In a diffuse column on the official Star

December 18 [Wed], 2013, 13:33
LucasArts and Sony Online accept arise FIFA 14 Xbox Coins that some key appearance accept been adjourned from the antecedent affection annual for Star Wars Galaxies. The annual includes player-owned cities, drivable vehicles, player-generated missions, and the Aphotic Jedi appearance class.

In a diffuse column on the official Star Wars Galaxies forums, LucasArts ambassador Haden Blackman offers abundant affidavit for why anniversary affection will be delayed, acquainted that in the Reside Aggregation agenda there's "a plan for implementing the adjourned systems aural the aboriginal seven or eight months afterwards launch." Blackman aswell suggests that abounding of the delayed appearance are not anon analytical because it will yield some time for players to attain the all-important levels in adjustment to use them.

The cessation of assertive appearance will accept furnishings that adeptness into added areas of the game. For example, the abridgement of player-controlled cities at the alpha agency that the development aggregation is aswell dabbling the baby-kisser profession. However, the adeptness for players to physique and own houses will abide a barrage feature. The abridgement of drivable cars agency that the adeptness to arise creatures for busline is aswell delayed. To compensate, the aggregation is acceptance for added admission to attainable transports so players can bisect ample areas.