Canada Goose New design series

July 06 [Fri], 2012, 16:30
The whole series to Canada Goose Canada as the theme, is the beginning of a classic tweed suit, then out came handsome LiLing cloak type coat and color piece joining together with the suit coat. When model wears a broadly leg pants collocation tall waist coat and put her hands in pockets for each, and it is Canada Goose Canada. In the evening dress skirt design, Canada Goose Canadal is to cultivate one's morality line, choose filar satin, gauze, the dry yarn lightsome fabrics, decorated with a large manual drape and camellia and feathers, show the modern women independent elegant intellectual temperament. 2012 qiu dong Paris advanced customization fashion week, Canada Goose Canada released a new design series. This season high set show, Canada Goose Canada brought two completely different feeling, the leather jacket and a neutral short tall waist belt out a strong legs rich flavor restoring ancient ways, then the model with the debut black veil, tie-in trailing long skirt and sequins, diamond ornament, deduce the mysterious different region amorous feelings. In addition to using on beautiful field the reflective material qualitative fabrics, velvet has become the protagonist of this season, appear showily elegance.

Canada Goose Trillium Parka issued a new design series. This one season, Canada Goose Canada is still used the salon representation, featured in the ten pieces of delicate new works. On one hand, stylist will work back to the 1960 s, deduced the most good at high-grade leather; On the other hand, works in gypsy style, as if is now living in southern Italy the gipsy girl. Will the luxury and advanced customization high street stylish rider mix build, is Canada Goose Canada and great love design style. Cortical tassel, and mink leather and delicate weaving process really amazing.

Canada Goose Chilliwack issued a new design series. From women's collection and street art transformation of Canada Goose for design of thick amorous feelings: tight a fur coat and 50 s long skirts, restoring ancient ways of cortical uniform coat, look a bit like cotton print dress, the apron high-necked coat and of well-tailored baggies... The model is like from Russia in the fairy tale of Saul out "fairy" beautiful and moving. On beautiful field all deserve to act the role of a Canada Goose also, printing headscarves, hand-made sheepskin high-heeled shoes, exaggerated cap and gloves that show the Canada Goose all the model case tags. And pass in front of the view of the show appeared "fashion big coffee" is enough to let a person envy. Also want to attract more people's attention, may eventually have to give up the beautiful fairy tale dream, simple fact wear to close it.