The First Leak of iPhone 6s Specifications

August 18 [Tue], 2015, 12:31
A spy photo of iPhone 6s came from nowhere showed that iPhone 6s still got 1GB RAM and was equipped with 2GHz A9 processor, no wonder that many complaints of users came out.

That is for sure that the spy photo must be wrong. Why? Because iPhone 6s (iPhone 8,2) has showed up on Geekbench with its specifications. From the photo below you can see that iPhone 6s has been tested since this March, equipped with 1.5 GHz processor and 2GB RAM, which is consistent with the former rumors. That is to say, it should be true.

In addition, what needs to be noted is that the single-core performance of A9 processor is still strong enough, getting up to 1811 scores. Though compared to eight-core performance, multicore performance is a little lame, still getting 4577 scores. Congrats, parameter fanatics! Nothing to worry about the parameters.
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