a heart now have some pity Xiang Xi jade

December 15 [Sat], 2012, 11:08
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe crew has brought over from the United States ,but in these cases is it is quite common for Americans ,in these Europeans can Asians have what performance? The human mind there is no so-called highlight film ,they think of is how to make money is a serious matter ,no one thought to be for a movie career much ,more do not say what the pursuit of artistic truth ,although Zhang Xiaoou is what Asia days ,but took several the film because funds and director of the limitations of X ì ngor with some of the Hollywood blockbusters are unable to put on a par with ,after all, so many years of gaps where they stood ,not by the one or two person can narrow the gap ,for Sharonstone in the American domestic words they will hate ,but in Asia, these are things like is very common ,but did not see the director said nothing ,these little people so much to do, the director can make female a play is that there are problems ,we still don much better, otherwise their jobs without also don know who to claim ticket back to the United States ,and the miss Zhang looks a very tolerant way ,don They worry about .
OK ,the prepared ,we begin to take a shot ,I explain ,female one found that women with male No. two have a different relationship ,actor and did not deny that such a relationship ,so female number one in the jealousy of the case to the two person office ,a number of female to female two noisy ,noisy J ī strong,to the last moment hard to No.
two female spank ,because this day is late ,so we should better the one-off . The director took a look at the watch said ,today almost never do things ,one day at least ten dollars ,you can let the woman to play a few days ,but the man after all with the woman is not the same as the animal ,did this guy had a brain ,but also know what is the most important ,still want to put it to good will ,or investors really broke the investment, they have a world best director name what use is it ,in the end still nothing, a director of what is secondary ,want to assure themselves that the film is sold need most .
Have to hear the shots of Zhang Xiaoou couldn wrinkle under their brows ,no wonder his relationship with this woman is not good ,is in the play the relationship is the same ,the woman will in this matter, trouble ,and Zhang Xiaoou could come to understand ,this woman had twisted his waist to go here , the director ,I don your time ,I feel that if a fight may not reach my heart that realm ,as we try to get what ? Sharonstone spoke also arrogant one look at Zhang Xiaoou ,is really nothing heart ,want is also such a situation ,Zhang Xiaoou sad look at this guy at a glance ,is playing tricks you are nothing new ,but filming this situation some ,their heart is no bumps ,just for a moment her face may had it ,but to his own art film it is ailing ,here all things are very professional ,and Zhang Xiaoou used to meet these matters are not the same, this is a can learn real technology in place ,so no matter how the woman she stayed with Zhang Xiaoou ,also can let the Americans have a look for Chinese film art is not all people are moving money go, say the money, some other advertising than the movie gets much more, Zhang Xiaoou did not go to the tube to those things ,but can be seen here .
A Xiaoou heart cheap canada goose parka.This. This problem is not the director to say ,he can let Sharonstone in the speech with other things run a piece of Xiaoou ,but such practical things while filming place is very common, but the Asian days behind not nothing ,she is behind the director Jing Wong has been recently Asia red director ,also have sufficient strength to Hollywood ,if they just made a strong case, on its own is not a good thing ,but the United States side of the investment on this woman also is worshipped ,but saw Sharonstone eyes ,that this woman in Chu á ngover his attentions ,and it was this woman is not connected ,it own face .
Miss Zhang ,how do you like this proposal ,but you don have any psychological burden in the US Hollywood ,such things often happen, just like you Chinese people are very familiar to those in the United States on the screen stars are so came at a young age ,Schwarzenegger is play can not walk ,to the art of film is sometimes needed its own dedicated .
The director wanted to put the ball into the feet of Zhang Xiaoou ,and the Chinese time many also know how to cope with this situation, to rely on their own ability is not enough, or to allow the parties decide comparatively well ,if Zhang Xiaoou refused to say they can borrow this ridicule .
These people look down on the Hongkong star ,what East Hollywood ,movie with us than poor still too far, do not think that a Jackie Chan would be ,as people in the US Hollywood still can ,Chinese television, with the United States television circle is not a grade ,but Zhang Xiaoou was made the director put these words white prepared .
I have no problem ,previous time also frequently encountered, as long as no delay time can be set . Zhang Xiaoou light said there is no ups and downs, this time the director felt for the first time the Chinese women UGG Over Knee Twisted Cable Boots,but it is only a little is ingrained ,idea is still not clear .
Rest assured good, Miss Zhang ,although it is true ,but I will show mercy . Sharonstone saw his Ji ā nsucceed ,I was just happy ,that this woman can promise ,and with before she met who Chinese no two ,see foreigner does not know how to get along with ,they are hard lessons about you? Chinese woman is generally than foreigners and many ,Sharonstone was much larger than a Xiaoou ,beginning when she was on the thin skin n è nmeat young woman is not pleasing to the eyes ,it occurred to him that he could in the white hell girl slapped on the face ,the heart some exciting .
Well ,all parts are ready ,we miss Zhang chose this time to really play ,we do in our body appears a variety of problems ,for a start . Directed towards surrounding people shouted this time ,everyone is on the move the heart of Zhang Xiaoou ,also know female one heart is how to think ,time saw Zhang Xiaoou the delicate appearance ,a heart now have some pity Xiang Xi jade ,but also just so while it, they think most is how to watch .
Female a be ablaze with anger into the number one company, just when the actor was in the company ,so the female one directly to the No. two female office . Damn you bitch ,you should still face work here ,is really do not know how you think ,don break up others family is such a fun thing ?I was so angry ,I need you to leave the company .
Have to say ,Sharonstone was very much involved in acting ,the acting is not the problem . Sorry ,lady ,if you so hurt me, I might look for lawyer and sue you, you said what is something out of thin air ,I work here or you can decide it ,I is the board of directors to hire people ,with your husband is lawful relationship between colleagues .
Zhang Xiaoou light said ,this is the Zhang Xiaoou attitude towards her ,now that Sharonstone saw Zhang Xiaoou heart hates not up to this girl to death ,this is a kind of what kind of attitude ,is not their own ,do not want to fight with their appearance ,this attitude is not tolerance ,without thinking behind the lines ,direct sound gave Zhang Xiaoou a slap ,Europeans strength is great ,Zhang Xiaoou also did not think of the woman this time on hand ,nothing had prepared ,but the effort was too big ,Zhang Xiaoou feel ?Drought Nao enough tu CD line �volatiledream room barns Leiyue drought Nao stew out of a source matte sun helmet baking or his line Zhan vertebral difficult printed ? Stop ,how is this going on ,Sharon ,you also did not finish .
How do ? The director this time no tube Zhang Xiaoou things ,in his view is next to a slap in the face is not what matters ,but this also has the blessing of you ,just the performance is really great ,if Sharonstone can be put behind the words come such a word may effect is better.
,but the stupid woman hated m é ngshielding his eyes ,but Sharon was himself even if it is wrong, also can blame her . Oh ,the director is really sorry, people really so into character ,just when the brain is the angle s èheartmood ,did not think of the script so much ,direct hit up, really sorry ,Miss Zhang ,my strength may be a little big .
The expression on Sharonstone is really a funny way . Well, today was really too late ,shall we stop here today ,tomorrow s several lens is . Director Sharonstone natural understand what must be a slap in the face ,no fun ,ready to shoot down it, but the woman is not the kind that can make you the name of the game ,not his can be stuck to ,or bad is, Sharonstone saw the director just stopped ,to tell the truth .
It is very uncomfortable ,but not here she said to calculate ,can only listen to the director ,first put you a horse ,but there are half a month time ,after plenty of time to play with you, the woman laughed away ,this time on Zhang Xiaoou has been is swollen ,a man ,a height ratio is the perfect man went to Zhang Xiaoou side ,Zhang Xiaoou also wondered ,why would someone here ,his assistant but one woman ,and see the dress material will know for sure is that your death by the international famous brand ,here people should no one can put up ,she glanced up at ,a drop of water fell on her face ,oh ,was Lee from ,so just things that Li Congdou saw ,But just one drop is not water ,but the tears of Li Cong ,as Zhang Xiaoou had swollen cheeks ,Li Cong heart is really crazy, this woman dare beat my woman ,originally just want their Lee from a photo album what a trick on them ,never thought you so much, and I will give you a pleasant evening ,watching Lee from the livid face s è ,Zhang Xiaoou this time also shuddered .
You don ,I was just in the filming ,we have always been like this, sometimes I will call her ,really it doesn a Xiaoou didn speak when Lee was never saw Zhang Xiaoou blood ,now should have a see blood from Zhang Xiaoou mouth out ,their anger immediately obeyed not to live ,what nonsense agreed ,but when Zhang Xiaoou agreed not to interfere with this girl thing just Lee from will come out and give the girls a good beating ,it is really not know what is agreed .
Damn woman ,I let your blood . At this moment Li Congzhen is angry ,Zhang Xiaoou would also like to say something but to see Li Cong eyes ,she dare not say anything ,this time Lee from like a tiger ,it will eat people ,just the way it is Zhang Xiaoou horrified Li ,known from such a long time ,this is the first time that Lee from tears, first saw Lee from gas to this appearance, have their own way to go really wrong ?It is myself to let Lee from so sad ? You give me stop ,not me who are not allowed to go away from here .
Lee from slowly turned around ,turn around time face has no tears ,a hand pulling Zhang Xiaoou slowly toward the director and Sharonstone walked past, all people feel the eyes of this man is really some harbour evil designs ,all toward the director of this side .
Oh ,you must be Miss Zhang friends . The director said ,see Lee from pulling Zhang Xiaoou hand-eye where the very unhappy, they have on this woman has hinted several times ,to say to this have no idea if it is absolutely impossible ,but this woman does not have bird ,as if he didn the same ,now even with such a wild man with a four ,what does it mean ,maybe it is her brother or what, look at that face the anger ,should be in the family ,and other directors want to finish these things, Li Cong had gone to the director before, with the director the distance is about ten centimeters ,feel at present the people to their pressure ,has been in the entertainment circle known as fear nothing big director this time was a bit afraid ,the man before his that look really uncomfortable ,like I say a bad word ,to give myself to kill .
This is your American film shot ?Have a look ,this is how it ,I was her friend ,I was her boyfriend ,and I want you to give me an explanation ,if your explanation reasonable, I want each of you something I let you go ,but if your explanation cannot let me satisfied, you today who don want me out of here .
Lee from heroic said ,is the face of American president he dare to say so ,on the more you an American director ,people like you and I personally is high to see you . ,whatever you say ,do you know who you talking to filming in Hongkong ,director of government of Hongkong ,but do you ,do you not know ? Sharonstone the bull said ,as the government of Hongkong in the eyes of her many component ,what does not know Li Cong a call immediately to CE with governmental leaders here to greet ,ignorant woman is really not terrible ,Lee from the ignorance of the woman at a glance ,such a person also is the star ,really did not know that the head is how to rise to the buttocks ,Zhang Xiaoou is to such as the goal ?It was their women feel sad about .
With a slap ,played very fast ,very clear, Lee from a hand thrown out ,the woman seems to fly up ,always fly fast several meters before it falls ,directly on the form, this slap Lee from was already gave it strength, it may be directly put this person to death ,but Li Congke doesn see this woman so easy to die ,I have better things to keep waiting for the woman .
You don listen to me explain to you . This time to speak of it only a Xiaoou ,she took Li Cong hand and said . Shut the fuck up ,starting today ,give me leave the entertainment circle ,I said that day ,otherwise I will let you go to hell with the entertainment circle ,lady went to the hospital to see the injured .
Do not know when there has been a valued version of the Rolls-Royce coming ,people on the train down to Li from the bow Canada Goose Livigno,it is Lee from the first so tough talking to Zhang Xiaoou ,this time to Lee from anger Zhang Xiaoou is also good on a car .
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