If you weren't Buy Fut Coins supposed to turn

February 19 [Wed], 2014, 10:25
If you weren't Buy Fut Coins supposed to turn every building that you see into huge piles of rubbled ruin, then why would they give you the ability to do so? No, Red Faction: Guerrilla encourages--it insists--that you give in to your destructive urges and make the most of your role as guerilla rebel Alec Mason.We recently had a chance to spend a good chunk of time with the game during a THQ press event in Las Vegas, where we got an extended look at the game's single-player campaign, as well as some of the treats that the developers at Volition have cooked up in multiplayer.Alec Mason likes to murder buildings.Red Faction: Guerrilla's plot is your basic revenge tale

After Alec Mason arrives on Mars, his brother is murdered by the Earth Defense Force, the military group that liberated Mars in Red Faction II and eventually became fascist rulers in their own right.Seeking revenge, Alec takes up with the rebel force Red Faction, which is looking to free Mars and its citizens from EDF control, one sector at a time.Early on in the game, you're taken through a very basic tutorial of the action