The promise of gunplay

November 08 [Fri], 2013, 17:13
The promise of gunplay is enough to fill RockstarFIFA 14s open plains and dusty towns. The game is built on a perpetual cycle of anticipation and release. The overarching tale is one long build-up as John Marston works towards collaring the gang he once rode with, and every mission along the way is this on a smaller scale. You are always riding towards action: ambushes, occupied fortresses, hangings, horse thieves and executions. The guarantee of even a few seconds of noisy mess justifies galloping past miles and miles of digitised rock. A good thing, too, because, while fun, horse riding isnFIFA 14t enough by itself. Considerably easier than driving GTAFIFA 14s cars, skill goes no further than staying on paths for a speed boost and regulating giddyups to avoid wearing the nag down. Years of Epona action does us proud.
Missions aside, violence has a way of finding Marston. Optional side tasks spawn in the world around him. A healthy range – everything from preventing a lynching to transporting dynamite to (yes) flower picking competitions – keeps these events from growing repetitive in the way Assassins CreedFIFA 14s similar occurrences did. Rockstar even manages to play with expectations by using crying women – often a sign of an incoming mission – to lure you into ambushes. Among the random encounters are scripted ‘strangerFIFA 14 encounters, and like GTAIVFIFA 14s most of their tasks are simple ‘go hereFIFA 14 or ‘get thatFIFA 14 scenarios, but a few – an enigmatic man in black and a hapless travel writer – are spun out well over the course of the adventure. And thereFIFA 14s a mischievous glint in RockstarFIFA 14s eye when more laborious tasks end with a cheeky punchline.
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