Replacing the jersey numbers have a clue called the NBA's most fashionable dress

September 05 [Thu], 2013, 16:52
Since joining the NBA since 1996, with a total of over two Bryant jersey number: the 8th and the 24th, coincidentally, these two numbers also represent the Kobe two different periods of his career. In the 8th era, Bryant though the league's top defender, but the Lakers, he has always been shrouded in the shadow of Shaquille O'Neal. Although the Lakers won three consecutive championships, Bryant has always been considered underboss. In the 24th period of star Kobe Bryant as the Lakers three finals, won two championships, and twice aspirations Finals MVP, thus becoming the first person in spite of active players, No. 8 Bryant began when first entered the league Use of the first number, but this is not Kobe initially favorite number. Bryant led the high school team in 1996 when winning wearing jersey No. 33, which is his father, then in high school, Bryant's jersey number when effectiveness. So after entering the NBA, Bryant is hoping to wear the No. 33 shirt. Helpless Jabbar had worn jersey No. 33 retired already in the Lakers, Bryant had to choose the 8th, which is worn by his childhood in Italy's number, but also his participation in Adidas ABCD Camp wearing the No. 143 three figures and Kobe Bryant to 200,506 from 199,697 last season season has been wearing the 8th battlefield, during his rookie season and the playoffs both key ball three nonstick shame, but also fought with O'Neal won three consecutive brilliant Howard, and more There are sharks in the big East tour, the single field H under the second-ranked high 81 points startlingly ambitious. Stadium surgery than both married wife Vanessa beautiful moment, there are also Eagle County Court Touxing unmasked into awkward moment. Thereafter the 200607 season began, Bryant choose to change jersey number, use the 24th. According to Bryant revealed himself said: The significance of the 24th is 24 hours, I want to put all their energy into basketball them, and this is the reason I chose the 24th, if not seriously put heart and soul, I will not Kobe Bryant 24 is my best interpretation.

Bryant was in high school through the 24th shirt, but generally agreed that this is not the Flying Man Select this number the reason why. Some analysts believe that the brilliant achievements of Michael Jordan, 23, and Kobe Bryant want to cast an equally brilliant on the 24th, in order to evidence he left after womens nike free 5.0 the big sharks can still Swordsman. 24, No. 23 bigger than Jordan a number, perhaps Bryant also hope that their achievements beyond the Jordan bar. In the choice of the 24th battlefield, the Lakers still sinking. Grizzlies in exchange for management robbery until after Gasol, Bryant led the team to three before the finals, and now the Lakers twice aspirations Union has identified the No. 34 jersey retired Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant of the Lakers future jersey number retired is a virtual certainty thing. NBA history is not a team player retired two numbers as a precedent, but Bryant Lakers future after retirement is bound to bring this problem. No. 8 has helped the Lakers get three consecutive years, while the 24th is a personal honor and the honor of a collective does not fall, two championship and Finals MVP not a light weight. Perhaps for the Lakers, the two numbers simultaneously simply retired, Bryant worthy of the Grand Army of the court to give such treatment, Bryant was cold-blooded killer, nike free run mens when he shots, to give the opponent is desperate and helpless. Bryant outside the stadium is a fashion people, often appear in public view is a suit, called the NBA's first fashion people. As a public figure in Los Angeles superstar Kobe Bryant has always been very concerned about their dress and image, whether it is dressed in casual wear, suits or formal wear to attend the banquet, Bryant will be carefully chosen with meticulous, strong figure and decent height, Bryant wearing any clothes so seemed upright. If coupled with sunglasses, it becomes all the more walking in the forefront of fashion. Precisely because of this, Bryant will often get the attention of major fashion industry giants, and was a kind of fashion magazine GQ shoot a lot of fashion blockbusters. In September last year, Bryant still get fashion dress Art Award in New York, called deserved. (Aria mountain).
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