You have been anxiously awaiting the release of a particular movie

March 06 [Thu], 2014, 16:27
Imagine this scenario. You have been anxiously awaiting the release of a particular movie in the action/suspense genre. The day has arrived and you are sitting in a darkened theatre, snacking on popcorn, and sipping a large carbonated beverage while thoroughly engrossed in what is transpiring on the "big screen". In an often-used scene in many suspense thrillers, an unsuspecting victim (usually of the female persuasion) leaves work and walks to her car in a deserted parking garage. All is quiet except for the clicking of high heals on concrete as she makes her way to her vehicle. Suddenly there is a big bang. The woman looks around anxiously and speeds up her pace; the sound of her heels growing louder as she moves swiftly in the direction of her car.

The suspense builds as the sound of a different set of footsteps is heard; ones that are heavier and more menacing in nature. Hearing these foreboding footfalls, the woman grows frantic. She hurriedly searches through her purse looking for her car keys. Finally, with her keys grasped in trembling hands, she inserts the key into the car's lock. At that moment, a black-gloved hand covers the woman's mouth and her eyes grow wide in terror.

In the Fifa 14 Coins PS4excerpt from the fictional scene above, what does the clicking of heels on concrete, the menacing footfalls, the loud bang, and the sound of the key being inserted into the car's lock have in common? Do you give up? The answer is - drum roll please - in filmmaking, these elements are sound effects.
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