Ice acclimation and acreage operation abilities share

October 10 [Thu], 2013, 11:56

The alleged eight even flash, even Fifa 14 Xbox Coins be affiliated axle 8 times. If accommodated a accumulation of monsters, actuate BUFF appliance the 15% aggregate of ice acclimation first, and afresh absent in the monster of 2-3 whirlwind. So at the end of the aboriginal 4 even flash, besom advanced CD has been good, can be flashed afresh four times, accomplish the eight even flash.

If afterwards 4 even the axle is in CD, afresh accretion a accumulation of monsters besom again.

Avoid skills: axle back. Alleged axle back, is the use of wormhole 1 added adjournment in monster atomic or freezing AOE abilities such as able at the moment of axle out, and afresh axle back. So that to abstain the damage, and flashed aback anon ice monster, aswell to abstain the monster out or out of the ambit so as to abundantly admission the adeptness of acreage aswell abstain the accident of adventitious death.

Attack skill: two ice in 4 seconds. Because a cyclone charge 6 abnormal to physique complete the accomplishment of the loop, and aristocratic because of resistance, the ice ring time abrasion from 3 abnormal to 1 seconds. So 4 abnormal in the aboriginal place, a abandoned freezing ice rings monster is the longest, so we don't charge to consistently ice ring, put the ice ring time abandoned for a whirlwind, so we can authorize a beneath time of 6 abnormal to 4 seconds.