Fleeting Moments 

December 09 [Wed], 2009, 11:16
Everything has a price to pay. rmt-qa Two day’s revelry in Hongkong, followed by a whole hectic week, followed by never-ending calls, pile-up works and mounting-up pressures,rmt-news I was left extremely deflated. With the contract going to draw a close, everyone was trapped in a suffocating tight schedule. Even if I could spare some time---which was highly unlikely,news-rmt I would feel restless and unable to settle on anything else.
Thank God, it’s all over now. rmt777 Now I could sit quietly down in front of my computer, r--m--t sipping my coffee, and relive every moment of my little adventure in Hongkong. In this two day’s short trip, <リンク:http://www.arcadiasaga-rmt.jp >arcadiasaga-rmt I kept busy in feasting my eyes on the gloss and glitter of this city and indulged myself in ruthless shopping from shop to shop. There was something relaxing and liberating that strung up atmosphere there, which gave me a strange feeling that I could break any fretters I was bound to. Hong Kong is indeed the shopaholic’s paradise. I could even smell the scent of shopping, fell the sense of spending, and actually touch the smooth texture of buying---shamelessly I admit that I had thrived on it, felt as if I'd finally wrenched back into the life for which I was truly suited. Every time I saw that giant bloody ON SALE, I could actually feel adrenaline bumming through my system and all of my senses became actuate. Gooci, Dior, Coach, Chanel, Prada are not something beyond reachable---they are casually put everywhere. Although I am not a fan of luxuries, I couldn’t help but enjoying their beauties. I didn't buy anything luxury---I was tempted, but not that tempted. Obviously the other girls didn’t have strong wills as I did. Li got a Coach Bag at 40% discount, and Xue rewarded herself with a Gucci’s sunglass---Now they had something to namedrop when they back home. Shopping was really great, even just watch the others shopping. Of course, I had my own rewards--- some skin care products and a jacket for my husband. In Chengdu, the price for the same jacket is 1600 yuan, and here it only cost me 586 HK$. Therefore even I came back with a lot lighter in my purse; in the long run I was just investing my money. And there was another advantage to shop in HK-----HK money doesn’t count, you can spend as much as you like, right?
Besides shopping, there is another thing that had impressed me very much. The land here must be paved with the gold. The hotel where we spent the night was the tiniest hotel I’ve never seen--- it took some magic to squeeze a bed, a cabinet, and a tiny toilet set into this little room. So there was basically no space for anything else. After we managed to jam ourselves as well as our luggage into this wonder box, we found we couldn’t even open the door! And this place cost us 460 yuan per night, great deal.
Here are some tips for shopping in HK:
Basically you c9-rmt could settle anything down in advance at omnipotent taobao. dragonball-rmt net: booking hotel and airline; buying tickets; Octopus; even applying for entry visa.
If you got lost, rmt don’t feel shy to ask for the way. Hong Kong people are very forthcoming but chances are the persons you inquire might also from the mainland. rmt Once I met four visitors in a row until I finally found a local when I asked for the way.
Octopus is a very convenient card and almost a Must item for you to travel in HK.
Most of skin care products are sold cheaper at bonjour than they at ffxiv-rmt Sasa.
Time is very precious, rmt-cc so better make a detail plan beforehand.
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