We had Fut 14 Coins a chance to try

April 11 [Fri], 2014, 17:07
We had Fut 14 Coins a chance to try out the magus character class, which is based out of a chaos camp on the borders of human Fifa coins territory. The chaos faction doesn't have much in the way of buildings and roads, since it prefers to corrupt already-existing lands, turning trees into clumps of tentacles and causing eyeballs to sprout out of solid stone. In this case, chaos has arrived in Empire territory to lay siege to its villages. The early chaos quests include ransacking a tomb for corpse parts to fuel hellcannons, killing off human guards, and, of course, burning down their houses by igniting piles of kindling.

We then tried out one of the early public quests for chaos characters, which involves harvesting souls from an Empire graveyard, causing angry human reinforcements and eventually a small contingent of bright wizards (and a summoned beast) to attack. In the case of both the Empire and chaos areas, it was easy to get off to a brisk start, picking up quests from clearly marked characters with clear instructions and our choice of quest rewards. The game's interface includes a full world map marked with quest givers, as well as a minimap with compass, along with the "tome of knowledge," an expanded player journal that keeps track of your character's quests, monsters you've fought, items you've found, locations you've explored, and so on.