fifa 15 coins investigation starts

November 25 [Tue], 2014, 10:37

Your official EA Sports fifa 15 coins Twitter account includes confirmed that machines are down these days, as we reported earlier with EA and also Origin login accidents, and they are actually investigating exactly what’s taking place right now.

We've found also seen affirmation that it’s not only FIFA 15 servers that are down today, but other games from EA are not working. This includes NHL, Madden 17, Battlefield 4, and more that see thousands of tweets asking the reason why the servers are not working, or perhaps apps that won’t sign in.

You can see among the first tweets from EA SPORTS ultimate team coins that confirmed we were looking at “investigating”. The amount of tweets stating “FIFA 17 servers are down”, or perhaps EA server challenges, has hit a high for November. This seems to be greatest outages for that franchise this thirty day period, although it’s understandable considering this looks such as an attack directed on the gaming company.