today I introduce our culture of May 5th.
We call the day "childern's day". It means "boys celebration".
We have girls celebration in March.

Have you ever seen them.
"Carp-shaped stremer"
We used to hung out "carp-shaped stremer" in our garden.
But we don't have big garden lately.
Many pepole live in an apartment. So it is difficult to hung it out.
We can see small carps for apartments these days.

I found them in the park.
This is a huge, isn't it?

Children's Day is celebrated in hope of healthy growth, happiness, and prosperity of both boys and girls.
Every parent hopes so.

Special Break time6 

2008年05月17日(土) 12時20分
traditional breakfast at Japanese hotel

Special Break time5 

2008年05月16日(金) 12時16分

tempura!!! remember??our class?

rice, miso soup and Japanese pickles

Special Break time4 

2008年05月15日(木) 12時03分

This is a traditional Japanese hot springs style.
It is good for health.
If you are tired, you should take a bath several times a day.
Maybe your body is getting right.
We must be naked in a bath.
Could you try it?

After hot springs, we ate special dinner.

Japanese Sake...


raw fish

Special Break time3 

2008年05月14日(水) 11時52分
We arrived at a traditional Japanese hotel.
When we entered the hotel's room, hotel clark visitted our room and greeting us.
That's a traditional Japanese style.

And brought a Japanese cake and green tea.

This is our room. Outside is very beautiful.

Special Break time2 

2008年05月13日(火) 11時48分
Senday is famous for a dish of beef tongue.
We ate grilled togue.

looks good??

We ate it at luch.
Very yummy....

Special Break time 

2008年05月12日(月) 20時37分
Hi Friends,
Long time no see.
How are you doing?

We had a special break last week.
We called it "Golden week" in Japan.
Many people usually had 5 or 6 days holiday.
In our case, we had 6 days holiday.

We went to hot spring by express train.

This is an express train's time table.

These are "shinkansen" super express trains from Tokyo.
We visitted at Senday that is a north city in Japan.
It takes about 2hours from Tokyo.

Today's Lunch 

2008年03月31日(月) 11時09分
We went shopping today.

We stopped by an old Japanese restaurant for lunch.

This is a grilled fish lunch set.
The fish is mackerel. We call it "Saba" in Japanese.
This is grilled with salt.

And this is a simmerd offal. We call "motsu ni" in Japanese.
It contains miso, dashi and many vegeabes.

They were so yummy.

Have you ever tried them?

Tokyo Tower 

2008年03月31日(月) 11時05分
I had a job in Tokyo.
I found a beautiful view.

This is Tokyo Tower.

This is a famous place in Japan.
Its height is 333m.

Would you like to visit there?

first dinner 

2008年03月26日(水) 16時02分
Hi Friends,

Today I am introducing our first dinner after we returned back to Japan.
I made "chicken balls pot (toridango nabe)"
Do you remember that it was the last menu in our Japanese cooking class?

I remembered the last class in US.
Looks yummy???

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I lived in USA just before. I have a lot of friends in Madison. I rearry want to keep in touch with my friends, so I decided to wite down my diary for my friends.