Ferguson: Manchester United has a great chance to win the European champions

May 02 [Tue], 2017, 10:23
Ferguson: Manchester United has a great chance to win the European champions
Ferguson said the potential Champions League qualification will greatly stimulate Manchester United in the season to focus on the European stadium. Manchester United must face the end of the season into the first four to qualify for the Champions League fifa 17 xbox one coins season next season, but if they win the European Union, you can also be eligible.
In the International Champions Cup schedule before the release, Manchester United legend coach Ferguson told ESPN interview, said the team won the first time to win the European Union, you can achieve two goals.
"The situation is that we have never won the European championship." Ferguson said in New York on Tuesday: "We have never won the European League's predecessor, the European Cup. Now we get a good sign, I am not saying that Manchester United Will win, but they have a great chance of the European standard will help you to enter the Champions League, not before, but now is, so it is a very strong stimulus.
In the knockout stage after sending St. Etienne and Rostov home, Manchester United is undoubtedly the quarter-finals left the biggest card in the team, next month they will face the Belgian club Anderlecht. "Sevilla did not play the European Union, this is very good." Ferguson mentioned the tournament in the past three quarters of the championship.
The European Union may not be as loud as the Champions League, but Ferguson thinks the fans should not just treat it as a consolation prize. "It's important if you can win a trophy," he said, "it's a trophy of the war in Europe, whether it's the Champions League or not, it's still a European trophy. If you win it, You can play in the Champions League. This is a very strong excitement and your resume is also more beautiful.If we win in the European League? Great. European Union, the European Cup Winners Cup, Champions League - more and more "We want to be the most successful club in England."
Manchester United is one of the two remaining England clubs in the European War, and the other is Leicester. Manchester City and Arsenal this month in the Champions League was eliminated. Ferguson admitted that it would be challenging for the team to arrange a schedule for Manchester United on Thursday night. He said: "It was very difficult, very, very difficult." But he was optimistic about the upward trend in the England league.
"I think the success is cyclical, in the 1970s is Ajax and Bayern; 80 is Liverpool; 90 years is Italy's AC Milan. England also has a great time ... ... we have four years Now you can ask Bayern the same question, why did not win the Champions League, you can also ask the Italians why did not win, why the French did not win. Now this stage, to win the The cycle went to the Spanish team, and they were the best, and that was the reason they won.
"But that will change, C Lo is older, Messi is also a big age, they can find who succeeds this player? Win the cycle will buy fifa 17 coins change.