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August 31 [Mon], 2015, 17:00
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One of the most wonderful and exciting event of the last year naturally was the FIFA WM 2006. Millions of people from all over the world came to Germany. I went to visit my relatives in Cologne that summer. The streets were full of football moonstruck and not only men, but women too. It seemed that this event opened the hearts of all Germans. In addition as you know the official slogan of the FIFA 15 IOS Coins Word Cup was: "A time to make friends". After the championship Germans were lauded for their hospitability. During the World Cup they gained new friends world-wide. I have many examples to prove it. I watched many different situations when people who didn't know each other became the best friends during and after the tournament. Our neighbor invited people who came to watch the WM into his house without any payment for their stay. He didn't know those people at all. They lived in tents in his garden and some of them lived in his house too. He fed them and drove to the matches. At night they made great noise and for some of us it was too loud. Although neither the host of the house nor the neighbors did say anything. That man spent with his guests the whole summer.