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January 22 [Wed], 2014, 18:20
Can you allocution fifa 14 coins a little about the basal Voyager bout mode? Is this a abstracted admission from the draft of the amplification Fut Coins pack? GF: The amplification backpack basically consists of two parts, the basal Voyager bout mode, and the multiplayer holomatch additions. As discussed above, in the bout admission the abecedarian will be able to admission all the decks of Voyager and be able to coact with all the accepting they see that was just backdrop in the aboriginal Aristocratic Force game.

You can use replicators, apprehend claimed logs, admission computer files, etc. We admission aswell congenital out several levels not in the aboriginal bold such as Astrometrics, the computer core, and the officers' quarters. Basically, during the aboriginal EF game, every time you were on the abode you were animate from one crisis to another, so you didn't admission time to in actuality assay the air-conditioned abode that Raven had built. This was a affection that lots of admirers asked us for afterwards the absolution of Aristocratic Force, and we are blessed to accommodate it for them here