Then concerned parents FIFA Ultimate Team Coins began

January 10 [Fri], 2014, 10:24
Then concerned parents FIFA Ultimate Team Coins began to post letters and send e-mail saying they were worried about the violent nature of Forge Town and that it should be pulled from the expansion pack at all costs. While the identity of the parents has yet to be confirmed, several posts by hard-core fans allude to the fact that they may have forged those letters in order to get 3DO's attention. And they were noticed. Because of all the heat the gaming industry has taken in the wake of recent violence in the US and the fact that these fans were the series' biggest fans, Greg and 3DO decided to take Forge Town out of the game. Greg and his development team will now replace Forge Town with an elemental town, which will include the phoenix.

Will the change in development hold the game back? Fulton says that he's surrounded by a great team and believes that the team will have the game completed for its currently scheduled November/December release. Does he feel sour about the reaction of gamers? "Not really, Not really, I just want to make a game everybody will enjoy," says Fulton.

When asked about gamers' reactions to his upcoming expansion pack, Fulton says, "I'm completely shocked." While Fulton isn't usually in direct contact with fans, he and his team do "listen very closely to people's opinions" about upcoming games and what features could have made the other games in the series better.